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L'Oréal: Get Réal

8/8/2008 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

BeyonceBeyonce, or L'Oréal for that matter, probably had no idea that an ad for hair color would cause so much controversy. I am an African-American woman and I work for TMZ. Yes, TMZ hires Black people.

I saw the new L'Oréal ad a few days ago, and it struck a nerve. There's still a stigma of Black celebs acting "too Black." This ad re-enforces that negative portrayal.

Why can't a powerful, talented African-American woman be celebrated for her natural beauty? L'Oréal claims they didn't change Beyonce's appearance, but who are they fooling? L'Oreal obviously wanted to make Beyonce look White.

The L'Oréal ad is disrespectful and dismissive to the Black community. And L'Oréal's explanation is lame.

My name is Nina and I approved (and wrote) this message.


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Jennifer M    

I am so dang on sick of the hoopla about this dang on pic I could puke. And what is even more depressing is that it is mostly my own kind (black people) causing all the drama. There are a million reasons this picture could make her look a bit lighter than she is. 1) It was most likely the direct lighting 2) Depending on when she took the pic she could have been a little paler than normal...she is a light-toned black person 3) it could have been her make-up or a combination of all three. In any case, please stop with this garbage. Beyonce is a proud can hear it in her music, see it in her style and who she decided to marry so please don't try to imply she wants to be white. Next, if Loreal was so set on making the ad look "white" they could have just hired a white woman, right? Next, Nina, I love you sister but I bet if Loreal offered to pay you millions to do an ad I doubt you would turn it down even if they colored you purple and made your nose look like Michael Jackson's. So, please calm down with all the racial stuff. I think all races, at this point, are overloaded with the garbage!

2212 days ago


Beyonce is of Creole and Latina heritage. Her mother even speaks French.

2212 days ago


I think Hollywood in general is just bad to women. They want a certain body type, skinny with a nice butt and perky boobs, a tan is a major plus, straight nose, straight, white teeth, hair must not be frizzy, no stretch marks, cellulite, or wrinkles, acne free skin, keep your nails manicured, toes pedicured and wear trendy, expensive clothes. If you don't meet all these requirements, we will ridicule and humiliate you into submission.

Pathetic. You'll never see a woman who does not meet 95% of those criteria in a lead role in a blockbuster or a magazine cover without it being scandalous and for attention seeking purposes only. I say again, pathetic.

This shouldn't be a race issue. This is a humanity issue. We should be happy with people being who they are, and not demanding they fit a mold. Because frankly, people may like to look at the Hollywood Body but since it's in short supply they are more than happy to be with the Everyday Woman body and love every minute of it.

2212 days ago

Flander Anapolis    

All this comes from those fat ugly hags that are jealous of Beyonce. They go to every site with their hatred of Beyonce. I know for a fact that it is just the lighting. Anyone can look lighter or darker depending on the lighting. Wow if I had a nickle for every time someone made a jealous statement against Beyonce, I could pay off the deficit and have money for healthcare for the world. Some people go as far as to laugh at her for being ugly, and they say she has a FLAT BUTT. I tell you , this woman and J LO cause more jealousy in females.

2212 days ago


ok, my neice suffers from aloepecia, she has no body hair, and she has wigs of all color. after reading this yesterday I went to her house to do a little test. I am a red haired fair skinned woman, but when I went to but on a dark wig, my skin tone seemed darker. and an extra bonus with that, my freckles were not so pronuonced. Then I put on a blonde wig and I looked so much lighter I almost l;ooked pasty sick, it was gross. So I am going to say from first hand experience that hair color DOES change skin tone. Really does! Do people just sit around looking for something to cry racism about? Jeez! And to the lady who wrote this for TMZ go put on a blonde wig and see what it does for your stupid TMZ working ass. I will wait for the apology. By the way does TMZ hire asians, indians, and people of other nationalities? just curious since you made it a POINT to let us know that they hire blacks?

2212 days ago


Nina has some chip on her shoulder. Watch your back Harvey or she will play the race card against you someday. As part Native American, I can tell you that my skin color changes throughout the course of the year. This time of year I am pretty dark from the sun. By mid-winter, I am pretty light. And any decent amateur photographer knows lighting can affect the picture.

2212 days ago


Nina, you're absolutely right. I hope you don't let these absolutely moronic comments bother you.

2212 days ago

danny c    

If she were black (she is not), so what?

Even back when racism existed this would never have been an issue. Ads are often designed to make people appear different than they are... more attractive, less attractive, more blonde, less blonde, taller, shorter, paler, less pale.

Who cares?

2212 days ago


She is a beautiful woman whatever her heritage; too bad she doesn't look nappy-haired that might make your day brighter. Jealous?

2212 days ago

yo yo kiki    

Get over the whole race thing for once. Let's focus on something a bit more important maybe.Thanks---you make it what it is!

2212 days ago


This is ridiculous. Stop blaming white people and start becoming productive. I'm Asian and you don't see us complaining about white people. And you know what, there's a stigma for Asians acting too Asian too. Most every commercial use Asians in a comedic way, speaking with thick accents and we're either doing kungfu or calculus problems. But if we want to be taken seriously and do regular commercials and TV roles, we have to act white. And guess what? There's nothing wrong with that. There's nothing wrong with having to act mainstream to be in mainstream.

Get over yourself. There are far fewer racists than you think. And your constant whining and blaming without taking any sort of responsibility is only going to help make more people into racists.

2212 days ago


Nina is NOT the ambassador of black people!!!!

2212 days ago


I am Black, and I don't even consider Beyonce even truly a real African-American. She looks White, and she is mixed up with lots of other stuff.

2212 days ago


Whoever wrote this story is a moron. A black woman with a lotta hate. Unprofessional and grossly childish.

2212 days ago


If L'Oreal didn't want a black person as their model, they wouldn't had asked a black person - it's as simple as that. Also, I'm sure Beyonce had to approve her image before they used it so if she's fine with it, then so should every ofther African American. In no way is this ad racist or discriminating. Besides, Beyonce isn't as 'black' as people think, she's actually pretty pale for an african american - look at her mother.

2212 days ago
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