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Madonna's Latest Incarnation: Old Lady

7/26/2008 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With a face only A-Rod could love -- Madonna stepped out of a Kabbalah Center in NYC looking borderline human.

Madge's sunken face looks more geriatric than diva!


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OMG She looks like a corpse if you can get past the prominent platic surgery remants in her cheeks.

2223 days ago


RemNANTS, sorry.

2223 days ago


What's wrong with her arm!

2223 days ago

run away!    

YIKES! Without all that airbrushing and makeup, we see the true face of the beast....that's horror movie quality right there!

2223 days ago


Cheek implants.

2223 days ago


Yikes, she has gotten larger cheek implants inserted and lots of filler. Looks like she quit eating too. Madonna is in crisis. Guess Guy and her brother have finally gotten the best of her. She looks horrid and old.

2223 days ago


Ewwww! She looks sick. Time for a vacation with some nutritious food and plenty of bed rest. This womans looks a mess!

2223 days ago

pie in the sky    

Someone forgot her teeth.

2223 days ago

shawn jacob    

what in the world with all her money think she would slap on some make up!!!!!

2223 days ago

Just Me2    

WOW! Karma and Madonna have finally met!

2223 days ago



2223 days ago


Now perhaps some of the inexplicably blind, deaf & of course critically dumb people who used to & more sadly the even more imbecilic ones who waste time & money to make rich a talentless media whore like this who pisses on those who gaze up at her with awe in those piss burned eyes will begin to see what this does...

Just like those wonderfully telling candids of Streisand another self absorbed witch who's inside had been revealed, now everyone can see how what is truly inside every being to the point of poisoning their bodies cells with and ugliness that transcends or should, any that cripples perfectly fine, decent people who allow the sick ideals of the world of entertainment media to convince them that they are and never will be perfect, thin, pretty nor good enough in any way to cause them agony in their own mirrors with all manner of image dismorphic neurosis.

What you see here is exactly who and WHAT this creature is and always been. A vile, ill mannered, ungrateful hag too rotten to be thankful for the stardom, fame, money and undeserved adoration that no one not even those who do have what she doesn't any sort of talent that is marketable as has always been her only ability.
That to market to the poor lost souls who identified with the misfit, freakish slut image with which she first drew attention decades ago.

Now what she has left is her money and the love of too many people who've never known real music, real stars and one hopeless fad flayed around to try and find a way back.

Such an honest, true portrait of this "THING"

2223 days ago

that's all feel a little creeped out. Like I just read something from E.A. Poe. haha......

2223 days ago

Mary P.    

It just looks like to me she is sucking on a piece of candy or something.

2223 days ago

Obama is a Socialist!    

Madonna is the luckiest woman on the face of this earth! How can such an untalented person that is so absolutely ugly (and always has been) be such a mega superstar? It just shows what poor taste a lot of the world has.

If anyone can tell me one person that is uglier and less talented that is a huge superstar, I would like to know.

Someone may say Brittney Spears, but most guys (and most girls) think she is hot or use to be at least. That was never the case with Madonna. If anything, at least Brittney can dance, so she does have some talent.

2223 days ago
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