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Trump -- Hero to Heyyyyyy-O

8/14/2008 9:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With all the money he's saved from firing people, Donald Trump may be bailing out Ed McMahon.

Trump has agreed to buy Ed's Bev Hills mansion, which McMahon is about to lose, and lease it back to him so Ed has a place to stay -- according to the L.A. Times.

We've confirmed Alex Davis of Hilton & Hyland, a top Bev Hills real estate firm, flew to NYC and made the appeal to The Donald.

According to the newspaper, Trump said, "When I was at the Wharton School of Business...I'd watch him every night. How could this happen?"

Unclear how much Donald will plunk down. The house was listed a while back for $7 mil but the asking price fell like a rock -- this weekend it was listed for $4.6 mil.


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Illinois person    

For those that say Donald did this as a publicity stunt, we all know neither he nor Ed needs the extra publicity. Quite sure Donald sees it as an investment or tax write off or what ever you want to call it. Furthermore, it's doubtful he needs any advice since he's the billionaire. Since the home first came to light with its mold problem it's no wonder the house won't sell. At best, the Donald will have it razed at some point. For those who seem to have a problem w/Donald bailing him out, well that's one of the perks of being a celebrity and that seems about all Ed has left. Yes, Ed over extended himself or made bad investments or simply didn't save his income or maybe his current wife simply spent it all. Good grief, then guy is well into his 80s, he isn't the first person this has happened to and he won't be the last. At least Donal didn't buy out Neverland for that freak Jackson. Jackson can work, and he's only 50, he just chooses not to. From what I've read, he (Jackson) earned as much as $600 m and it's all gone. Talk about over spending? Mike Tyson, MC Hammer and so on. And if Britney doesn't cut down on her spending ways this will be her in 10 years. You too need to get back to work bitch!

2262 days ago


Donald Trump is the man! A man with money and a heart. I love it!!!!

2262 days ago

Carrying a grudge are you?    

Ive never really thought much of anything about Donald Trump until today. Wow, what a wonderful thing to do. It gives me goose bumps. What a wonderful man her is. High five Donald!

2262 days ago

Bob Dole rules    

Thank goodness for Mr. Trump helping McMahon out. If anyone was out for publicity it wasn't Donald Trump. Rather it was all these creditors and what not who declared open season on Mr. McMahon and decided to gang up on him. Some kind of twisted self promotion on their part.'Watch us attack Ed McMahon' Kick an old man when he's down! Don't give him a chance to breathe! Make an example of him.' [Much to the cold delight of some angry,nasty,meanspirited, posters] I don't mind Trump doing this publicly. McMahon's been publicly humiliated long enough. It was disgusting and depressing. Great to see someone step in and help McMahon to his feet. Hopefully this is the end to McMahon's financial nightmare.

And whats this about McMahon not working? He helps out in a major way with the Jerry Lewis telethon. Every year. He's always been a comforting, fatherly,prescence on the telethon.And a great American. He served in WWII and The Korean War you young brats out there!

2262 days ago


Good for Trump! Finally he does something useful with his money! Now if he could pay for Ed's divorce,that would help more in the long run.

2262 days ago


If Trump can bail out a "celebrity" who poorly managed his money, imagine how many families that are losing their homes to forclosure who never had the fiancial opportunities that McMahan has had., that he could have helped compared to one mansion! Trump is only out for himself.

2262 days ago


It may very well be a publicity stunt/business deal for Trump, but does that really matter? Who cares what the motivation is, if the end result still helps someone else?

2262 days ago

sparkys nemesis    

Trump must be a good guy after all. What a great story!

2262 days ago


TMZ HAS A NEW LOW. Subliminal ads popping up for split seconds.

2262 days ago

Whats #13 Smoking?????????    

If Ed has no cash, how can he pay the lease?????? At 4.6 Million which I bet Donald got it cheaper than that, a lease payment on that kinda of money is not going to be cheap. Hopefully he doesn't default on his lease. If he does, lets see how Donald handles that since he is proclaiming he is helping an old friend out. No matter whether you like the two or not, this is a good investment for the Donald. Regardless of what happens, Donald has a nice piece of property at a great price. Worst case if the lease goes into default, he can put Omarosa in it.

2262 days ago


Moral of this story .........Celebrities NEED to pay off there homes , since they've millions
of dollars to do that . Instead of leaving a BALANCE . Oh , I realize they do that for
tax reasons at the end of year . But still , they've a home to live in .
Another thing , they've to consider , Property taxes , are huge ,

I have to agree with someone else said , why doesn't CELEBRITIES help ,
;middle class citizens out , after all , they do , invest there money into there
celebrities , by buying name brand clothing CELEBRITIES are selling , or
purses , concert tickets , shoes , CD's , Dvd , movies tickets, etccccccc .

This is how CELEBRITIES become RICH . IF the celebrities can't help
contribute , than they become selfish . Simon Cowell helped a family
out , and paid there mortgage off , for whatever situation they were in ,
everyone didn't like Simon Cowell because they say he's mean , rude ,etc .

Again ALL celebrities can help , IF they wanted too .

2262 days ago


I think someone should mention Simon Cowell again.
I didn't get it the first 58 times.

2262 days ago


#64.........I agree with you ......Many of those families would APPRECIATE IT , plus there
homes will NOT be as much money as Ed's home .

I know If I was rich , there's no doubt in my mind , I would pay the family home off
in full . So that would be one big bill , they don't have to worry about .
Because I know , just your monthly bills , then you've others , car insurance , property tax ,
insurance for your home and health , and whatever else you've , all adds up fast / much.

Example where I live , the power company raised our rates up by 15 % , that's alot .
And the property taxes , we aren't talking huge homes , average ( 1,000 sq ft - 3,000 sq ft )
$2,200 - $6, 000 for property tax a year , that doesn't seem much to you , but it is .

This is a high county for property taxes . The bigger the home more it is , the more .
I know others who lives in $300,000 , costing $9,000 a year .

If you live in a wore out home , still your taxes will be $1500 .

Keep in mind it depends on where you live .

Just a bunch of average homes .......Companies laying off , that's another
struggle , sometimes its taking up or over 2 years to found a job .
And the bills are mounting . It's either going to be poor or rich , no middle class ,
which is a shame .

2262 days ago


Ed does not deserve help at all. I just read he is on a Crystal Cruise right now. That is one of the most expensive cruise lines. Apparently, he has a few bucks stashed. Trump will never get paid a dime from this loser. He is no better than the rest of the people who live beyond their means. He should be on the street and on welfare. He has earned millions and wasted it. This is all about Trump who will make money on this. There are plenty of other people out there doing the same thing. Buying foreclosures and waiting a few years to make money. Please don't think it is because Trump wants to help Ed.

2262 days ago


Do you know over 80% of middle class people are
in a financial situation , not because they wanted this to happen .
because mortgage companies lied to the customers .

Watch "ONTHEMONEY " with Carmen , CNBC , NIGHTLY ,

I watch it daily , because i know how these people feels , I been there .
Because of Job lay offs , it could take a person 2 yrs or longer to found
a job , many companies are "age discrimination " . It doesnt matter if you've
B.A or Master's , many jobs will only pay you $10.00 - $15.00 an hour , no matter
what education you've , I see it daily .

So if Donald Trump can help someone , power to him . But he could help
the middle class .

What else Companies or Celebs could do is , hire middle class families ,
they're willing to work , take pride and devoted to there jobs , once they've one .

I kept hearing , American people are LAZY , WELL i think certain people want
everyone to believe it , but we know better the TRUE AMERICANS are hard
workers. I know many men / women , who will work , these people im speaking
about used to work 12- 16 hrs a day , 7 days a week , until the Company Closed.

Anyways everyone help 2 people and those 2 help , 2 people , by the time its all
done , Everyone will be in better shape financially.

2262 days ago
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