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Sleazy Has a New Name

8/12/2008 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So you just get the news that a really good friend of yours has died. You walk into a room for privacy. What to do? Grieve? Reflect? No, if you're the star of Bravo's "Million Dollar Listing," you get on the horn to score the listing on the dead guy's home.

Josh Flagg, the punk who was just busted for allegedly stealing expensive paintings from the estates he was selling, is one of the show's stars. In the first episode of season two, Josh's pal, legendary Hollywood publicist Jay Bernstein, had just passed away. That's when Josh did what he does best ... operate without soul.

And under the category "takes one to know one" -- during another part of the show, Josh and his pal, Jason "Gummi Bear" Davis, talked about faking their own deaths to see who would show up to the funerals, so they could judge who their "real friends" are.

We're guessing a phone booth could more than handle the guests.


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another one that give gay folks in general a bad rap......

2264 days ago


His parents must be SO proud. Kudos Mom & Dad.

2264 days ago

Mr Poop Scoop    

This is SOP for agents. Divorces, Deaths, Defaults are where most of the listings are developed, it's just no widely known.

2264 days ago

Bash a Pap    

Wow Nancy. You are a really horrible human being.

2264 days ago


Nancy - Josh bragging is a reflection of his bad judgment. It is certainly not "typical" of any one group. For you to throw all Jews into the same group makes you a bigot. Perhaps you should expand your social network, heck you might even want to read a book. You come off as highly uneducated.

2264 days ago


Conscience needed on aisle 3, please.

2264 days ago

Not A Fan    

Why fake it , do the world a favor ......

2264 days ago


I'm sick of low-life people making money on tv and living the high life! TV execs need to quit making "stars" out of no-good people.

2264 days ago


I caught a few minutes of that show yesterday. What a slimball that guy is. His behavior and appearance is unprofessional, and he really didn't seem like he was very knowledgeable about his business. He wasn't smooth at ALL. He seemed immature and he's the last guy on earth I'd buy a house from. I'm just saying.

So, is his Daddy rich or something? Obviously he's very inexperienced, and no respected company would hire him to sell the big dollar homes, so he must be just doing this on his own? I don't know, I didn't see the whole program, it's just a guess.

And he is a thief?? Well, he can kiss his Real Estate (or any other) career goodbye.

2264 days ago


Great post.
What a horrible thing this guy said. Amazingly, he said it to his grandmother, who seems to know how unseemly this would appear.
This show will be a train wreck--and I can't wait to watch.
Guys with $600 jeans, and bragging about their girlfriends looks...what a formula.

2264 days ago


I say we all ban together to NOT WATCH THEIR STUPID SHOW. Then it'll get cancelled. I'd hate to see this guy get famous for being a douche.

2264 days ago


Actually, I believe the executor of the estate gave the listing to Josh because he was friends with Jay. And, he did an excellent job of selling the house and helping to settle the estate. Jay had borrowed a lot out of the equity of the house and left quite a large debt to be repaid. Why don't you get your facts straight before you try to besmirtch(sp?) this young guy's character? He's new to the business and bound to make mistakes along the way. That's how you learn to succeed!

2264 days ago


Did anyone notice what big ears this guy has? he looks like a mouse...HAHHAHH!

2264 days ago


# 23 - Friend of Josh, much?

2264 days ago

Princess Ali Baba    

This kid said on the show that "he doesn't need the money, I have money. I do this for the negotiation"
well for someone that was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he sure shouldn't need to steal expensive art work!
And this Josh guy's best bud is none other than GUMMY BEAR.. what does that tell you?
Losers with family money stick together. But who would want to even befriend these morons? I sure as hell would never buy a home from this idiot. and Josh lives with his granny.... what a nice Jewish boy...

2264 days ago
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