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Whatcha Lookin' At?

8/15/2008 1:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

They say men (and some women!) have lazy, er, wandering eyes ... here's proof!
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you people at TMZ are nothing but a bunch of school yard bullies. you pick on people who have no control over their own physical disabilities and/or shortcommings. we all know the reason why bullies feel the need to pick on others - it's because they, themselves, have low self esteem. who picked on you, when you were young, Mr. Levin?
i've seen your show and i have to say that your staff was not carved out of stone by the Greek much as you bunch of delusionals like to think that you are.

bullies, bullies, bullies. grow up!

2268 days ago

Insert comical name here    

Making fun of people's physical defects (in this case a defect that is totally out of the individual's control), is so incredibly immature and mean-spirited. This particular site loves to attack people that it claims are racist or homophobic but this kind of garbage is okay, even funny? Unbelievable.

2268 days ago

Just Another Hater    

Sorry, but this is not a new low for TMZ. On two separate ocassions, they have identified and posted pictures of the victims of reported sexual assaults and posted comments that blamed the victims. But this is pretty appalling, too.

2268 days ago


this is BS i dont think this is funny at all. Get something else to talk about TMZ I hope whoever wrote this article has kids w lazy eyes then you can see how low this was. Sad

2268 days ago


I have a lazy eye, Have had 2 surgeries to correct it & it's still a little squinty. I can see the slight crossed/lazy in each pciture and it actually made me feel better, knowing some celeb's are in the same boat/not everyone has perfectly straight eyes! Also, happy to read that many of you don't actually see it (meaning others/you probably would not notice mine either). I do however agree with the poster who indicated some of these shots could just be the angle at which the celeb. was looking at the time, some may not have eye issues, just flashing bulbs & bad angles!

2268 days ago


TMZ: how could you have a wonky eyes gallery and not include Audrina P. from The Hills? That girl has a serious dead eyes stare at her every photo op.

2268 days ago


Dispite this being TMZ, dont your "reporters" still check their facts? Scott has a glass eye!

2268 days ago

brazen weep    

Oh please this is the most ridiculous post ever... most of these people don't even have crossed eyes, you just picked out random photos that looked like they did in them.

Where's Casey Aldridge's photo?! He actually does have a lazy eye, unlike most of the people you posted about. Jesus Christ, you really missed the boat.

2268 days ago


Add me to the list, too I guess. Other than Stuart Scott, everybody looked fine to me.

2268 days ago

Not Amused    

What effin idiots you guys are! Stu Scott had a detached retina, you effin idiots.

Why don't you show photos of those low IQ holders you call employees.

2268 days ago


Harvey Levin...oi vey! You used to be such a good-hearted, funny, intelligent guy. What happened to you, man?

Making fun of Stu's detached retina and the others who have no control over the way God made them...well, that is low. Even for TMZ.

It's one thing to be the owner of The Enquirer On Crack, because some of us like it, but you reached waaaaay down the sewer for this non-story.

What would your Bubbeh say about this drek of a story? She'd probably give you such a chamalyiah!

2267 days ago
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