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Obama to Luda:

Respect Your Elders!

7/30/2008 6:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0730_obama_ludacris-1It appears that Barack Obama is going to have to distance himself from yet one more supporter.

Ludacris has just released a new rap where he calls Hillary Clinton a "bitch" and says John McCain "don't belong in any chair unless he's paralyzed" and also throws insults at Jesse Jackson and George W. Bush. The only logical explanation has to be that Ludacris is a McCain mole!

Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton issued a statement, condemning Luda for his ridiculous lyrics.

"As Barack Obama has said many, many times in the past, rap lyrics today too often perpetuate misogyny, materialism, and degrading images that he doesn't want his daughters or any children exposed to. This song is not only outrageously offensive to Senator Clinton, Reverend Jackson, Senator McCain, and President Bush, it is offensive to all of us who are trying to raise our children with the values we hold dear. While Ludacris is a talented individual he should be ashamed of these lyrics.


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Why is it when a black person has something to say about a white, true or not, all the racist whites in this country get so pissed. you have politicians, sports mangagers, radio personalities etc, make racist comments and we suppose to take it. Accept your fate, whats at the top will fall and whats at the bottom will rise, its gonna happen wether you like it or not. We blacks dont need racist whites, you immitate our physical appearences and the way we communicate. Your parents have slept with, raped black men and women for centuries and you think I want to be with you. you better think again. Luda, speaks the truth and alot more will follow.

2242 days ago


This would all be irrelevant if it wasn’t for the fact that Ludacris hosted a fund raiser for Obama and Obama called him “a close personal friend”. This just shows the type of people Obama hangs with, just look who he married.

2242 days ago


I am Not voting for King Obama.

2242 days ago


This is haliours!!!,… You guys are awesome!!! Keep it up,.. your ignorance is entertaining!
Black power :)

2242 days ago


"5. Oh for God's sake!... Ludacris is a pathetic moron. I don't understand why he's even famous! He's just another drug dealer who used to live in the ghetto ... MONEY DOESN'T BUY YOU CLASS LUDA!

Posted at 6:28PM on Jul 30th 2008 by Kiki"

Are you f***G serious. What If I told you Luda has a college degree? You are just as ignorant as his verse. How can you assume he is from the "GHETTO" ?

2242 days ago


Black people are the ones who create racism

They make it impossible to respect black people

2242 days ago


You are a great with words "48. This is haliours!!!,… You guys are awesome!!! Keep it up,.. your ignorance is entertaining!
Black power :)"

2241 days ago


Obama is running for president and Ludacrus is not. Who cares what he says in a song. Alot of people get dissed in songs and no one posts in on the web. Obama can not be judged because of someone elses song and opinion. If I said Hiliary was the baddests chick that dosen't mean she would of been voted Democratic canidate. Come on people get real. I can say what I want, it doesn't get aired ofr everyone to near.. Rappers can say them in songs that get played for the public to hear. That's the only difference. Get Over It!!!!!!!!!!!!

2241 days ago


Let me start by saying that Luda is a rapper and that's what rappers do, they make a diss record! Maybe he didn’t use the right words in expressing himself, however it’s called a freedom of speech! I admit that some of the things that he said was a little bit harsh but white men are saying worst things about Obama then you could even imagine so what’s the difference here? The difference is it makes Obama looks extra bad! But regardless of what Luda said, some of us totally agree with him but don’t have the heart or the guts to say it! So talk bad about Luda all you want, he said what he said and I hope he doesn’t take it back, and for Obama, he still has my vote!

2241 days ago

Patty Pecora    

LUDA - You might as well get your gun and shoot yourself in your foot now, because your rap song is going to piss off a lot white people who were going to vote for Obama. Thanks for supporting racism and keeping everything BLACK AND WHITE!

2241 days ago


Why did this token candidate stay as a member of that hate mongers "church",the 'good rev.wright as he spewed his hate against our country. obama is, if nothing else,a hypocrite. And if ,GOD FORBID,he is elected, rappers and other pieces of sh*t, will probably be regulars in our White House. Send the Kenyan and his family back to Africa.

2241 days ago


For msb:

I hate to add to the racism on this topic, but just think about this song. It's BLATANTLY RACIST, and done by a black man, and also mean and hateful. Racism is not just whites hating blacks - it's also the millions of blacks that hate white people! And yeah, I know your great great grandma was raped by somebody, blah, blah, blah. There are women TODAY being treated like possessions, like cattle - killed because they don't want to marry a certain person their parents picked out. Many of the injustices that were done to black people/black women are still being done TODAY to people of other nationalities and even to NON-BLACK people here in this United States. So shut your whining hole for Pete's sake! Wishing John McCain makes it to the white house, but only PARALYZED IN A WHEEL CHAIR? Suppose the Republicans came out with an ad like that. Hell, the Democrats cried foul when they compared Obama to Britney and Paris!

Furthermore, there is NO ONE in my family and no one I know that dresses like a black person, imitates a black person, or wants to BE a black person or BE WITH ONE. I realize a lot more of this crap is coming out because a black man is running for President, but hey.... he's half white too! It just makes Obama look bad and helps McCain. He has to keep coming out and distancing himself from people he once called friends, advisers, ministers. He's jerking all you black people around - he's not going to change a damn thing - he's a politician, if his lips are moving, he's lying. Wake up and smell the coffee. And rappers? Glorified thugs.

2241 days ago


#14, The Rev...I know where you're coming from and I love it! HILARIOUS!!!

2241 days ago

Just Cruzin Thru    

#19 Dee- I couldn't agree more... Thank you!

2241 days ago

The Voice of Reason    

Wow. Where to start. First of all to the people championing freedom of speech, don't forget that everyone else has the freedom to tell you that they disagree with you. Personally, I think for every one rap artist that is legitimately talented there are five that aren't. Ludacris has skills (whether you agree with what he says or not), Chingy could not possibly suck more. Second, the problem here is that Obama is consistantly having to backtrack on himself when he lets someone take up his banner. To say that he didn't know Rev Wright or Ludacris held the views that he had to condemn them for, means you have to believe that he had no meaningful contact in the past. Maybe he didn't with Luda, but there is no disputing his relationship with Wright. At the end of the day, there is no good candidate for President this time. McCain is...well McCain. Obama likes to condemn "politics as usual" but he plays the game just like everybody else. Don't be so hungry for change that you will blindly vote for someone with socialist goals (France is a socialist country and is trying to get away from the mindset). Maybe we can get a decent candidate the next go-round. Colin Powell would be good. Ron Paul wasn't too bad. It's a tough time for American politics. Everybody is more concerned with staying in power than actually helping America.

2241 days ago
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