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L'Oreal/Beyonce Whitewash

8/6/2008 2:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

BeyonceUnless she just got vitiligo -- L' Oreal has some serious splaining to do about its bleached out Beyonce ad!

The ad features a severely Photoshopped Beyonce -- almost unrecognizable. So the question ...

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Breast in Show: Italian Edition

Like a pair of comets passing through our orbit, Cindy Crawford's breasts have emerged again. Throw in Heidi Klum and you have an event for the ages!
Cindy Crawford, Heidi Klum
Cindy has posed for Playboy in 1988 and 1998, so it's no surprise paps caught her sunbathing nude on a boat in the Mediterranean. But Heidi Klum nude in Italy, too? It's like a dream come true.

The question is ...

Short Short Man

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Beyonce is lightskinned...sometimes more than others. I don't really think they have altered her true skin tone. Whenever she's on a yacht somewhere she gets a tan. Even black people tan. Duh!

2277 days ago


It may be a slap in the face but Beyonce is a disgrace...I know if I were in her place I would not allow anyone to alter with the color of my skin out of respect for myself and my culture. I guess for money and fame anything goes? can you say michael Jackson?

2277 days ago


L'Oreal/Beyonce Whitewash

L'Oreal is faking it all the way by using Beyonce to advertise hair dye on a wig! They aren't marketing towards the black community anyway as we all know B wears a wig. Keep cashing those checks Beyonce!

2277 days ago


she looks like shes trying to hit on the papparazzi

2277 days ago


My granddaughter's skin color changes dramatically during the summer when her hair lightens up significantly and her skin tans deeply. I have pictures of her that look like these two of Beyonce. In December she is pale and her hair dark. So, no, this is not a slight to blacks! There are plenty of slights to blacks in America, but this is not one. Plus, I doubt she would allow it.

2277 days ago

Get Real    

L'Oreal may have gone to fare with the whitewash but their not the ones to blame Beyonce knows how to say enough! She is the slap in the face to African Americans for having been brain washed by the old stigma "white is beter" Get Real People and stop blaming I have not been slapped in the face because of Beyonce's psychological hangup..Her problem..Her therapy!

2277 days ago

Yep I said it!    

You are putting wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy..too much emphasis on the issue with Beyonce ..maybe the girl just has an uneven skin tone..Goooodness
That's just like saying white people who suntan are ashamed of their skin tone.

2277 days ago


All photos involving all stars are photoshopped. Nobody has flawless skin or hair and these magazines and ads try to make them look perfect so they can sell their product. The sad thing is, the young girls really buy into this crap that everyone is indeed perfect and that is where we have serious body images and poor self esteem. I have seen alot of stars in persoon and they don't even look close to the way they are protrayed.

2277 days ago


Shame on you Beyonce'..."

2277 days ago


Listen people. Has anyone ever seen Beyonce without make-up? If not, Beyonce has a very light complexion. This is just another attempt by the media to give black women somethingelse to be insecure about. To add, if anything the photo with the darker complexion is the enhanced photo or perhaps she has a tan (spray on or not). Either way I do not believe that the photo is a disgrace, but the nerve to present it as such is.

2277 days ago


Nikki & Meldoie are so right. I am African American and I am pale in the winter w/darker hair. When summer hits my hair color gets lighter. I was in my salon & they were swearing that I highlighted my hair myself b/c it changed so suddenly. I do feel that photoshopping is getting out of control w/ some pics, buts that nature of the game/business. And, she is not a dumb busineswoman, she wouldn't allow that craziness. And like Nikki said, Beyonce wear wigs! So it is extremely annoying to see her in hair dye commercials when she is simply changing a wig or adding tracks to her head. But whatever, she's successful.

2277 days ago


i cant believe beyonce LET it happen. I would have thought she would be the FIRST one to say something..Independant Woman, Ya know?

2277 days ago

alessans riberio    

It's funny because ahe is actually very light in person. But they do make her tan her skin to suit her hair, but then( Loreal) is lightening up her skin is very dumb to me. It makes people of color (from all backgrounds) their that their skin not appealing or least bit attractive. Especially coming the hyped recent cover of that Italian Vogue,where at some people love the darker tone colors . It very sad. It was still puts a separation on color. So is Light skin better? Are the dark skin(any race)skin, are they bad people or are they cursed, Did God not loved them just the same? When will we see some actual change?

2277 days ago

Yep I said it!    

Obviously you can't believe everything you see in a commercial..I'm sure there are others that are doing slight alterations because they want to be perceived as being "perfect" and we all know noones perfect.. Everything isn't for everybody anyway and if you have a problem with a certain product you have a choice of buying or not buying..
Keep getting those checks BEYONCE..

2277 days ago


This is so stupid! I don't think they actually lightened her skin. I think she was paler because of not being in the sun that much. And also lighting can make you look lighter. So that could have been it. Either way I really don't think it is a slap in the face to any black person. If this really upsets you then something is wrong with you. I mean she is a star and she is going to do what shes gotta do to make that money and if they offered half the money to you as they offer her then I don't think you would be complaning much.

2277 days ago
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