Brooke Says Nick's a Broken Boy-Man

7/30/2008 7:06 AM PDT

Brooke Says Nick's a Broken Boy-Man

There's a reason it's called the slammer.

And Brooke Hogan tells People that lil' bro Nick has been broken by prison, especially being in solitary. "I was worried about him, and his safety, and his well-being." Little Nicky is out of solitary now that he's 18, and in the general population, and apparently he's eating better.

But Brooke says that he's not exactly the most popular inmate in the Pinellas County Jail: "He's been threatened. Thank God he's big and he can hold his own."

HudStrong Doesn't Live So Long

Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong are done.

"There was no drama or ugliness," reports "They just decided to end things." The pair were together constantly both in New York and L.A. -– including a Dad's Day lunch at Frankies in Brooklyn. But apparently they couldn't deal with the distance thing -– weird for Lance.

The couple split at the Livestrong Summit this past weekend. Reps were mum.

K-Fed: My Life Is Awesomer than Yours

As though we didn't already know this, Kevin Federline is having a good summer, he says.

He tells People that most of his work is "staying at home with the family," and that he "can't complain" about life. That's what comes with $20K a month in child support from the bank of Britney ... though Fedz wouldn't talk about it at a golf tourney.

And he was very mysterious about any new projects: "I'm going to make everybody wait on that."

Party Favors: Reports of Chuck Berry's Ill Health Greatly Exaggerated ... "Extreme" Foreclosure in Georgia

Despite rumors to the contrary, Chuck Berry's health is "perfect," his rep tells TMZ, and he's doing his European tour as planned. He cancelled two gigs in Spain because of "contractual and financial problems" with the presenters of the shows, but will be playing the Long Beach Blues Festival on August 30 as planned. ... A family that got a new home from ABC's "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" has, sadly, been foreclosed on after they couldn't pay back a $450K loan for which they put the house up.