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Jay-Z -- My Marriage is One of MY 99 Probs

8/8/2008 7:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Everybody knows that Jay-Z got hitched to Beyonce -- so why won't they just go and admit it?

"I think it's really a part of your life that you gotta keep to yourself," he tells Vibe. "You have to have something sacred to you and the people around you." So he's not saying he's not married ... but he isn't saying he is.

We're still so confused -- Beyonce was spotted wearing what looked like a wedding ring the other night, and we were there when they had what looked like their wedding ceremony in Tribeca.

Morgan Freeman Thanks Elvis for Health

Morgan Freeman finally walked out of the hospital after his frightening car crash – and he was grateful to Elvis Presley for coming out in one piece.

OK, so that's because the trauma center at the Memphis hospital where he spent the last few days is named after the King, but still. "I'm doing very well," says Freeman to People. "I thank the staff at 'Elvis Presley' and many many thanks to my many well-wishers."

Freeman and his wife are in the process of getting a divorce.

Dennis Hopper Farts on His Own Flick

So if -- and that's a big if -- you go see "Swing Vote" this weekend, you'll be seeing a lot less of Dennis Hopper than originally shot.

That's what Hopper says, to Rush & Molloy: "I got cut out of that movie," says Hopper. "My subplot was completely cut ... It was important to the development of my character, and it's missing." Hopper plays a Dem presidential candidate in the election "comedy."

Disney didn't comment, nor did Kevin Costner, nor did the director.


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I really don't think if jay-z is married or not is anyone's business but his own, I agree with what he said, i think people are so far up celeb 's as#... people need to get a life !

2230 days ago



2230 days ago


Jay has every right to guard his personal life, but I still think they are being a little silly in refusing to confirm their marital status when everyone knows what it is. I mean how dumb is it to walk around not wearing your wedding ring for the sole purpose of spiting fans and the media and even dumber to keep your left hand plunged in your pocket when you are wearing it like Beyonce did the other day after she was already photographed with it on. Regarless of whether they want my blessings I am still happy for them and proud of them for being positive role models by getting married which, sadly, is not a popular thing to do in the black community. Especially in the rap community where women are viewed very negatively.

2230 days ago

Luke Warmwater    

Dennis still cashed the check, didn't he?

2230 days ago


I feel that Jay and B keeping their marriage a secret is dissappointing to their fans. They are idols to American's and all their fans were asking for was confirmation. I think that marriage is a beautiful thing and is sacred to both parties but being in the spotlight puts you in a whole new category. If they wanted to be normal American's, they shouldn't have chosen the life they chosen to live. I congratulate the happy couple for my BIG Day is fast approaching as well so I understand the statement because I feel the same way. The only difference with them and me and my fiance is that they are in the public eye and we aren't but I still don't want 'some" people who know us know that we are tying the knot. Congrats to them both and I wish them nothing but the best

2230 days ago


Why not just say, "Yes, we're married" and leave it at that? No one is asking for a play by play of the honeymoon or anything! I think it's just a way to keep people talking and asking. I'm protective of my private life also, but I just tell people that I have a boyfriend and keep it moving. That's all they need to know.

2230 days ago


Jay and Beyonce are just doing this for attention. Everyone already knows they're married, so what difference does it make whether or not they admit it? I bet if everyone just left them alone, acted like they don't care, and quits bugging them about admitting they're married, they'll probably come out and say it!

2230 days ago


I think that Jay and B should promote their marriage as it is a great moral gift that would be giving to society. We live in a world where 'it's cute' to have children and live together without moral committment; we have too many hookups but not enough marriages, so I think that he and Beyonce should be proud that they made that great committment to each other and shout it from the highest mountain top as they feel necessary, because it's certainly not something that should be kept private. It seems that the things that we should keep private (such as the next celebrity bastard child, or the next celeberity divorce, or the next person to be caught on camera without panties) are publicized as the correct things to do in life, and it's not at all true. Marriage is one of the things in life that should be celebrated and while I understand Jay and Beyonce's point about keeping their private lives ... well private, I think they have done a wonderful job in the past of doing so and annoucing their marriage will not prevent them from having a private and sacred married life together. And that's my two cents....later

2229 days ago

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