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Brooke Says Nick's a Broken Boy-Man

7/30/2008 7:06 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's a reason it's called the slammer.

And Brooke Hogan tells People that lil' bro Nick has been broken by prison, especially being in solitary. "I was worried about him, and his safety, and his well-being." Little Nicky is out of solitary now that he's 18, and in the general population, and apparently he's eating better.

But Brooke says that he's not exactly the most popular inmate in the Pinellas County Jail: "He's been threatened. Thank God he's big and he can hold his own."

HudStrong Doesn't Live So Long

Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong are done.

"There was no drama or ugliness," reports "They just decided to end things." The pair were together constantly both in New York and L.A. -– including a Dad's Day lunch at Frankies in Brooklyn. But apparently they couldn't deal with the distance thing -– weird for Lance.

The couple split at the Livestrong Summit this past weekend. Reps were mum.

K-Fed: My Life Is Awesomer than Yours

As though we didn't already know this, Kevin Federline is having a good summer, he says.

He tells People that most of his work is "staying at home with the family," and that he "can't complain" about life. That's what comes with $20K a month in child support from the bank of Britney ... though Fedz wouldn't talk about it at a golf tourney.

And he was very mysterious about any new projects: "I'm going to make everybody wait on that."

Party Favors: Reports of Chuck Berry's Ill Health Greatly Exaggerated ... "Extreme" Foreclosure in Georgia

Despite rumors to the contrary, Chuck Berry's health is "perfect," his rep tells TMZ, and he's doing his European tour as planned. He cancelled two gigs in Spain because of "contractual and financial problems" with the presenters of the shows, but will be playing the Long Beach Blues Festival on August 30 as planned. ... A family that got a new home from ABC's "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" has, sadly, been foreclosed on after they couldn't pay back a $450K loan for which they put the house up.


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Dang! You all damned Kevin for being a nobody and a user, everyone relished in Brit's breakdown, always saying how usless they both are and now, not a single one of you can say a nice thing about either of them when they try to change all of that! I say good for Kevin for being there for those 2 boys while Brit lost her cookies. As for Brit, good going girl for trying and doing, the right thing for yourself AND your sons. This is exactly what is wrong with this world. Everyone trys so hard at being smug, rude, obnoxious, and no one trys to be considerate to anyone any more. People wake up! Stop being so cruel to eachother. Is there not enough meaness in this world all ready? I like coming to TMZ and a few other celb sites but, all the rude nasty mean comments are getting old. People need to stop being so bitter and try to lightned up a bit . These celbs are not gods they are people just like us who make mistakes just like us . They are only diffrent in the way that they are constanly hounded and plastered all over the tabloids for us all to see.

2221 days ago

pattie in cali    

how do you think the family feels? (nicks friend in the car), i bet he wishes he could even pick up a phone, or walk in an out a door, nick grow up, do your time, (broken man,) i don't think so, your friend , now thats broken. he can't do anything. you hogans, trash, hollywood has sunk, backing any hogans waist of time, pure trash,

2221 days ago

april's butch girlfriend    

good for nick!! seriously, all that whining got word thruout that jail! nick needs to understand why he's there and the severity of his actions...funny, that solitary confinement didn't do it for him. maybe bubba and the rest of the gang can knock some sense into him.

2221 days ago


"He's been threatened. Thank God he's big and he can hold his own."
The bleach on this girl's head has done some serious damage if she think that Nick is big and can hold his own. Hey Brooke, remember the calls that was released to the public?? Well we all know that Nick is a mamma's boy crying because he can't go to the beach with her and he can't handle being in confinement. Nick is nothing but a little pu$$y!

2221 days ago

Tina Harris    

People in the industry know that any project that involves "Kfed" is a public curiosity, in other words....a freak show/joke.

2221 days ago


That's natural and nice that Brooke is worried about her brother. But you know what?? Wouldn't it be a LOT nicer if she and the other pathetic members of her ego maniac family were able to show more compassion, and support for the victim in her jerk brother's accident?? They are ALL just so consumed with themselves, any publicity that they can get, with little or no regard for others and what they might be going through. ALL phony, ignorant and pathetic-from mom and pops to the spoiled and conceited offspring of theirs!! Mom and daughter have nothing to offer society except for their (mom's at least) "manufactured" bodies/face! I know people will be calling me a hater-but it is NOT hate. They are just phony and full of themselves which takes away any beauty or positive traits that they MIGHT have!!!!

2221 days ago


LOL, Brooke Hogan is so stupid. She is right that he is broken down but not the way she thinks. He lost his virginity to some inmate or a few. He is now someone's bitch!

2221 days ago


Brooke must be kidding. Does she think that Nick can actually hold his own in there? She must think that jail is like an amusement park. Nick has never been in jail with hardened criminals. If THEY want him in any kind of way they will get him any way they want. She says some of the dumbest things.

2221 days ago

Miss Penny Lane    

omg--if i have to ehar about nick hogan one more time.... for reals, people! his "friend" is in a vegetative state for the rest of his life due to nick's negligence. suck it up, suckers--nick belongs in jail for a hell of a lot longer than his sentence....

2221 days ago


brooke you are a sad sad girl, I think the silicon has gone to your brain or were youtruly always this stupid, I never did watch that show. You looks won't be there forever. i do know this Dad is holding the cash bag so is that why you are dissing mommy these days.I really don't think viacom will pay you that much.

2221 days ago

Carolyn A-B    

1. Why is Kate Hudson a celebrity? Riding your mother's coattails and getting help from her buddies is no way to prove yourself in this town. Armstrong is so full of himself. When's the last time he dated someone who was not a celebrity? He's like "bachelorette" Trista Rehn--he wants to stay in the spotlight forever.

2. That's really sad about losing the home to foreclosure.

Perhaps the networks can put together an extreme mortgage refinance program as well?

2221 days ago

Granny Pants    

Nick just ain't as broken as his buddy though huh Brooke?

2221 days ago


K-Fed need to get a REAL JOB instead of going to knightclubs, golf tournaments, and other riduculous things he is such a talentless man and a hypocrite.

2220 days ago
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