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L'Oreal to Beyonce: We Like You The Way You Are

8/7/2008 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

BeyonceDespite a clear difference from her regular appearance, L'Oreal is denying lighting Beyonce's skin in its new ad.

"We highly value our relationship with Ms. Knowles," L'Oreal says. "It is categorically untrue that L'Oreal Paris altered Ms. Knowles' features or skin tone in the campaign for Feria hair color."

Beyonce has been a spokesmodel for the company since 2001.


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(It goes both ways…..let’s take a look at the billion dollar tanning industry. They slather themselves in creams and salves to lay out under the sun and risk skin cancer to get ‘dark’. Doctors are making billions on botox for their ass and lips. Shouldn’t they be happy with their pencil thin lips and flat asses. ) I took this from someone else's post on

"Some" white women have fake hair,complexions,asses lips and breast. Do you hear us constantly talk about how you want to be like us, no. People are entitled to do whatever they want with their bodies as long as their not harming themselves.

We need to face the fact that we are all different and we have reason to be,think about it if you were born in a hot, humid jungle like atmosphere wouldn't your hair be thicker and courser to withstand the heat and protect your head, wouldn't you nose be broader and thicker to help you breathe. (African)

If you were born in smoggy atmosphere wouldn't your eyes be smaller and slanted, (Asian)

My psychology professor had a theory that we look different depending on the environment that our ancestors came from, she broke it down for every race, but I can't remember the rest.....and I'm tired of typing. So anyway stop being so judgemental. BTW, I'm black and I wear a weave when I want a different look and my hair is natural and it's probably straighter than most whites and I'm brown skinned and I don't hide from the sun

2230 days ago


It is Photoshop. I am a professional photographer and lighten skin tones all the time. Easy to do and very common. Maybe the editor got carried away.

2230 days ago


I have heard the theory your appearance is based on your ancestors and where they are from. Intereting theory. ..... It does not matter what color or race you are: every popular, mainstream magazine airbrushes and alters the Pictures (of people) they publish. Everyone is different beauty is in the eye of the Beholder. The Magazines & Corporations, selling "products" always have a target audience. They will make the picture most appealing to their "target". I think there are more important things in the world to focus on (like how many more 3rd world babies Brad & Angie will save), than worrying about why Beyonce looks different in a picture? Every celebrity looks different in every picture because that is what they are paid to do. This is all simple economics.

2230 days ago


If Loreal was racist they would not have hired a black woman in the first place, Beyonce makes loads of money with these people. Get off the ungrateful, bitching high horse, lady. The same goes for others who stupidly think this company is racist.

2230 days ago


If Loreal was racist, they would not have hired a black woman in the first place. Doesnt that sink into you morins who scream racism every time someone sneezes wrong? Belonce makes a killing money wise with these people. She needs to shut her trap, as do others who love to bite the hand who feeds them and condemn.

2230 days ago

new orleans finest!    

Wow it's amazing how ugly this has gotten. First of all to everyone who is jumping down Tanya's throat it is not always easy to be a black female in America and have high self esteem, so I applaud her. When you live in a place where youre likely hood of meeting the standard of beauty is very low it's hard to see whats really there. I think everyone finds characteristics of other races appealing and desireable. I am from the south and though my skin is a really pretty dark brown color and very smooth most people wouldnt consider it as attractive as I do in fact there are so many people who feel dark skin(skin as dark as mine) is something to be ashamed of. That's why I feel the need to say how incredibly proud I am to have my very dark skin and I'd never want to look any different. It;s sad we cant't see how much more we have in common. I dont know anyone who falls out of bed and their hair is perfect we ALL use gel and flat irons and blow dryers many women black and otherwise wear weaves and so do more men than in the past. It doesnt change the person! If I had a flabby soggy flat butt Id be envious of a woman with a nice shapely butt, thankfully I have been blessed with a fatty, nice and firm, but back to the point, everyone has flaws no one is perfect black or otherwise. Can we realize that an accept each person as they are.

2230 days ago

reverse racism anyone???    

Yeah, white or light skinned people tan. It's called tanning , not Blacking!! They don't get a shade of black. Why are all these idiots thinking everyone is trying to be black. If blacks straighten their hair or get a blond wig or weave, does it mean they want to be white? If someone likes Hip Hop, likes to tan or whatever, immediately they're accused of trying to be black. But if they don't like any of that, Oh! They're racist. So annoying!!! If we like you we're trying to be you. If we don't like you we're racist. What about you always trying to have what the whites have. So there's a white show called "The Hills" OH! Hell Nah!! We have "Baldwin Hills"! They call it the BLACK Beverly Hills. Do me a favor BUILD A BRIDGE AND GET OVER IT!!

2230 days ago


First of all, lets be honest. White has been considered the epitome of beauty, especially in the US. Whites are the only people who have an opportunity to define beauty in other cultures, especially the African American culture. Most black women who are considered beautiful are on the "whiter" sides of their races. Think about it. Lena Horne, Dorothy Dandridge, Beyonce Knowles, Alicia Keys, Jessica Alba (I find it amazing that suddenly she's Hispanic when she has a biological black parent), Jessica Beal (She's another entertainer with a black parent)....The same can be said for Latin, Mexican, and Hispanic entertainers of color. Think about all the press that Angelina Jolie (a Hispanic entertainer) gets versus an Eva Mendes (who is darker). If L'Oreal has lightened Beyonce's color through makeup or photoshop, it would not surprise me. L'Oreal is in the business of being beautiful. It takes a little whitening to conform to what is considered beautiful. Is it right? No. Is it unfortunate? yes. Beyonce did not start these beauty politics. L'Oreal is just out to make money.

2230 days ago


I agree with #7, i have never heard so many immature and racist comments.

2230 days ago


For Dallas and all the other non-educated people of non-color:

Correction, yes we have seen photos of other AA celebrities laying out in the sun. THEY ARE NOT LAYING OUT TO GET A TAN! They already gentically have a permanent one! AA and other people of color do not lay out to purposely get darker, we do not lay out and bake in the sun or go to tanning salons for that purpose only. You need to educate yourself before you inform others or make snide little comments! Tonya may have been overstating that caucasian americans all come in one color, now that is wrong also. You guys come in varying shades just like us, the color is just limited that's all.

I so happen to be a light skinned AA woman around the shade Loreal attempted to lighten Beyonce to. But mine has come from genetics and not Photoshop. Now I have sense and understand how backgrounds, lighting and digital photography can change the tone of one's skin. Loreal needs to realize that the public is NOT stupid and we can see differences. They may not want to come right out and say they did it on purpose, but at least that can come up with a better statement than they did. Again, we the public and that means everyone is NOT STUPID. They could have said something about the photos where a artistic expression of the product they were selling or something. Anyway, we all need to be more open minded about each other and stop coping to old stereotypes.

Beyonce is a good entertainer overall and for Loreal it's not about hyping her, it's about hyping the product. So they only thing they really care about is getting their product line out there and selling. You don't like their ads, don't buy their products it's as simple as that. That's how you really make an impact in the corporate world. In their pockets.

2230 days ago


To Think About It:

Correction, when did Angelina become Hispanic/Latin: she is according to the IMBD database: "Her exotic good looks may derive from her mixed ancestry which is Czech, French-Canadian, Iroquois and English."

Angelina is not Hispanic/Latin

2230 days ago


I think she looks no different than she does any other re: to Loreal selling hair dye on a weave...I think you can actually dye a weave, as long as its a good annoying how everthing turns into some racial conversation...have you seen her mother?? The woman is mixed (DUH!!!)

2230 days ago


@Nicole she's lighter in the ad than in her baby picture. i thought i was looking at a bleached black girl. in the younger picture, her skin looks healthy, like it has color but in the ad, she's too pale. i think they lightened her by one shade so it's not a lot but still

and stop the whole arguments about people wanting to look like the other race. whites are not trying to look black and blacks are not trying to look white. if blacks are trying to look white by wearing weaves or getting nose jobs, then what about whites who do the same thing. giselle is one of the most famous models right now. she's white and had a nose job. she also wears extensions. most of white hollywood actresses have had nose jobs (jennifer aniston is another). so what if black girls do it too? and whites do tan but so do blacks. even blacks don't knoiw that other blacks tan. i have a black friend with dark brown skin (a little lighter than kelly rowland) and she sits in the sun to get to kelly's complexion or darker. she does it on purpose. plus the sun makes ppl's skin glow b/c of vitamin D so whether black or white, tanning makes your skin glow. i know black ppl who go to the tanning salon or buy tanning products. i think ppl tan mostly b/c it makes the skiow not b/c they really want to be darker.

2230 days ago


Why is this story still news? Ive seen a million beyonce photos and I think her skin looks a little different in each one. But really, WHO CARES?

2230 days ago


Besides, the picture you put up on this story looks like about the same skin tone as in that CONTROVERSIAL L'OREAL PHOTO.

2230 days ago
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