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Suri: I Want to Be Part Of Your World

8/7/2008 9:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katie Holmes took little Suri to see "The Little Mermaid" on Broadway last night -- funny, since both Ariel and the Cruises spend most of their time wondering what it's like to be human.


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When I grow up I want rotten teeth that stick straight out of my face; I don't want to know how to drink from a cup; I want to go to school with my baba so that the other kids in high school will make fun of me. I won't care if they make fun of my baba and me. I will be so secure because Scientology will brainwash me into knowing how good it is that I still have my baba when I'm a teenager. Oh, I'll beat anyone up with my blankie if they try to take my baba away.

2204 days ago


When will Suri be off that damned bottle?...When she's 40?...
Don't Tom & Katie realize the damage it's doing to her teeth?...Do they even care?...
If this is how "Scientologists" recommend raising a child, CPS should get involved immediately...

2204 days ago


this couple is very strange , its due Tom C sciencetogly .; Tom is wierd and so is Katy to stay with him.

Mnay of them are wierd like anfelina j and pitts, very wierd, Her father is right, shes mentaly ill i feel, ,

2204 days ago

Anomymous supporter    

The bottle? That's the least of my worries about Suri! I'd need a bottle too if my parents constantly paraded me in front of paparrazi with all that screaming and flashing lights! If Katie was thinking of Suri's well-being, she would have arranged to have the car brought around back and slipped into the theater, unnoticed, with her escorts. But noooo, Tommy Girl knows a photo op is not to be wasted, and Katie is nothing if not a model employee, and Suri is the perfect attention-getting prop.

2204 days ago


What kind of person with even half a degree of intelligence takes an undisciplined (per Scientology) 2 year old child who always gets her own way to the theatre at night - complete with baby bottle hanging from its mouth? Any mother and most patrons know a 2 year old can't sit still OR be quiet. Even tho it was a children's play, I am quite sure the producers intended the evening performances for older children who have learned some manners. I have to say I am glad I wasn't sitting there listening to 'what's that', 'why is that happening', etc., etc., etc., for the whole play.

Do you suppose Tommy girl will take the little alien to see Katie in her ADULT play?

2204 days ago


What is that bag in the bottle? Is that normal American formula, or some kind of special formula. It could be she has something special (medicated maybe) in the bottle. She was kept hidden a long time after birth, she may be sick in some way???

but please,

whats the bag in the bottle, Ive been so curious for ages about it.

2204 days ago


I asked about the diapers yesterday??? Just saw some new pics and YES SHE IS IN DIAPERS!!!!!!!!!!
I wonder if they introduced Time OUt yet?? Todays way of bringing up KIds is crazy. Kids are in control and Parents have no say about anything . My daughterin law once said So in So doesnt like to wear that AND THE CHILD WAS ONLY 9 MONTHS OLD OH MY GOD The next generation will be a DOOZEY.

2203 days ago


U know what u are doing to this little child u making her life worst by accusing that this child is an alient, u know how iidiot u are as a person , what u did is making the life of a child worst and think of it if u have brain natural a one little child wants to explored!!!i want to ask you what is wrong of being a sceintotologist? did it affect ur life or life of others ? why not live ur won life instead of making a an arrogant comments and untrue article about someone!!!!Ur abstard kind of person!!!! go to hell!!!!!

2188 days ago


There goes that bottle again! Kinda like a "Where's Waldo" theme going on there.

2138 days ago
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