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Dina to Porn Guy: Breast Wishes to You, Sucker

7/30/2008 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ali LohanDina Lohan is ready to roll heads, after learning from TMZ that her 14-year-old daughter had a casting call with a big-time, award winning porn director.

Ali Lohan's rep tells us the girl had no idea that Peter Davy was behind such classics as "Breast Wishes 14" and "Bun Busters 12." Sources tell us the meeting was actually set up by Ali's agent. Apparently, no one gave Dina a heads up -- pardon the expression.

Officially, Dina is upset. Unofficially, we know she went nuclear.


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Fire the agent! The agent hasn't done much anyways.

2273 days ago

al loanese    

guess she is the only one to pimp out her kids...after all she is a money grubbing unfit whore mother

2273 days ago


If Dina were a better "manager", then she would have done a little research and know who this guy was. This is why family should never manage their own!

The whole Lohan clan is disgusting, Ali will be another Brit or worse!

2273 days ago


Dina's such a liar. You can't tell me that things got this far before Dina knew. The press got ahold of this story and of course she had to say something, but only then. And WTF was Ali thinking? Anything to get that 15 minutes right? What is wrong with her parents? Are they really so greedy and self-centered? What you've done to Lindsay wasn't a wake-up call? Clearly, there are no restrictions set by the parents to this greedy agent. Forget about the glitz and the glamour, it's all about money and status! Just another example of "TRAILER PARK TRASH"!!!

2273 days ago

Mr. Pink Rev2    

lets see all 3 in a porno. going down on each other.!!!!!

2273 days ago


Ali probably thought he was casting for High School Musical-The XXX rated version.

2273 days ago

Triple Play    

Dina got caught trying to further exploit her daughter. She made a mess out on Lindasy now she is trying to do the same to this little brat. Mother of the year No. Douche Bag of the year YES

2273 days ago


TMZ - I like how you made Ali's photo look like she is giving head. Very subtle.

2273 days ago

Winky Vitalic    

Dina never should have gotten involved with Screech! See what happens? When Stedman dumped you, you went straight into a bad situation. If Dina were still w/Stedman, this wouldn't have happened. Screech is a baaaaaaad influence Dina - STAY AWAY FROM HIM!!!!!

2273 days ago


I completely agree with #3: if Dina really was Ali's "momager", she would have done her homework and known who was interviewing her daughter. Dina's simply using her daughter (the second one, for that matter) to make herself a "celebrity." (And I'm using the term "celebrity" for lack of a better word.)

2273 days ago


Sounds like the perfect "drama" scene for their reality series. Set up.

2273 days ago

Winky Vitalic    

Dina is not a bad mom. Nor is she a liar. If my kids were in show business, I'd manage them too. And she's not a liar - Desparate, you don't even know her! I've known Dina for years - we went to the same temple. She's always been nothing but good to her kids, who BEGGED her (and Michael) to get into acting. Especially Lindsay - and Ali too. So lay off. You don't even know her.

One aside - did she break up with Stedman? I didn't hear about that one. What gives - when did this happen? Last time I saw her a couple of months ago (albeit briefly) in New York City, she was so happy.

2273 days ago

Michael - Dad of the Year    

Mother of the Year. Yeah, Riiiiight!

2273 days ago


It's always somebody else's fault. This "mother" should look in a mirror and she'll she the source of all the nonsense that emanates from this family. Anybody that defends her is just as stupid as this child pimp. You have actually be a mother before you can be a mother of the year.

2273 days ago

Michael - Dad of the Year    

#13.......Only in Long Island could she be Mother of the Year.

2273 days ago
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