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Britney to Birkhead: I Feel Your Pain

8/18/2008 7:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So you thought Larry Birkhead's legal bill was sky high? The lawyer who repped Britney Spears for a grand total of four months wants more than $481,000 in attorney's fees -- and she didn't even go out for lobster.
Attorney Stacy Phillips filed a declaration, claiming her $481,627.37 bill is a bargain, since she graciously discounted her fees by more than $126,000.00.

In court docs obtained by TMZ, Phillips whines she was completely put out by repping Brit, moaning that she was called back from her "pre-honeymoon" to attend a hearing in "non-Court attire." We're wondering if that was the day we saw her appear before the judge, wearing a sleeveless cocktail number.

Phillips says in her declaration that her rate is $700 an hour, similar to what Richard Gere paid Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman."

Now compare Phillips' bill to that of disso-queen Laura Wasser, who settled the whole case after Phillips was fired. Wasser's two-month bill is $59,700.

Sources say Phillips is ready to sue Britney, because her peeps are refusing to pay the bloated bill.

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She deserves EVERY Penny for representing such a loser as Britney Spears!!

2220 days ago

You Are Making Assumptions    

I worked for Stacy for a short while and though the amount may seem absorbitant to a lot of people she is a very high profile attorney, an excellent attorney and has a sterling reputation. She represents many "celebrities" and luminaries and totally devotes herself to her clients. I no longer work for her, but I will tell you that she is an amazing lady. Also, she was involved when the case was in complete crises. Though Ms. Wasser is also an excellent attorney, she came back into the case after a great deal of stuff had simmered down and settled into a more manageable state. I'm just sayin' ... there's almost always much more to a story than what we get as the public.

2220 days ago

doggie phat    

3. Legal fees are for the DOGS.

BTW I just bought an awesome english bulldog in NY from w w w . d o g g i e p h a t f a r m s. com

Puppies are still available

2220 days ago


No surprise there. Why do you think lawyers take on/seek high profile cases? Britney doesnt work for free & neither does her lawyer.

2220 days ago

Stop the PC!!!    

Do the math...

$700 per hr.
That is 868 billing hrs in 4 months
That means she was billing 72 hours a week on this case.

I hope that attorneys winds up like Opri, the last attorney anyone ever calls again. She better loss her license.
Wasser is is the real deal, good for her.

2220 days ago

Bryon Cooks    

I see that TMZ failed to announce that Opri was cleared of any wrong doing by the California State Bar (investigation suspended) and Birkhead offered Opri $300,000 to settle which she told him to stick after she negotiated millions for him... Howard told Birkhead to go after Opri and claim pro bono for the fees since Opri had Howard by the balls.... Birkhead got his golden goose becasue of Opri. 3 states, a foreign country... Birkhead is lucky he still has his first born... Laura Wasser is the bomb for 59k! Opri doesn't cross the street for 59k....

2220 days ago

Stop the PC!!!    

I worked for Stacey...

Are your kidding? What PR carp are you selling? She reps celebs, so what? dedicted, so what?

Just another attorney trying to jam a bill down a client's throat. Good for Brit's people calling B.S. and make her prove the billing.

2220 days ago

Stop the PC!!!    

Bryon Cooks....

I remeber Opri and her two friends spending all their time bloging againts Larry and Howard trying to save her horrible reputation with now luck. And she was obviously billing Larry for those blogging hours becasue that bill was so offensive to any logical and reasonable person. Opri is what is wrong with our leagl system and get your facts straight, she was the one who had to eat crow (LOL ). Where is Opri Now??? (LMAO).

Bye Opri...

2220 days ago


I worked for Stacy: it's "exorbitant", not "absorbitant".
What do you call 100 attorneys at the bottom of the ocean?

2220 days ago

Stop the PC!!!    

- A total of three $1,500 monthly charges for Luck Media & Marketing, Opri's personal publicist.

- On March 1, 2007, the day before Anna's funeral, there is a charge of 10 hours for "preparation for and attendance in Bahamas re services and var. meetings re same." On the day of Anna's funeral, there is another 10 hour charge with the exact same language. Ironically, TMZ knows Birkhead asked Opri not to even attend the funeral, but she did anyway. On March 3, Opri charged yet another 10 hours for travel from Nassau back to L.A.

- On February 24, 2007, while Opri and Birkhead stayed at a private residence in Ft. Lauderdale during the Florida hearing, Opri billed $600 for Seafood World. We're told she brought four trays of lobster to the house. The bill says, "Dinner gift/Ft. Lauderdale house stay." But it was no gift to Larry. That same day, she billed $211 for items at Publix grocery store.

- March 8, 2007, Opri billed $161.65 for an Outback Steakhouse dinner. And get this -- the bill was for $111.65. Opri left a $50 tip and billed Birkhead, who wasn't even there!

- Opri billed Birkhead $4,265 for Cingular roaming service while she was in the Bahamas.

- Opri billed Birkhead 18 times for Diva Limos that took them to and from the Ft. Lauderdale courthouse to the private residence.

- October 22, 2006, Opri billed Birkhead $1,116.16 for a dinner at Graycliff, a restaurant in Nassau. The note next to the charge is "Alexiou atty mtg." Alexiou is Birkhead's lawyer in the Bahamas. Birkhead was not present.

- The next day, October 23, Opri billed $2,467.75 at Graycliff restaurant for another meal. The charge again was for "Alexiou atty mtg." Again, Birkhead was not present.

- Also on October 23, Birkhead was billed $25.75. The item -- "laundry service Zawacki." Zawacki is Opri's husband, who was present on the trip. Ouch!

2220 days ago

Stop the PC!!!    

Hey drumchick...

Answer...."a good start"

2220 days ago


oh, britney can pay that kind of money in her sleep. but what the heck is a "pre honeymoon"?

2220 days ago

John Fitz    

This Lawyer Stacy Phillips is a very Greedy lawyer, and if she was my lawyer, I'd fire her in a heartbeat.
She is the next Ms. Scrooge this coming Christmas.
This lawyer is not worth a penny and she is illegally practicing her law firm by charging those outragous bill to her clients.
They need to disbar her.

2220 days ago

compulsive proofreader    

Hey, "I worked for Stacy" -

Try EXORBITANT, not ABSORBITANT. I think you'll make more sense.

2220 days ago


"The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers."

We all know that lawyers are a bunch of c*ck suckers.... Oh, maybe that's just Harvey.
We all know that lawyers are a bunch of sleazebags but this is just ridiculous, especially considering the results were pathetic.

2220 days ago
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