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Brit: A Free Woman for Halloween

7/31/2008 5:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsWe're now told everyone in the Brit conservatorship is on board to end the whole deal on October 28.

In court today, the judge extended the conservatorship until the end of the year, but set a hearing on October 28. We're told daddy Jamie is following the lead of the doctors, who are saying they think the 28th is a reasonable time to end the conservatorship. Brit is cool with that as well, though the commissioner said she agreed ... "reluctantly."

We're told between now and October 28, the goal is to gradually wean Brit off being managed so tightly so she can get back to life.


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First, learn to spell. Next your stalking of Britney is reaching epic levels of annoying. How about go bug Christina Aguilera?

2275 days ago


So, what now - she's free to party all night and make an ass of herself again?
What has changed? Did she attend parenting and financial management classes? Oh, no, she
went to the beach with Mel Gibson. Loser!

2275 days ago


jeez. she's an freakin child trapped in an adult's body. the loser can't control herself, her children or probably her bodily functions. this is yet another example of too much money to white trash hobags.
btw....there are people starving to death, dying from aids, losing their homes and struggling to get by on mere pittances of pay.
yet white whore trashbag and family remain in the focus. such a shame.....

2275 days ago


Bash her father as much as you need to in order to feel important but a good parent steps in and picks their child up when they're falling. He did that, her mother did that. You can read all the nonsense people make up about them if you like but the facts are clear; she's improved her life immensely since her parents took over for her and I'm sure they're relieved that
the time is soon coming where they don't have to 'parent' and can just enjoy their adult daughter again. We're not seeing Britney sitting on the curb crying her eyes out anymore. I'm thankful her family has helped. When speaking of vultures,
take note of all those who have been removed from her life this past year--with them gone, she's back on her feet again.
I hope the photographers will stay away.

2275 days ago


I am SOOO proud of her progress! I think this will be a good date.. I am really happy for her. This is a perfect amount of time.

2275 days ago


NYC you talk like trailer trash and have the audacity to call HER a loser?

2275 days ago


Some of you are just cruel. Soo many of you that comment could really benefit from meeting Jesus. He's the son God sent to the world to die for your sins- belief in him will guarantee that you don't perish when he comes back but that you will have everlasting life.

He really really does love you and I'm sure trying........

God bless you.

2275 days ago


Do you people really think she will be all fixed and ok by october because of what daddy's done?

She needed rehab and parenting courses and time away from the spotlight. But instead, pa spears saw it as an opportunity and sold her to Ballys, Ed Hardy, Mel Gibson, Maloof and Rudolph, bought himself a cadillac and the best salary he's ever had.

If he'd done the right thing and looked after her instead of himself, she would have had a chance in October.

2275 days ago


#13. Get real. It is people like you who try and keep piling on the trash. If it was not for Brit's parents, she would probably be dead by now. Go whine to Sammy boy.

2275 days ago


This is good news. Hope it works out that way. She needs to get her life back. Hang in there Brit.

#11 LemmyK, crawl back under your rock, moron.

2275 days ago

Sara Mc    

I hope she stays under his control to the end of the year. She has come so far since it began. I can imagine being a woman in her twenties, that well, it kinda sucks. But, unless she wants to return to her slow path to suicide (both career and literal), she should just take Daddy's help for a little bit longer with a smile. She's looking so much better these days, like the old, beautiful Britney.

2275 days ago


The caliber of people who talk down someone for struggling and rebounding are the caliber of people that are so angry at the way they've screwed up their own lives and only WISH they had family who would put them back on their feet again. Lowclass people trying to talk down the upper crust of society just make fools of themselves. Always have, always will.

2275 days ago


Karen, a Cadillac isn't that expensive. You need to get over that.

2275 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Oh man, do we have to wait until October until we see her go back to her usual ways of self humiliation and crushing debauchery? Damn that sucks! Maybe she'll gnaw thru the leash before then, but it's not like there's a cure for the head short out she revels in when allowed to do her thing! I can see the local drug dealers circling the date on their calendars right now. They'll contact their drug mules to bump up the supply to meet with this sudden rush in demand she'll create! At least they have some notice, but until then, here's looking forward to the black hole she'll crater on Hallow's Eve!

2275 days ago


Hey Britney... the court apparently has decided that you've progressed enough to make your own business decisions... THAT'S FANTASTIC. So, if you feel it best to continue following the advice of your present-day conservators, do so, it's your decision to make.

Please know that you and your children have the hopes and prayers of many, many people. You've been very blessed in your life, honor those blessings, be strong and move forward in a positive fashion.

Congratulations Ms. Spears... it's a wonderful world!!!

2275 days ago
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