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Como Se Dice "Sour Grapes?"

7/29/2008 12:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of Univision's most senior reporters says she's getting the shaft for the anchor desk and mucho dinero because she has too much pigment.

Myriam Ayala alleges in a Federal lawsuit that the network has assigned "lighter complexioned" and more "conventionally attractive" talent to plum assignments and anchor time slots. Ayala also complains that she got moved to the graveyard shift and had her vacay cut even though she's been at the network for 25 years.

We called Univision for comment but, so far, nada.


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william richard bradford    

word to the wise;

* rent spite lee's school daze;

* sleep with the mayor of los angeles;

* realize the entire world discriminates
against ANYBODY being unattractive.

* accept that MOST news reporters are hired
for their looks and NOT their journalistic skills.

* hence,

cher calvin, jessica holmes,
leann tweeden, sharon tay.........

2275 days ago


Tipical of UNIVISION, they hire bimbos and they even pay for their breast implants enhacements jobs that they deduct from their checks - this is very well known!!!! all they care is tetas and legs -- I hope Miriam gets every single penny she is demanding because is not fair being there for 25 years to end up like this UNIVISION SUCKS

2275 days ago

Carolyn A-B    

This has been the modus operandi for years. It is found in Brazil, throughout Mexico (only gueros on TV, what's up with that??) , all over. Employment discrimination is rampant and the color line is a daily issue. I wish this lady success with her suit, but I bet they'll make a settlement offer and she'll accept it. And the beat goes on.

2275 days ago


14. Bout time word got out that Mexico treats it's darker skinned and poorer people far worse than the U.S. is accused of treating the immigrants that come here.

Posted at 1:17PM on Jul 29th 2008 by Aquaman

Very true. Actually, all groups have cultural barometers of what is and is not hot to them. Sorry, whitey didn't start the superiority game.

2275 days ago

Lillian Gorham    

Mexicans have always honored the blonde folks there, whether natural or bleached. (And the VAST, VAST majority resorts to bleach. Just ask Myrka Dellanos. Naturally black haired and with a chest like soggy pancakes, she made her way up to the top with regular trips to the salon, implants, and lipo. Then dating Luis Miguel REALLY made her career zoom! Sigh, why is all good things usually come to an end. Myrka hit 40 and her looks plummeted. She got very, very fat. (She has managed to lose alot of the weight, but it seems to have permanently changed her face.) Luis Miguel ran as fast as he could right into the arms of the much younger, and MUCH more beautiful Araceli Arambula, AND Univision responded by ousting Myrka.

And as others have mentioned, ITS HIGH time Mexico was outed for her shoddy treatment of their masses of naturally dark-skinned folk. I hope this lady takes every dollar she can get from the shameless Univision corporation. They objectify women horribly and discriminate against their own people.

2275 days ago

Jose Ramirez    

Who cares? Get these lazy people to speak English! Get them off the welfare system and into a job. Lazy good for nothing people!!

2275 days ago


Hey flaco Rico, its funny you mentioned Hollywood because it brings up an other issue…Why is it, you are willing to pay $10.00 to see action movies with old, ugly and fat men?
If she needs to loose some weight get new hooter and grow her hair so should all the other male punks who we pay to see. This is the freaking problem, its ok for a man to look old and fat but not a woman.. On the darker skin issue yeah all Latino countries have a black population which are worst off then the rest, not only that but years of brain washing has created this idea to better the race by getting married to lighter skin Latinos or white people. Who know why she is being kicked out
But I really hope is for the lack of talent than anything else. lol

2275 days ago


Latino/Latina/Hispanic .... oh puhleeeez .... they want everything handed to them. They get everything handed to them. Otherwise, they bully and bawl their way to the top.

2275 days ago


unfortunately, for by Irritated, racism in the spanish community is probably higher than in western culture. Check out Univision for a day and i can bet you that you wont find any dark skinned people on their. i totally agree by "just saying" and i hope and wish that the darker latino's can stand up for themselves (but i doubt that will happen because they themselves dont want to be seen as black)

2275 days ago

Cynthia R    

My mom watches the spanish news for years and I've seen this woman when she reports. She is unintersting, poorly dressed, and at times very monotone. How she's been employed for so many years is a mystery to me. 25 years ago the there were not as many hispanics to watch the spanish channel, today hispanics are one of the largest growing communities in the US.
Ms. Alaya should be grateful that she is employed and I don't think she would be missed if she is gone from the airways. She cannot anchor because she does not have the skills not because of her skin tone.

2274 days ago

Roger Hernandez in Puerto Rico    

Ms. Ayala has spotlighted latino issues for many years adding a sparkle to otherwise buried news. I have enjoyed every report filed by Myriam, and find it deplorable to learn that Univision does not respect its senior newscasters. Add another vote in support of Myriam Ayala.

2274 days ago

I KNEW IT!!    

Some people just don't get it. Univision is not in MEXICO and is mainly Caribbeans on that channel.

2274 days ago


She realizes the anchor seat is'nt gonna happen,,,so she has decided to "AIR THE DIRTY LAUNDRY".
Good for her.Ms. Ayala's sacrifice will make it such that a younger dark skinned woman won't have to face the drama of dealing with a skin color based caste system.Having lived in Miami & traveled Latin America extensively-I have to agree that "LIGHT IS RIGHT" is still really strong.I've met espresso-dark Cubans who without blinking tell me they're White.I've met Dominican girls who angrily respond to being called Black.So much for all that chamber of commerce crap about race being an American hang up.

2273 days ago

Lesbia Acevedo    

This is a sad situation among a latino person and an apparently latino business. If we get this type of behavior from a Spanish oriented business for their people, its a negative way to advocate for Latinos audience, not being fare with their employees. We need to recognize the value of experiece and competency rather than beauty and youth alone that does not guarranty success.

2273 days ago
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