Janet Jackson: Still a Big Talent

8/15/2008 11:09 AM PDT
It's only been a few short months since Miss Nasty herself was looking ridiculously tight and trim, but lately it appears Janet is on another one of her physical upswings. The most recent photos of Damita Jo reveal a thicker body and fuller face -- like us regular folks.
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On the flip side, Jennifer Love-Hewitt has gone from flabby to fabby and in apparently just two weeks. That sounds real healthy.
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Whatcha Lookin' At?

They say men (and some women!) have lazy, er, wandering eyes ... here's proof!
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Breast Men

Most girls in Hollywood have nothing on the following group of guys when it comes to cleavage. The real question here is, who has the best man boobs? Click through and take a shot of saggy testosterone. Viewing is not recommended during meals.
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A-List A Cups

Not every woman in Tinseltown is a walking flotation device. Their bodies may resemble that of a twelve-year-old boy, but that doesn't mean the following women aren't hot. Besides, more than a handful's a waste, right?
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You're Froggin' Kidding?!!

TMZ is exposing the stars for who they really are -- just puppets on strings. Click to see the hilarious resemblance these celebs bear to their fuzzy friends.
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