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Beyonce: Who's The Fairest of Them All?

8/13/2008 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Looks like Beyonce heard that whole "so they whited you up for that L'Oréal" thing, because now she really is lookin' like the ad, or Mariah Carey, depending on which eye you use.

BTW, she's wearing the ring. But we want to know if Beyonce is looking like the ad to blunt criticism ...


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john wayne gacy    

would LOVE to roll her in white bed

sheets and smoke her like a BLUNT;

2232 days ago


As you can see she is out in the sun! That's as good as it gets. Let's leave this alone. B is on her way to the bank to cash
that check she made from Loreal'. She is laughing all the way to the bank! That's what they pay her for. For the record
JMO I think it was the lighting! She has worked for them since 2001 yet NOW THEY HAVE TO LIGHTEN HER UP!

No, I don't think so. look at her videos, movies and any magazines cover, hey if that's the case look at the ad for Jess Simpson and Pam Anderson there. They look lighter too. Hmmmm......

I think all this hoopla is silly! They photoshop everyone these days. They can get rid of anything. Some people have not had a job as long as 2001! Yet now they are changing things. i don't think so. This is blown waay out of line. Let it go.

2232 days ago


I can not even begin to tell you how SICK of this Beyonce crap I am. Seriously. It's stupid, and it makes TMZ look like they REALLY have nothing better to report. Seriously.. she is a light skinned african-american.. and number of lighting can do anything to your skin. Guess what.. out in the sun I look pastey white, but in a night club I look tan. ITS A CONSPIRACY!!!!

2232 days ago


Where is Nina, the unprofessional TMZ employee when ya need her?

2232 days ago


I saw pictures of her a couple of days before the loreal ad controversy came out. She was already sporting this hair color (had a headband/scarf to cover her roots) and she was definitely light skinned then too.

2232 days ago

fear-a-knocking on you door    

This may be a little complex for TMZ to comprehend, but could it be that Beyonce is actually light-complexed; and perhaps like all models L'Oreal airbrush Beyonce for perfection.

2232 days ago


Once you go white you know you have done it right!!

2232 days ago


Now maybe everyone can see the light.

2232 days ago


My question is... "Who said that WHITE women are more beautiful than BLACK women?" I am a white women. And I feel that all women have beauty! I believe a decent mind sees NO COLOR!

2232 days ago


#4 is absolutely on point. Where IS that racist TMZ employee Nina? Out somewhere else crying wolf? If tmz has any GUTS they'll fire the troublemaking loser! Oh, my bad, You're afraid to do that. she'll cry racism! Again...

2232 days ago


first of all, you look at any light skinned person, and they dye their hair, blonde of all colors, of course they're gonna look white! Beyonce isn't white washed, and this whole story is a complete waste of time, if it were legitimate, beyonce would've already commented on it, why is this story still a focus??

2232 days ago


The focus SHOULD be on that HORRIBLE wig she's wearing in the L'Oreal ad.

Is it an ad for wigs... or hair color?
( idiot advertisers, and idiot consumers )

2232 days ago

Don't worry Im Leaving    

This should be titled "Who is Hated on Most of All"! Get off Beyonces ass! She's still the baddest-light skinned, dark-skinned and in between!

I swear TMZ is pushing this because she hasn't been photographed without panties and falling out drunk on the streets of Hollywood or sleeping around.

Get em Bey!

2232 days ago


Her and Michael Jackson must have the same "skin care" professional

2232 days ago


Seriously. Idiot - I mean, Nina - You really need to drop it. I call you out because I would bet money that you are the one behind this post. You just shot yourself in the foot honey. You're trying to point out that L'oreal "photoshopped" Beyonce to look more white, yet you just posted a natural photo of her in which she looks no different than the "controversial" photoshop photo thereby proving YOU HAVE NO POINT.
Shut up and quit making yourself look so stupid.

2232 days ago
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