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Rumer: They Used to Call Me Hairy Tumor

8/15/2008 7:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kids (and parents) can be so cruel.

Rumer Willis says that she's been carrying her name around like a tumor her whole life – literally. The Demi-spawn tells the New York Post that kids in school would serenade her with, "Rumer, Rumer with a big hairy tumor." Meanwhile, sisters Scout and Tallulah had "cute nicknames" says Willis.

Which is more than can be said about their given names.

More Succumb to Bitemarks in the Turks

Who knew that the Turks & Caicos would become tussle central?

A couple weeks ago it was Blonsky v. Golden. Now, it goes all the way up top -– to the premier's office. The New York Daily News reports that there was a violent confrontation at Premier Michael Misick's office, and it involved Misick and wife LisaRaye, the actress. They were both treated for bite marks at local hospital.

The preem's rep tells MediaTakeOut that LisaRaye and her peeps ransacked his house and assaulted him; LisaRaye's people say there was "shoving," and Lisa got bit on the shoulder.

Ellen and Portia Make It Legal

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi are making it official and tying the knot this weekend in Cali.

Taking advantage of the California's Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage, the couple say they're planning to get hitched in a "small intimate" ceremony with just close friends and family, reports Us. "It's something that we've wanted to do ... we are very, very excited," said Ellen on her show.

"Planning a wedding is very stressful. It's crazy," says Ellen. "My gardener is now invited."


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Best wishes. Be Happy!!

2206 days ago


Congrats, Ellen...

2206 days ago


Ellen asked John McCain if he was being old fashioned when it came to Lesbian and Homosexual relationships. That the world is changing in regard to it. She is right that some people are becoming more tolerant. Unfortunately for her though, God dosen't change with the times. And when she and her "wife" gets in front of him they may as well leave the marriage certificate behind. Our problem is that we have a choice to make. We can believe in God and reject this behavior or we can be "Politically correct" and say and do the things that makes the public happy. We, as a people, tend to reject God and go with the Ellens and Rosies of the world becauae we want to be liked. But remember this...When YOU get before God and tell him that.......well, IT AIN'T GOING TO FLY.

2206 days ago


Rumer Willis thinks her name is a problem? What about her attitude? She got shorted in the looks department, but lots of people with unconventional appearances do just fine because they have good personalities.

As for Ellen and Portia, may the honeymoon last a lifetime.

2206 days ago


Poor Rumer. I feel bad for her and her sisters for having to bear such cruel, awful names. Her little sister has changed her name to Lula ... (no matter what her nickname was). Her parents are nuts for naming their children unusual names.

2206 days ago


pncmsing its good to see that the only thing not changing with time is your religious views. Lets just compare the old testament (where God destroys those who don't believe in him) and the new ( where Jesus "aka God in the flesh" seeks forgiveness for those who don't believe), well i guess looking at that you're right God never changes over time. I don't know about you but my God is compassionate, understanding, and your life for him and be damned what popular belief is. That being said and to keep this somewhat on topic. It is great that the world is starting to accept people no matter who they love. Ellen and Portia make a great couple from what the media portrays.

2206 days ago


pmcnsing, oh stick it. I love how you holier than thou types like to tell everyone else what God will say or do, who the HELL are you to actually have the audacity to speak for God.... I think he's perfectly capable of dealing with others himself no? ...worry about yourself. The Bible is a book written by MAN not God... and IF you are going to call on it to judge others you best read the damn thing yourself before wondering what will or will not 'fly' in the face of God...

2206 days ago


As for Rumer Willis, a more appropriate NICKNAME for her would be "Jay Leno." Rumer Willis is an UGLY girl, with rich parents and a gigantic chin. You just can't make this stuff up. UGGGGGG-LEEEEEEE!

2206 days ago


I really love Ellen and which them both much happiness.

2206 days ago


perversion sucks

2206 days ago


I do feel bad for this children with odd names because children can be cruel regardless of who you parents are. While parents think these odd names are cute/funny/unusual, they're not the ones who have to live with them. And I can't believe the posts (well, yes I can) that say that Rumer is ugly. I think she's attractive and looks and names don't go hand in hand.

As for Ellen and Portia; I hope they have a long, happy life together.

2206 days ago


Doesn't matter that Rumers name is odd. My big brothers still tease me and call me smelly Kelli. ya bros!

Congrats to Ellen...

2206 days ago


hey licks and bites sometimes too. hater!

2206 days ago


love Ellen and the best to the both of them, BUT..................

It might be legal, its still not a marriage in the traditional sense,
and never will be,but if thats what they want to call it damn good
luck to them.

2206 days ago


To #8 Hello Kitty, excellant post! I am so sick and tired of religious nuts proclaiming what they believe is God's will and who will be condemned for eternity. My eldest cousin was gay and he tried for years to live the straight life. He was miserable and trying to live as a good Catholic on top of it all nearly destroyed him. After deciding that he had to live his life as he was, he spent over 25 years with his partner, living a happy and productive life. You are so right...the bible is a book written by men who only interrupt their belief of the Word of God. I myself am not gay but I do believe that we are all God's children, regardless of our sexual choices. It is so ironic how on the one hand religion preaches tolerance and love and on the other hand is the first to condemn homosexual love. As for the ridiculous names that Demi Moore and Bruce Willis have given their kids, don't parents ever give a thought to what their childs life will be like? I could care less what Rumer looks like. I never thought Willis or Moore were all that great looking. But it comes down to what the kid has to deal with when given names like Rumer, Tallula or Apple?! Face it, some people are nitwits when it comes to the names they give their kids.

2206 days ago
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