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Batman Stays Mum on Mum

7/24/2008 10:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

No Freudian slip for Christian Bale this morning.

He was in Barcelona this morning shilling for "The Dark Knight," and when asked about Mummygate and ... we got nothin'. He'd only say the incident was a "deeply personal matter."

As we reported yesterday, Bale has been estranged from his mom for decades and his peeps smell $hakedown.


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Just goes to show that Christian shows more class than his mother or sister exhibits.

2281 days ago


His mother is terrible for accusing him of something he didn't do. Just like Eminem's mom always trying to get money out of him. She was a horrible mother!!!

2281 days ago


Leave the man alone. We all have family arguments that sometimes get out of hand as screaming matches. They were staying at the Dorchester Hotel so possibly the yelling bothered other guests and those guests call the police. Put yourself in his place...the Premier was that night and he may have been tense or his Mother and Sister were tense. Also he could be upset inside that Heath seems to be getting all the media buzz talk. He is a very intense method actor.

2281 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

I don't blame the guy for being so grumpy..Heath Ledger is getting all the great notices and he's dead..Christian is the star of the movie, he's bloody Batman!!!! Note to academy of arts and sciences, get a " dead actor category' and don't make live actors have to compete with the dead..p/s James Franco is just as good as Heath..Watch him.

2281 days ago


He should shut them down FOREVER! As far as I'm concerned, if I'm a celebrity and any relative releases personal info to the media, they are considewred THE ENEMY!

Get rid of them Christian, with your sexy self!

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Kiss Kiss Chritsian B.

2281 days ago


His peeps are most likely right......shakedown. I am happy that much of the public seems to see right through their scam.

2281 days ago


Leave him alone. Sounds like mom and sis have the issues, go bug them about it.

2281 days ago


i believe christian's side of the story. while his mother and sister are busy trying to peddle their "story" to magazines everywhere, he is showing class and tact. furthermore, i heard that this was a matter of jealousy, money and i think i also heard that his mother had insulted his wife, which began the arguement. but i'm not too sure about that one. i don't believe a thing the mother and sister say either way

2281 days ago


Everyone should just leave Christian alone! He looks absolutely miserable in every picture I have seen recently. The fame and family issues must be getting to him but we don't want another young actor to accidentally overdose on anti-depression sleep aids. Get off his back and let him have room to breathe!

2281 days ago

Barbara Ann    

You know even the character of Batman that Mr. Bale plays is not really a super hero but a mere human being...Mr. Bale (out of any character he portrays) is simply just a human being...So....HOLY HOLE IN YOUR ASS-H--S....PEOPLE....LEAVE HIM THE F--K ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're all just waiting for him to SNAP, pushing it to it isn't bad enough already! WHAT PART OF "extremely personal matter" DO YOU NOT GET????

Best time of his life and between his blood sucking family to deal with he has all of YOU....

Keep on walking and looking straight ahead Mr. soon as someone else farts in the freakin' wind, these sons of bitches will back off!!

2281 days ago


Well, I agree with everyone's comment. Get off of his Back and let him and his wife and daughter enjoy the premier's for the movie. It is a "Deep Private Personal Matter" which needs to be dealt with inside the family. It is really none of our business. I believe Barbara Walters may end up interviewing him for her 20/20 oscar special. Who knows? I would like to see him on the Martha Stewart show cooking,etc.:0)

2281 days ago


So he is now blaming mom and sis for going nutty.

Funny cause TMZ reported this
"During a scene, Shane Hurlbut (seriously), director of cinematography, screwed up a shot -- at least in Christian's mind. We're told Bale went wild, screaming "I will kick your ass" along with some other choice remarks. Several hundred people -- including Military Police -- heard the outburst, which was described as "intense.""

Guess this was the director's fault on this one?

2281 days ago


He is not "grumpy" do to Heath moron he is not in the best of mood because of mum and si...

2281 days ago


Really really sick of hearing about this!! Move on TMZ!!

2281 days ago



2281 days ago
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