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A-Rod Givin' It to Madge

8/11/2008 7:26 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Madonna is getting paid by Alex Rodriguez –- and the timing couldn't be any more, ahem, convenient.

The stray-Rod is actually making a donation to Madge's charity, Raising Malawi, reports Rush & Molloy, to the tune of "at least $500,000." Even though he's going to be shelling out big time to wife Cynthia in their divorce case, he's apparently in a giving mood. Of course, the charity's director says it's a "private thing."

Reps didn't comment.

Bernie -- Intensive for Days

Bernie Mac's condition was much more serious – and he was in the ICU – for much longer than anyone was letting on.

The late comedian, who died early Saturday morning, was admitted to the hospital July 24, a week before his admittance actually was announced. People reports that he had to be put on a ventilator as soon as he got there, and he contracted a second strain of pneumonia while he was there.

Though what eventually felled him wasn't directly related to his chronic sarcoidosis, the condition severely compromised his immune system.

Other Woman Slams Edwards' Wife

John Edwards' mistress Rielle Hunter didn't like the look of Elizabeth Edwards from the very beginning -- or her energy.

She told a Newsweek reporter that Elizabeth didn't "give off good energy" and that she "didn't make eye contact with me" when they met. (Ya think?) Hunter and Edwards already were involved when the two met, but it's unclear whether Elizabeth knew anything.

Hunter apparently thought that John Edwards was a leader on the order of Gandhi.


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I want to see John Edwards humiliated even further when he has to admit that is his baby and if he thinks he is going to get away with it, the media is all over him, his hush money, Rielle's digs in N.C. and Montecito, who is or isn't paying taxes on the hush money, and where is Andrew Young, Lets hear from him. Bottom line, Edwards was so smug when he was dangling his endorsement over Hillary's head, he knew he was giving it to Obama in return for a spot, so his arrogance caught up with him, he is done.

2229 days ago


When the Enquirer first broke this story in Oct. 2007, I forwarded it to people I thought would be interested. All I got back were a bunch of denials, disbeliefs, and the typical "not John Edwards" type comment. The Enquirer did no follow-up at that time and I was beginning to believe the story was untrue. But, knowing that the Enquirer is so sensitive to being sued all the time and make damn sure it can back up its stories, I waited. All it took them was "9 months" to get it out to the public!!!

2229 days ago


not sure the wife knew???? trust me, the wife ALWAYS KNOWS.....maybe that's why she treated her like the sleazy tart she is????

2229 days ago


LOL. It can't be her looks, so Edwards is probably into weird stuff. Bet she does it all.

2229 days ago


That Rielle thing is one ugly woman. John how could you with something that looks like THAT????

2229 days ago


OK, after that Nightline interview, I am even MORE convinced that John Edwards is indeed the father of that "Camilla Parker Bowles" look alike! Remember how John Edwards was trying to say "ah shucks, I'm just a country boy who came from nothing and made it big"? Looks like he went right back to the trailor park when he hit up with this ugly skank! This girl Lisa Dunks, whatever, used old John Edwards.....................he's been had to the tune of paying her ass for the rest of her life. She has no looks, morals or talent. She needed a money train to help her live. Enter John Edwards, stupid as s**t, and he gets her both of them should know how this works by now. Rielle has her income for the rest of her life. Trust me, nobody wants poor Elizabeth to go to her grave knowing that John Edwards fathered this child. He is planning to keep this hush, hush, and when his wife dies, he'll be paying Baron back big time. Andrew Young is happily married. He has been seen out with his wife and kids AND Rielle and the baby. They are all protecting Elizabeth from knowing the full extent of what John did. He is a total loser. He'll neverr have lunch in this country again.

2229 days ago


Rielle Hunter, party girl and adultress, didn't like the looks of the well respected WIFE of the married man she was doing, who was also fighting cancer at the time. Go figure. I knew just by the fact she had an affair with a married man, she was a piece of crap but coming out with her "opinion" publicly just proves how ENORMOUS a piece of crap she actually is and makes the piece of crap John Edwards look even worse for getting involved with someone that moronic. He just killed his career for good.

2229 days ago


it's sad that Edwards didn't remember his wedding vows like Clinton,Guliani and John McCain before him when he was cheating on his wife.
have some compassion for Mrs Edwards folks even if you are a republican.At the end of the day regardless of party affiliation we are in no business to judge anyone even if they talk about "family values" like the republican talk about so much but this time let's focus on a woman who is battling cancer and has to live with a liar and take care of herself and 2 young kids and another young woman who is also dealing with her father's infidelity.Have mercy on Mrs Edwards and their 3 kids.
Republican and Democrat men have cheated before;;there are some who might be cheating right now and some will continue to cheat on their spouses;some got caught in a very public way;some haven't but the fact remains when a man has cheating on the mind;party affiliation;wife at home it the last thing on their minds!

2229 days ago

Princess Ali Baba    

Edwards is a cheat but worse is that so-called female Hunter, why do men cheat? and worse, with women that are less than what they are married to. Elizabeth Edwards is a beautiful, smart, classy woman, Hunter is an unattractive, low class, no morals broad. She will NEVER be up to the standards of an Elizabeth Edwards, never. She is white trash pure and through. i can't believe men are so stupid to fall for these damn broads that hit on them ONLY because he is famous. What a bunch of losers of life!

2229 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

John Edwards owed his party a confession before he made his endorsement. Makes me no nevermind whom he endorsed, but his party and the people should have known he had more chaos in his personal life than a guest on Jerry Springer.

2229 days ago

Not an Ed fan anymore    

To think that Edwards could have been the Dem nominee...What a deception, what a shame!
With regards to the lady he cheated his wife with, well, at least I could say he should have asked Elliot Spitzer for Ashley's number...

2229 days ago

give her a break    

What's weird is I got a text last Monday, saying that Bernie Mac had died from pnuemonia and lung failure....almost a week b4 he really died!

2229 days ago


John Edwards is an Ass. Is he on crack? If he was going to cheat, why did he pick such a dog? (Wait, that is an insult to dogs every where!) Rielle, is an ugly used-up beast! She looks like a man, is she a transvestite? She must have drugged him. Elizabeth Edwards is more beautiful than the Rielle/he/she beast, even with the effects of her cancer. Rielle is a con-artist. What could be worse that having your husband cheat with fuggly, old tramp! My sympathy to Mrs. Edwards. My appologies to the dogs and tranvestites! Reille, you need to visit Dr. 90210! John Edwards get your eyes checked!

2229 days ago


Hey Breckgirl Skankness -- are you lying about your age or do you just look 10 years older in pictures?
I find it hard to believe you are in your 40's -- you clearly have the loose skin of someone in their 50's plus
Must be that hard trailer living.
And I don't get why people think Edwards is good looking -- he's all botoxed and hair-dyed girly. He's a slick bump face wanna be 70's Love Boat Actor.

2229 days ago


29. Wow, this woman is pretty appalling. However, I agree with Carl that this is none of our business. How would you all like it if your spouse cheated and everybody was talking about it?

Posted at 10:27AM on Aug 11th 2008 by Jackie O

Well i gotta say i wouldn't like anyone talking about my business like this. But in their case they're public figures! Fair game!! John Edwards is a politician and everything he does personally that shows the kind of man he is is our business. Imagine if he if was president...Man i'd be pissed and sick to have a leader like him. It's never right to go screwing around on your spouse when they're dying! That man is the lowest of low and so is his skank!!

2229 days ago
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