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Brangelina Twins -- 14 Million Dollar Babies

8/1/2008 6:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Knox and Viv Jolie-Pitt have already raised more money in their lifetimes than you -- or at least most of you -- ever will.

The first pics of the Brangie twins have been bestowed upon People magazine -- and Hello! mag for the foreign rights -- for a total $14 mil, says the AP. The issue will hit stands in three days. By comparison, People paid a reported $6 mil for the J. Lo-Skeletor twins.


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Goerge Bush    

LOVE IT..can't wait to see the darlings.......AND what a ALL goes to chairty

2244 days ago


But she'll turn around and whine about privacy. Follow Halle Barry's lead and show off your own snapshots in public and the pap feeding frenzy goes away. Hats of to Halle. Boo to Ms.Brangelina for feeding the monster! Guess she's always in need of attention.

2244 days ago


So many idiots, so little time. Some of you dopes should think before you speak/type. Such small minds. I think this is great, the money goes to charity and we get to see some pix of some fabulous babies. I love you stupes who say tax write off. Yeah, that is clever of you. If they kept the money they would still pocket about 8 million under US tax laws. Am sure some of you would sell a naked pix of yourself for $5.00. You complain about the hype but here you are all reading a gossip site. Please. Yeah, you have better things to do.

2244 days ago


I am a Brad fan and now an Angelina fan and I cannot wait to see the twins and I am 50 ys old. I will buy two copies even if it cost $20.00 ea. If It was me I would not give it all to charity, why can't they just give half to charity and keep the rest and pay tax on it. I guess the two of them have made quite a lot of money this year. but I know Brad is still taking care of New Orleans and he might give all the money to them. Just love these two people and their kids.

2244 days ago


Is that Pink Floyd's MONEY playing in the backround?

2244 days ago


This is a joke, if they are so concerned about the well being of everyone, why didn't she have her babies in New Orleans? These two are ridiculous, and I wouldn't spend one penny on a magazine they are one the cover of or in...when you atart to get old in hollywood, it's best to take lesser roles and be a role model, not be a posterchild for having unlimited amounts of children when the world and our economy is ging down hill so fast, she should preach birthcontrol, not in vitro....God bless those new babies, in that family, with all those nannies, they most likely won't know who their mother isn't everything...

2244 days ago


And I mean that sarcastically.
With a little bit of vomit in my mouth.

2244 days ago


I agree wiht so many of the posts. I stopped reading People the day they voted Brangelina and their children, the prettiest family in hollywood? Are you kidding me? Then when I thought all the hype was over, they sold Shiloh's baby pictures while they were complaining of lack of privacy? What the heck? I have never read another people since. My children (and I think every parent in the world will agree) are prettier than hers. Doesn't everyone think their baby is the cutest? Why would I pay to look at some celebreties babies?

Show everyone a picture of your babies and get on with your life. If someone asked me to see a picture of my baby, I would proudly show it off, not wait until the highest bidder gave ME millions. you are pimping and exploiting your children. You should both be ashasmed of yourselves. God did not give you those children to make money. He gave them to you love and nurture. Not to be raised by nannies while you work (which you don't have to financially - wish I was in the same boat as I drag mine around to day care at 6 AM).

I will never for any picture or story of brangelina. I feel incredibly sorry for their children. They are being used to further careers of 2 adults.

2244 days ago


Prostituting your children at such a young age. She's probably bathing them in money and saying to them, "selling your bodies for cash is a good way to live,kids"

2244 days ago


I love TMZ. This is where culture is made...

...I, too, think that everyone can be bought, but not because people are 'bad' or the paps are 'bad' or even OK! Mag is 'bad." We vote with every dollar we spend and with every website we click on (as each click can generate advertising dollars.)

I believe Brangelina is giving to charity as a function of public interest. SOMEone is going to get the dollars from exploiting the twins, and so Brad/gelina is simply routing the dollars back into the public interest via charity. Saving us from ourselves, so to speak. She's wise on this account.

Much more than $14 million will be rerouted from worthy causes into the rag mags, and either we will choose to vote differently with our money or else it will take others like Angelina to make a point of not exploiting the public like Hollywood icons themselves so often are.

I, for one, recognize Angelina Jolie's selfless action meant for public good. She's playing the system on our behalf because we as the public are not in a position to see where the money goes. All we see in an indulgent $3.50 spent at the supermarket checkout stand. But if we accept her gift of $14 million and put it to good use, we will show our support for her by paying to see her movies on opening weekend, and spend the rag mag indulgence money on a charity of our choice.

2244 days ago



2244 days ago

I KNEW IT!!    

That's wrong to be calling J-LOS' twins skeletors ! Very rude and inappropiate to be judging innocent humans.

2244 days ago


I hope everyone boycotts this magazine and stops this atrocity. Babies are not for sale! When we stop buying these ridiculous pictures, they will stop paying money for them. The pictures are FREE on the internet. If you have to buy a magazine to see these pictures, buy ONE and share it with your entire class, neighborhood and let everyone you know see it. Sit down somewhere and let absolutely everyone see the pictures for FREE.

this needs to stop. someone needs to take care of those children.

2244 days ago


Can't they simply contribute these millions of dollars to a charity (cancer, AIDS, homeless, etc.) without selling their babies and plastering their photos on a cover of a magazine? That would be a truly noble gesture.
As a mother myself, I feel there is something awfully tacky about putting child's face on the cover of a magazine for $$$, charity or not. And if you are truly generous and want to give some money to help other people, then just help people. Don't use your children to do it.

2244 days ago


Orchidgirl, you are stupid. The Jolie Pitts give 1/3 of their income to charity, this is not including the dollars for the twins. Who do you think should get the dollars? Some slimy pap or charity? Think.

2244 days ago
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