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Spanish Hoops Squad Takes Its Eyes Off the Ball

8/11/2008 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

How do you ingratiate yourself into a foreign culture? Take a photo mocking the way they look!
Spanish basketball team
The Spanish national basketball team, gold medal contenders at the Olympics in Beijing, was featured in a full page ad that shows the team pulling back at their eyes in a slanty-eyed gesture. According to the Guardian, the ad (which is for a freight company) ran in a Spanish newspaper.

An e-mail to the Spanish Basketball Federation was not immediately returned.

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Colin, no, we snuck attacked you. We brainwashed your parents into giving you an Anglo name, but don't worry, everyone
who sees you knows that you are a slope!!

2181 days ago

we're all human    

Are you saying white people never recieve racial harrasement? I think no race is immune to racism, the only fact is that we're all mostly the minority living in a land run by white people. If they were the minority elsewhere they would feel some sort of discrimination as well.

Also think of gingers. They're the pale white redheads with a lot of freckles. There was an episode on Southpark about it and I found it racist. I've also seen a protest on the news, where a bunch of redheads were protesting against Wendy's hamburgers because they felt the logo was racist.

Anyway, you should all now that race is a stupid word. We're all the same race, that is we're all human. The human race is so diverse that it is ilogical to classify so much diversity into three or four categories. Look at this Spanish team for example, some say they are white, some say they are hispanic (whatever that means), some say they are north African. The truthe is that these players are so diverse within themeselves that some may actually share more similarities with other racial groups than that of their own.

2181 days ago


Slampacked, I might be a slope with an Anglo name but You, my friend, are a booger-head. And my dad will kick your dad's ass. Come up with something that's insulting you tard.

2181 days ago


I think it"s funny that white people like slampacked (I'm assuming you're white but too afraid to put your "Anglo" name) get so angry and defensive of the white race on TMZ blogs. I personally don't have anything against white folks...I think every Asian should own one.

2181 days ago


And slampacked, let's leave what happened in Spain in Spain. I'm sure you're bunghole will heal soon from the sloped-one.

2181 days ago


WOW. That is so ignorant. How could anyone find this funny? Do they not have a PR team that goes over things like this? All I can say is WOW! This makes me look at Laker Pau Gasol in a completely different light.

2181 days ago


NinasIsTheWorstKindaRacist... I'm African American and ITA with you. IT IS RACIST! Racism against any race is wrong!!!!

2181 days ago


#23 Pau Gasol is in the picture wearing jersey no.4 and I don't think they're doing the slant eyed gesture either since they're not stretching their eyes out. It must be something else.

2181 days ago


Esta racist?that doesnt even make sense. It's "es racist?"....

2181 days ago


Spain is a racist nation. They have history of making racial comments among others race. In 2004, Spanish fans chant racial remarks towards English's Black players which was later fine by FIFA.

And former spanish coach Luis make racial comments about French striker Henry.

Now this. Very Unprofessional.

You know what. Spain sucks anyway. They only got one medal so far. China have 17 now and 11 Golds.

2181 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

just so ya'll know: it's code. what they are really sayin is: if my face were my a**, this is what i did with my cheeks to get this job...

2181 days ago


I´m Spanish, and sorry!! but we not let people die in the waiting rooms of hospitals because they are black (Esmin Green), we don´´t have ku-klux-klan, we don´t kill mexicans at the border, we dont´n have 40 % of black people in the Death Row, oh!! and what about Guantanamo Bay?? Ok, stop. Racism is everywhere (spain too, we destroyed south america, raped their women, and steal their gold, but IN THE PAST).

everybody knows this is a nonsense because america is angry ¡¡spain is going to win golden in basketball!!.

2181 days ago


Ignorant and embarrasing. Traveled this far to return home just as dumb as when they left their country. Muy bien chicos.

2181 days ago


Of course it's racist. Spanish sports fans (from Spain, obviously) have a long history of racist behavior. The most recent big incident was in F1 racing when they made racist chants against Hamilton, a black driver. That got a lot of attention because F1 is so popular and Hamilton is black. This won't get as much attention because basketball isn't quite so popular as F1 and Asians don't spend inordinate amounts of time railing against every racist incident against them. It's not in their nature. They're too busy making money.

2181 days ago


RACISM is not only against the color of your skin....its also against culture.....Making fun of someone has its limitations....Anybody can be a racist.....The Spanish team's photo does not reveal any good intention....are they just sore losers? Wasn't the athlete discovered with doping from Spain? ... I am Asian...Spain was one of the many colonizers of my country....From our experience, Spaniards are by nature aristocrats...they feel that they are the best race in the world....Just saying......

2181 days ago
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