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Cheryl Burke's Ex: She Was Dancing with the Bars

7/25/2008 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Matthew Lawrence (Joey's bro) and Cheryl Burke used to date -- and last night, with the help of his other brother Andy, Matt told us the not-so-surprising reason their relationship hit the least according to him.


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wow! andy looks soooo old! and matthew actually looks younger than he did on boy meets world hahah blast from the past! they need to do another movie all three of them

2096 days ago


don't drink, you should smoke like him instead kids.

2096 days ago


I thought Andy was the older brother too!! Too bad he's SO young (young enough to be my child - sigh!), because he's pretty hot! I'd even go so far as to say he's the best looking brother!! Too bad he has that cigarette hanging out of his mouth the whole time.

2096 days ago


Check out Lil Andy looking like a young, sexy Brandon Fraiser!!!!

Who knew that the baby of the family was gonna turn out to be the flyest of the 3!!!!!

2096 days ago



2096 days ago


Thats why they broke up?I thought they broke up because he caught her with Drew?Someone is making up stories and not telling the truth.And its definitely not Cheryl,Oh Mr. Lawrence,just admt it,you got dumped and it hurts right?.And please,accusing Ms.Burke of drinking,look at yourself boys.With a cigarette hanging in your mouth and tipsy and possibly drugs?Unbelievable!

2096 days ago


You'd think some publicist or manager would tell their stars how utterly classless they look when photographed with a big white cancer stick hanging out of their teeth.

He looks like a playa' wannabe, or as we call them "a never willl have been."

2096 days ago


They look like every other low-life street hustlers in any town in America. Nothing special, nothing classy, just typical faded TV celebs from the past.

2096 days ago


Look, TMZ, I totally love that you feature my girl Cheryl on your show all the time--she's great and deserves the attention. But come on- lets not make a mountain out of a molehill. She likes to go out once in a while-so what? It doesn't mean she is an alcoholic, so why don't you change things up a little bit and give her the positive press she deserves. I mean she is one of the few celebs in hollywood that actually has talent.

2096 days ago


Damn! That one brother looks like he is jacked on heroin! Sad.

2096 days ago


Leave the poor girl alone. Obviously a jealous ex here.

2096 days ago

Bob Booie    

I would rather keep her around drunk than to keep looking at that Beatles hairdo she has

2096 days ago


I love Cheryl! I'm surprised no one asked Matt about the supposed Drew lachey affair

2096 days ago


Why doesn't Tmz change their name to The New Cheryl Burke Tmz Show? What exactly is she doing differently than anyone else that is 24 years old? Oh no, Cheryl Burke went to a club and had a drink, Oh My! And then her designated driver drove her home. Gasp! Then she laughed while tmz took her picture, Really? is that all you got? Face it, TMZ is fizzling fast and furiously, fffffhtttt! What a farce.

One more thing, Those voices you use on Tv, what is that all about? Is that supposed to impress? Sounds like people tripping on acid. WEIRD.

So, is Cheryl the only celeb that you can find thats on summer vacation that hasn't had a rest is at least 3 years that works her butt off. Seriously?

2096 days ago


Its really funny how Cheryl got tipsy once or twice and TMZ is all over her,making her look like shes been drinking all of her life.,Its normal to have adrink when you go out,so whats the big deal?She got spotted tipsy twice in what?3 months and you make it sound like shes drinking everynight.She go out and hangout with her friends,once,twice every 2 weeks ,so what?It doesnt mean shes drinking?And she never break the law or hurt anyone,you dont see her having sex or maken out on the street?And has to drag her with these people?Shes not even with them?And that ex bf,whats his name?I see him more drunk often that Cheryl ever did!But no one cares about him to even follow him around,so you wount see him like that everynight dont you?And that brother of his?Isnt he used to be on drugs and once an alcoholic?He should be the one that needs help,Look at yourself Mr. before you judge anyone.Your so pathetic!

I hope Cheryl sue this trash for all its worth.This is getting out of control,it aint funny anymore.Your slandering this girl's reputation and charcter.Its kind of scary how TMZ is kind of obsessed with Cheryl Burke right now,i dont even think people believes all the crap they make about her.Cammon TMZ,this is getting old and lame,your becoming more laughable with waht your doing.Just leave the girl alone,She doesnt deserve this..Shes so much better than this!

2096 days ago
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