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'Big Brother' Beefcake

Gets Bent

7/28/2008 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's never a shortage of class on "Big Brother" -- so it's no surprise that self-obsessed contestant Jesse Godderz has this as part of his "modeling" portfolio.

Jesse Godderz: Click to view


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I would hit that three ways. Up, Down, and Repeatedly. Hmmmm man ass....

2242 days ago

RockStar A2    

Jessie I think you r sexxy as hell and I hope you win big brother...I hope you made some money off thos PICS..

2242 days ago


4 words for you ladies: He is definitely gay...

2242 days ago


Holy good lord god this guy is gay. We only see 1/2 the picture here. The other 1/2 has 3 other naked dudes wearing sailor hats jerking off. And one of them has a nice big jar of Vaseline.

2242 days ago


This is just the matter of if you're in into the whole muscle galore look. Some people are some people are not, they cal them beefcakes or steriod junkies. But the question should be, would you be happy if you're body is like that? He looks amazing. And, the more people hate him, it's going o make Jessie bigger celebrity - Like Spencer status.

2242 days ago


this guy is getting ready to get his azzhole ripped by some dude

2242 days ago


Well I'm gay, but this gay is too much for me. I prefer my men human.

2241 days ago


I haven't got a homophobic gene in my body and I didn't even think "gay" when I saw these pics. Yeah, I looked. However, I have no liking for bodybuilders. I prefer a man who has a brain instead of a huge ego. Bodybuilders are too obsessed with themselves and seldom make good company.

2241 days ago


Oh please people! David Beckham does near the same poses, not exactly, but close enough and you don't criticize him, you talk about how hot he is! It's pathetic who you have to be in this world to be able to do something that looks a little off to some and get away with it. Is David Beckham gay? I assume not cause he's married but if he was you people wouldn't bash him cause somehow his rep is oh so good and he's "oh so good looking". So what's the difference with the big brother guy? He's good looking too, not the same fame though right? You guys are such hypocrites!

2241 days ago


I think that Rosemary is his mother! He is queer as a 3 dollar bill...Do you watch big brother?? He is all about himself and his body.

2241 days ago


I think that Rosemary is his mother! He is queer as a 3 dollarbill...Do you watch big brother?? He is all about himself and hisbody.

2241 days ago


He looks like he should have a harness on and be pulling a cart!

2241 days ago


nasty, what is he posing for a gay magazine, what man in his right mind would take pictures of poses like that, not sexy at least to me, hurry up and vote his ass out of the house, i dont like him on big brother either

2241 days ago


i bet in the 2nd picture the way its cut off hes snuggling up to another man...LOL

2241 days ago

Barry in Indy    

Let's see, we have some commentators who don't value the amount of time Jesse has chosen to invest in his physique [re: too big, too buffed, out of proportion, etc.], while others who worship the body fantastic claim pure utopia. You guys on the east and west coasts kill me, because your own narcissist attitudes trump anything that Mr. Godderz could ever ascend to.

He's young and fully capable of making the same stupid mistakes the rest of us have or will make. Whether he is gay or not is his business. Have your fantasies about him if that’s what gets you through the day/night. If you don’t, why trash him? Do you know him? Has he hurt you personally?

The cold hard fact is that if Jesse walked into any bar or party wearing a white undershirt and tight jeans, all heads would turn in his direction - regardless of what comments have been posted here. Period.

Men of varios ages who possess great bodies will always be the eye-candy that so many other gays complain about behind their backs, but won’t do it to their faces. Funny how so many gays bitch and gripe about how others treat us as a group or individually, yet so many of our own community do the exact same thing to others. Hypocrisy? You bet it is.

2241 days ago
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