Khloe Likes Her Wieners on a Stick

8/4/2008 3:22 PM PDT
As someone who picked Wendy's as her last meal before going to jail, it's no surprise that Khloe Kardashian attacked the free food at Tony Hawk's Sidekick launch party on Friday night.

Fitting with her fast food persona, she went straight for a Dog on a Stick. Luckily, a scrawny TMZ producer was there to snap a photo of Khloe chomping down on a frank. Unfortunately, he also got caught and was a little worried Khloe would topple him.

But Kardashian was a good sport -- proving she has a sense of humor -- and that she learned plenty from her 173 minutes in jail. She proudly displayed a new white ink tattoo of "KK" on her wrist and revealed plans to get "I love you" in her father's handwriting tattooed on her other wrist. Freud much?