Britney to Birkhead: I Feel Your Pain

8/18/2008 7:52 PM PDT

Britney to Birkhead: I Feel Your Pain

So you thought Larry Birkhead's legal bill was sky high? The lawyer who repped Britney Spears for a grand total of four months wants more than $481,000 in attorney's fees -- and she didn't even go out for lobster.
Attorney Stacy Phillips filed a declaration, claiming her $481,627.37 bill is a bargain, since she graciously discounted her fees by more than $126,000.00.

In court docs obtained by TMZ, Phillips whines she was completely put out by repping Brit, moaning that she was called back from her "pre-honeymoon" to attend a hearing in "non-Court attire." We're wondering if that was the day we saw her appear before the judge, wearing a sleeveless cocktail number.

Phillips says in her declaration that her rate is $700 an hour, similar to what Richard Gere paid Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman."

Now compare Phillips' bill to that of disso-queen Laura Wasser, who settled the whole case after Phillips was fired. Wasser's two-month bill is $59,700.

Sources say Phillips is ready to sue Britney, because her peeps are refusing to pay the bloated bill.