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Sleazy Has a New Name

8/12/2008 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So you just get the news that a really good friend of yours has died. You walk into a room for privacy. What to do? Grieve? Reflect? No, if you're the star of Bravo's "Million Dollar Listing," you get on the horn to score the listing on the dead guy's home.

Josh Flagg, the punk who was just busted for allegedly stealing expensive paintings from the estates he was selling, is one of the show's stars. In the first episode of season two, Josh's pal, legendary Hollywood publicist Jay Bernstein, had just passed away. That's when Josh did what he does best ... operate without soul.

And under the category "takes one to know one" -- during another part of the show, Josh and his pal, Jason "Gummi Bear" Davis, talked about faking their own deaths to see who would show up to the funerals, so they could judge who their "real friends" are.

We're guessing a phone booth could more than handle the guests.


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yer mom's soo effin hot!!    


2227 days ago


They're is "They are"... edit... it should be their... good grief.

2227 days ago


He gives jews a bad name. I hope he is not?

2227 days ago


Jay Bernstein died on April 30, 2006. Bravo's "Million Dollar Listing," featuring Josh Flagg actions were 2 years, and 4 months old, and this is news? April 2006 was the begginning of the housing downturn. - Jay Bernstein dies, and never pass up an oppertunity to sell your hollywoods best friends house.

Thats the trouble with living in Hollywood after starving for food, and work. The knife is dug in the partners back a little too hard when big, and fast money presents itself.

2227 days ago

Luke Warmwater    

Carole will be our substitute english professor this week....good grief!

2227 days ago

Ok, seriously!    

I am also pointing out the incorrect usage of the word "they're". To better help TMZ staff I'll use the word in a sentence. How can one expect to take TMZ seriously if they're hiring illiterate people from off the streets. There, now wasn't that easy?

2227 days ago


I watched this episode (nothing else was on) and the greedy souless Josh, has that look on his face! That look that makes you want to walk up to him and slap some SENSE in him. What a young "whipper snapper" (not an endearing term) he is. The one with the hair is even more disgusting!

When reality TV comes to this, something must be done!

2227 days ago


Spelling and grammar errors are the norm for TMZ. They do hire idiots off the street. Loved how one of the employees (Nina was her name, I think) went on a rant about Loreal and Beyonce. This place has always been unprofessional.

2227 days ago


Real estate people have been doing that for a long, long time- looking up the obituaries- especially when you have people with money. So- don't blame them for that. It reminds me of when women in the church bring by a casserole as soon as the man's wife drops dead. That happened to my neighbor, and the women brought by not only casseroles, but asked for dates, offered him sex, or to "move in" with him for awhile to "help him with his grief." His wife hadn't been dead a week, yet the "kindly" offers just keep on coming. It's called opportunism- no matter how you slice it. Btw- did you think that Bravo was actually looking for honest, hardworking (read boring) real esate people? Bravo is quickly becoming the Sleaze Channel, along with Fox's Reality channel.

2227 days ago

ny chic    

watched the show on bravo....the kid is a douche....he jumped on that real estate and is now getting bit in the ass....hope he loses his license to sell real estate.......too many young ones with too much money & egos.....later loser

2227 days ago


Bravo is reaching a new low in television. This show and "Date my EX". Just an example of a couple of their new show's that are pretty bad......

2227 days ago


That's Ridiculous, for a second, i actually Looked up to this guy as 20 year old Real estate agent in LA myself.

2227 days ago


Ok, so Jay Bernstein died in '06....Why on earth is Bravo airing this as new? I thought this was their new season?.....I don't find a show taped 2 years ago interesting at all. I don't expect real time but not something from so long ago either.

2227 days ago


Nancy - you're an ass. What do you know about "typical" behavior?

2227 days ago


Exploitation of someone to make money? Come on people, this is tmz. Not only has Josh Flagg done it but this website takes the story and exploits it as well.

2227 days ago
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