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Hey Everyone ... Séance at Sharon Tate's!

8/9/2008 12:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Get out your Ouija boards -- we got a séance going on!

Last night, on the 39th anniversary of the notorious Manson murders, a group of level-headed people gathered just doors from the place Charlie Manson's followers paid a visit back in '69. Their mission -- to contact the spirits of Sharon Tate and the four others who were slaughtered.

Those inside the séance claim a figurine fell from a shelf, and when they all went to the basement everyone's back started to ache. Sadly, our cameras caught none of that -- but we did witness lights flickering.


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To #21 David Oman, calm down! I saw the program that was filmed in your house and it broke my heart. I for one am a firm believer in the supernatural. I have lived in a haunted house and it is a freaky thing. People who have never experienced it will just never understand. My heart has always gone out to all the victims of those 2 nights of crime in the worst dregree. And you are so right about those who a screaming at you. Yes, scream about Tex Watson, who was allowed to father 4 children. And Bruce Davis who fathered a daughter in prison. Any outrage should be pointed at all the murderers...Tex Watson, Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkel. Leslie Van Houten, Charles Manson, Bobby Beausoliel, Bruce Davis, Steve Grogan. Some have married and had children, many received college degrees, all at the expense of the Calif. taxpayers. Atkins, Watson and Davis claim to be born again christians. amazing how prison can make a believer out of you! Balony! And to #27 john wayne gacy, you are one sick son of a bitch. Sharon Tate had a bad day. God help you who ever you are. You use the name of one of the worst mass murderers imaginable and come off using the excuse that a murder victim has had a bad day? You sicken me!

2237 days ago

David Oman    

I appologize for my fervent desire to set the record straight! I just get so much crap from people about the Ghosts activity here and the idea that I am exploiting the victims for some type of finacial gain, To those who want the murders to be set free, I only have to refer to your remark how they have all been TRANSFORMED and have been REBORN. Too bad that they did the dasteredly deeds that 24 hour period in 1969, when 7 innocnet people were slaughtered...not to mention those who lost their lives and whose bodies were never found or rmurders still remain unsloved at the hands of THE FAMILY. Thanks for the support.

2237 days ago


DONT MESS WITH OUIJA BOARDS!! They are dangerous. They had the Ghost Hunters come in and got some crazy evps that sound like the last moments of Sharon Tates life. They were full of despair and sadness. Susan Atkins now lays dying in a prison with one of her legs amputated and begging to be let out to die. The parole board mirrored what she said as she killed the pregnant actress-I have no mercy for you, b*tch. God bless all the families of the victims.

2236 days ago


David - saw the Ghosthunters show. Fascinating stuff. How about putting some of this stuff on your website?

You are right on about focusing anger in the right direction. We all need to demand laws be changed - how convicts can be allowed to obtain college degrees, father children, and publish books/websites should anger all of us. And shame on Bugliosi for supporting the release of Susan Atkins - he needs to take a look at the crime scene photos again.

RIP - Sharon, Steven, Jay, Paul, Voytek, Abigail, Leno, Rosemary, Shorty, Gary, and who knows who else ...

2236 days ago


Someone's rattling chains around here, and it isn't a ghost.


2236 days ago


David Oman - you need therapy. Let these people rest in peace. Stop crying whenever someone doubts you and says you are the loser that you are. I posted one little comment on one of your "ghost" videos on you tube and got a rambling screaming email. Your only claim to "fame" is that you have a house down the street from where this happened.

2236 days ago


To #33 David Orman, apologies are not necessary. Unfortunately there are too many people wh just do not understand the brutality of the Tate/LaBianca/Hinman/Shea murders. All these bleeding heart liberals who feel that because some jackass has found religion once incarcerated we need to forgive. NOT! There are at least 10 known victims of the Manson has been 39 years now and it amounts to less than 4 years per murder. I have heard every excuse in the book, LSD, the influence of Manson etc. The dregs of society who comitted those horrible crimes knew exactly what they were doing. They had a choice and they chose cold blooded murder. They had death penaltys over turned and laughed when they found out they were not going to be executed. They got a hell of alot more justice and mercy than they ever showed each person they butchered. No I understand where you are coming from David. I thought Bugliosi did too until I read where he said Atkins should be released. Not even on a cold day in hell did I ever think he would feel like that. If reading the book Helter Skelter is too much for some folks who feel its time for the killers to be released, look at the photos of the victims, if you can bear it. Then tell me they deserve mercy or freedom. A 26 year old woman 2 weeks away from having her child was not given mercy, nor were her friends. The LaBiancas got no mercy. Nor did Gary Hinman, Shorty Shea or all the unknow victims and you know there are more. Hang in there David!

2236 days ago


Sharon Tate had such a modern look, and her style is copied by all the pretty/sexy/beautiful young women this past decade and a half. The long ironed straight hair with just a wave or two to it, tight jeans, dark eyeliner, flowing tops. And she's so much prettier than any of them 40 years later (scroll down to see Jessica Biel and Jessica Alba, both beautiful, but can't hold a candle to Sharon Tate).

Sharon Tate would have become one of the Hollywood icons of beauty if she hadn't been slaughetered along with the Folger cofee heiress, and her boyfriend Jay Sebring, whom the main character in "Shampoo" played by Warren Beatty was based upon.

2236 days ago

john wayne gacy    


just the mere fact that this has risen after a seance,
is far more attention than any of these folks deserve.

other than sharon tate maybe doing info - mercials
for GENKO knives and the hairdresser booking another
cutting appointment, we can all put this to rest by enjoying
a nice cup of hot folger's coffee in the morning.........

2236 days ago

Olivia Korringa    

The spirits were directed right in by the psychic. I wish the video was longer. Good energy in the group!

2236 days ago


SO.....what was that thing that floated down from the ceiling about 8 seconds into the video?

2236 days ago

john wayne gacy    


you may be right;

with all due consideration that's it's
summertime, let's make it an iced coffee......

2236 days ago


David Oman-
Just wanted to say I agree with everything you have said here 100%. I watched the ghosts hunters episode,and my hair stood up. I purchased a home a year ago that contains "guests", and I'm a 100% believer( and yes I'm an average, non mentally ill person). The thing that struck me most in the ghost hunters episode was the EVP that contained what appeared to be a female screaming- what I made out of it was- something like "take me to the light" and so much sobbing, truly heartbreaking actually. I don't know if its possible, as i'm researching it myself for my own needs, but is it possible to help that poor woman cross over? Just wondering if you had thought about it or researched it. Anyway, good luck to you.

2236 days ago

David Oman    

See that your still looking for a LIFE.
Hope you find one.

2236 days ago

David Oman    

Hi mlb,

We have had all type of professionals in the psychic field and they can not take them into the light. Many have said that they are earthbound due to the some unfinished business ie all of their killers die. The vicitims are not the only "GUESTS" that visit my home either. There is a large amount of Native American history here in area. I have researched and found that the Tongva Tribe had lived here in Bendict Canyon up until the late 1800s. The last battle in Los Angeles between the Indians and the US cavalry took place just a mile down from where my house is in 1885 at what is now The First Beverly Hills Womens club at Chevy Chase Dr. and Benedict Canyon. There is a bronze plack that denotes the spot where in 1925 they broke ground and found 3 skeletons of the Indians that were buried, at the spot where the battle took place. Good luck with your "Guests"

2236 days ago
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