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Bigfoot's Reality Got SasSquashed

8/16/2008 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Surprise, surprise -- the whole Bigfoot finding was a hoax. DNA tests proved that one of the two samples of DNA taken came from a human, and the other was 96 percent from an opossum.
We all should have known -- since the real Bigfoot resides in Malibu -- and responds to the name Brad Garrett.


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Local Reporter    

I dunno... i don't believe that the whole truth is out there yet. I think they are just waiting for the billions from national geographic.

2176 days ago


what if bigfoot is a human/opossom hybrid......

2176 days ago


Now I am mad. I was hoping for it to be true.

2176 days ago


Wow, this is fantastic. the DNA proves that it is humanoid. I hope that they don't ever reveal where they found it because every nut case out there will be running around the woods shooting at anything that moves. Since they said there were three other bigfoot following them, if people knew their whereabouts their lives would be endangered.

2176 days ago

Mr Right    

Elvis is alive and living with Bigfoots.
I have proof!!!!

2176 days ago

Local Reporter    

I just think that we might be getting too antsy in mocking these guys just yet. I am part of the media and I was totally skeptic, but when the guys were talking yesterday... they didnt seem dishonest or like they were lying to us. It seemed like they made the find and once the media frenzy hit - they crapped themselves and shut down. It happens all the freakin' time when we cover muders or other crimes. People panic about giving us too much , too soon. I think they only reason why they even got up there yesterday was because of the bigfoot mad scientist behind them barking into the mic.

2176 days ago


Don't go hatin' on the Possum King. Long live Ugg Ugg the Possum King of Ozaria!

2176 days ago


They've got their evidence, now they should leave the rest alone. But as we all know that won't happen. Its going to be like the papos do celebrities, in their faces at all times and never leave them alone.

2176 days ago


Does it bother anybody else that part of what they had in the freezer was human?

2176 days ago


When I first saw this picture, I knew it was fake. There have been others who just wanted the publicity, like this jackass.

2176 days ago


WTF? PEOPLE....HELLO!!!!! These fools wouldn't turn in a lot of info, had some crazy looking costume stuffed in a freezer that looked 100% like a costume online, and some of you believed it? AND...Where do these idiots get off thinking that maybe it will be the biggest hoax of the 21 st century? Men are just dumb.

2176 days ago


I knew It!!!I knew !!!! I tried to tell everybody, but no one would believeme. They just laugh in my face. I knew what I saw with my own EYES...Brad Garret IS Bigfoot!!!!!!!!!!!!

2176 days ago


To Banana - I thought the same thing. Where's the human dna coming from, and that's a whole lot of opposum. What were they doing, picking up road kill and assembling it? Do I believe in the big foot? Eh, who knows - really. But the fact that the dna was from actual living thing (i.e. human and opposum) is a bit scary if in fact they made up the big foot. Now if it turned out there was no dna at all as in just a bunch of fake fur and stuffing, that'd be different. This thing had real dna. Where did it come from? I mean really come from?

2176 days ago


did they really think they were going to get away with this??? what was their big plan when they got caught??
didnt they know they were going to piss off a lot of people. what fools. i guess they didnt think ahead. how they hell did they create that things anyway with the poor opossum remains? sick....and stupid....and to much free time on their hands. what a great contribution to the world. dumbasses.

2176 days ago


Well once again a big letdown. I figured that since one of them was a police officer that MAYBE this time it could be true. Because why would he put his reputation on the line. I guess being a police officer gave him access to human tissue from an accident maybe. Thus the human DNA.

2176 days ago
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