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Not Everyone Hates Sienna Miller

8/12/2008 11:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sienna's been getting a lot of flack for hooking up with a married man -- but Sharon Osbourne's got her back, and a pretty good point too.


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First, Bitches..see.. you at the debate!

2266 days ago


Why is everyone bashing Sienna she is single he is the one married!!!!

2266 days ago


Sharon is absolutely takes two and Sienna is single!

I'll put Sienna in the same catagory as Kate Hudson!

2266 days ago


They asked Sharon her opinion and she gave it to them.
I have always liked her. She seems pretty grounded for the life she has lead.

2266 days ago

eat a dam twinkie you skank!!    

It is true that no one held a gun to his head. However, only certain women will go for a married man. And a married man with 4 children!! He is a selfish pig, no doubt about that and yes, he is the one who is married. But why doesnt she have any respect for the fact that he is? IF a guy even tells me he has a girlfriend he is off limits to me. Married with 4 children.. thats not to be taken lightly at all!! SHe has no morals, and he is just a huge dissapointment to his family, and he will get it back when his beautiful children grow up and see who "Daddy" really is and what he did to mommy. He has destroyed his family and she should not want any part of it. BOTH PIGS!!!

2266 days ago


Sienna Miller rocks just go girl do your thing and forget the
haters.It is not your fault if Balthazar's marriage was not working that is strictly between him and his wife
And for those who say she flaunted her relationship you forget that
it is the paps who followed them not her who flaunted it and you may
say they could have hidden from the paps well when you become a
celebrity and you have being dating someone for two months and don't
feel like going out then come and tell me what is right and wrong.

2266 days ago


Again, Sausage Wallet!!! It does take two to tango, but then again, just because he wanted to, doesn't mean she had to.
I hope that he enjoys being a every other weekend dad and watching another man raise his children, cause I cannot imagine his soon to be ex-wife being single for long.

2266 days ago


Let's not forget that she Sharon was the other woman in Ozzy's first marriage so I guess that is where she get her own view point

2266 days ago


Better get it now. In 5 years noone will remember her after he's moved on to next slut.

2266 days ago


marriage or no marriage when a relationship is over it is definately over.There's no way this married man would have been in public with Sienna Miller if his marriage was not over if they are not hiding there must be a reason they are probably inlove

2266 days ago

The way it is    

That's the way it is in general. The majority of married men do not take their vows sacredly and ultimately do not care about how their actions affect not just them but their family as well. On top of that, there are plenty of women out there with no self-worth that would go along with a married man. There are sites out there that encourage/promote extramarital affairs, so it's just a different ball game all together. Monogamy doesn't come easy.

2266 days ago


Taboo Miller-that's right you heard it here first bitches!

2266 days ago


no one is saying Sienna is responsible for *his* actions-- he is. but she is 100% responsible for her own.

Getty is her 3rd married man-- that we know of-- with small children. and Diddy's girlfriend was pregnant with twins at the time the paps caught him leaving her home in London in the wee hours of the morning. they broke up days after.

Sienna has the morals of a sewer rat. She's despised in the UK and the US now. End of story, end of career. It's doubtful any studio will be eager to risk tens/hundred of millions by putting her in a film.

She's not that talented to begin with... now she's just toxic. Box office poison.

2266 days ago


They seem like a pretty good pair if you ask me. Now they both get to sleep with one eye open--trained on the other one. Ha-ha-ha!

2266 days ago


TMZ Be sure to tell all of us if there are any studios thinking of employing Sienna in any upcoming projects so we can write and threaten to boycott!!!!

2266 days ago
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