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Spanish Hoops Squad Takes Its Eyes Off the Ball

8/11/2008 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

How do you ingratiate yourself into a foreign culture? Take a photo mocking the way they look!
Spanish basketball team
The Spanish national basketball team, gold medal contenders at the Olympics in Beijing, was featured in a full page ad that shows the team pulling back at their eyes in a slanty-eyed gesture. According to the Guardian, the ad (which is for a freight company) ran in a Spanish newspaper.

An e-mail to the Spanish Basketball Federation was not immediately returned.

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This photo is NOT racist. Politically incorrect ??? Definately !
But then, lighten up and snap out of the "policially incorrect suite".

2226 days ago


This comment is NOT racist - Politically incorrect ??? Definately !!! but.............
snap out of the pollitically incorrect suit - way more important issues to worry about - perhaps the misconduct of a Dictorial Government toward thousands of people living (barely) in the Republic of China - putting on this rediculous facad called the "Olympics". What a JOKE !

2226 days ago


Completely and utterly Distasteful. If they want to clown around, they should do it in their own home or somewhere a camera doesn't catch.

Just imagine if they do this is Africa for the next olympics?? What would they be doing to mock the Africans?? Or even if they tried to mock the Greeks.

Jokes and funnies are one thing, but you don't do something STUPID like thsi on THE STAGE THAT THEY ARE ON!

Bad Decision Calderone

2226 days ago


Meh... I'm an asian American and I really could care less about this ad. The media loves to create drama and it's best to just ignore things like this. I was never teased for the way I look and maybe that's why I'm not overly sensitive to this kind of thing, but I also embrace that I look different than most women in Minnesota and I love that. :)

2226 days ago


I didnt know the GEICO cavemen had a basketball team.

2226 days ago


It's just so funny to have comments accusing others of racism, coming from anglosaxon countries. You guys look yourselves in your own mirror, before you point an accusing finger towards others.
It's just a funny picture, with a dragon and a gesture to reference China, rather than whatever other thing related to racism, which is only in the sick mind that has written this article.
Look for another stupid in which to waste your time. I won't waste mine any more.

2226 days ago


I'm Spanish. First some Info. The most Racist country in the world is the United States (UNICEF). The mos racist country in Europe is United Kingdom followed by most Balcanic counries (EU). In Sports, England, Poland and Germany are the three most fined countries for racist chants and slurs (UEFA). Is there racism in Spain. Yes, we have neo nazis who promote this kind of things. Spain is the second country in the world that recives the mos immigrants in the world, only after the unites states. The Chinese Asociation of Spain has also said that they did not find the ad ofensive in any way, THE CHINESE ASSOCIATION OF SPAIN. If you see this as ofensive, you are an idiot. I don't see ofensive a chinese, or an american (black or white, becuase I know that in your country you do separate colors, we don't) to see anyone dressed in a bullfighters outfit and yelling OLE OLE ofensive. it do think its the same thing. Learn to have some sense of humor in your lives.......but i guess it's THE AMERICAN WAY.....when bored, pick a war......only muscle, no brains.......VIVA ESPAñA COJONES!

Why is this taken out of proportion? The United States want the 2016 olympic games. Madrid is THE top contender, specially becuase we lost the 2012 for a technical error, and becuase of cheap shot of Prince Albert of Monaco saying Spain wasn't safe, trains blow up (literally).

2225 days ago

thank you for the wake up call    

I think its uncool and agree with everything #14 AznLA said. I am caucasian and thus not directly mocked by this ad. But none-the-less don't think its cool.

2225 days ago


THis is super racist. The spanish people are known for this type of behavior for any person not looking like their own....Not a new story..

2225 days ago


its not RACIST, its just silly, sometimes people like joke about their differences its not like they were doing it in a mean hurtful way. if u cant laugh at ur self what can u laugh at? idk if that was the right phrase but u know what i mean

2225 days ago


Yes it's racist and here's how I'll prove it.

If you don't feel it's racist, then I dare you to walk into any China town, Little Tokyo, Litte Korea or other asian community. Then walk into an Asian pool hall or restaurant and walk up to a group of young guys with tattoos and make that gesture with your fingers slanting your eyes and see what happens...Better yet do that the next time you order Chinese or Sushi.

I call on all of my Asian brothers and sisters to enact quiet revenge...mess with their data, their medical records, secretly spit in their food..hack their websites..

Fight Racism with Violence.

2222 days ago


jeez obviously this is racist...if you don't think so then you are part of the problem.

2222 days ago


Is no one grossed out by the man's balls hanging out of his shorts? Totally takes my attention off what they are doing with their hands.

EW... now THAT'S offensive!

2221 days ago


clear this is NOT RACIST...!!! Spanish did it only for fun and cause this was the "issue" !!1, you know BEIJING 2008..!!! just fun...!! god..!!! everything in this world is racist now..!! we must have sense of humor...!!!
GO SPAIN...!!!

2215 days ago


Now lets see if the asians plain about them to the mark of their jobs beingness in jeopardy or if that meet happens to americans.
Spanish Furniture Packages

1567 days ago
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