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Roseanne to TMZ: Tell Me How My Ass Tastes!

8/19/2008 3:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

RoseanneRoseanne is pissed over public reaction to her blog blasting Brangelina -- and somehow it's all our fault.

Roseanne feels she was justified in calling Brad "vacuous" and Angie "evil." She wrote on her blog today, "The media's images of [Brad and Angelina] are smelly and vile, and I must always attack the media's representation of what is good or cool."

Roseanne capped off the rant with an offering of sorts to us, saying, "Taste my sandy buttcrack, tmz!"

We'll pass, butt thanks.


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One, not all of us can look like Angelina, (hence, Roseanne's number 1 issue)! 2. What right does she have saying anything,pullleeeeze,how many divorces has she had? Oh the morales she has huh! And finally, wasn't it last week that she was saying nasty things about the original Becky? Her mouth is as big as her booty, girl SHUT IT!

2224 days ago


Big Foot is real and Roseanne

2224 days ago

Dave the pig    

37. if she wants mouth on her ass she needs to go slumming with Ellen and Portia

Posted at 4:05PM on Aug 19th 2008 by F


How about sending Rosie O'Cunnell to get a taste .....

2224 days ago


Roseann, get a grip girl! What have you done for the world lately? You are a self rightous pig!

2224 days ago


Please TMZ don't waste your time or ours with this washed up LOSER!!! She just wants to be in the news....You could put her in the haterz club...loserz club... God she is ugly. Enough said

2224 days ago


I think everyone thought she was dead so she had to do something outrageous. And isn't it RACIST to vote for a Presidential canidate just because of the color of his/her skin? That's what she said for Angelina to do. Racist fat disgusting Liberal!

2224 days ago

Medical Girl    

Snort, snort, snort. Oh! Hello my name is Roseanne. I used to be a celebrity of sorts, now I'm just a bitter, wretched hog of a has-been. Well, I was always a bitter, wretched hog, but now I am a has-been along with it. God bless America. Wanna hear me wail the national anthem comically off-tune, and then touch my crotch as a sign of respect? Sure you do ... Ohhh say can you seeeeee ...

2224 days ago

Mary Worth    

I've never met Roseanne; so, I can't say what she's really like.

But she had me thinking about what have I done lately for charitable causes. And I sucked!
Maybe, just maybe, she has stirred me to act, instead of just talk.

Having said all that, I'll also say that B&A are master manipulaters! But I don't know them personally.

2224 days ago


What a hateful bitch. She needs some serious therapy, and I'm sure her ex-husbands would vouch for that!

2224 days ago

unreal reality    

It always amazes me when people like Roseanne get upset when they are the first to strike out with the negativity. Seriously Roseanne, did you think you'd be backed by the milions of supporters that your staff tell you that you have? They are paid to tell you that you are great. That's the reality.

2224 days ago


As much as you like to bad mouth Roseanne, she did have a point. These actors get way overpaid, mainly because they have cute faces, and then they give a small part of their earnings to charity and we're supposed to look at them as saints? Pulleez. Meanwhile they're dining at the richest hotels, sleeping comfortably in their mansions while hard working people are barely making enough money to put food on the table.

Not to mention the US government gives tax breaks to people who give to charity ... which is why a lot of people do it, they actually MAKE money from doing it.

2224 days ago


Roseanne can say whatever she wants, and now it's the public's turn in responding and she doesn't like it, oh, well. Classy woman! Sounds like she needs a class in personal hygiene or stop going to the beach.

2224 days ago


This fat chick hasn't been funny since Tom Arnold dumped her!

2224 days ago


Here is another shining example of "stardom" gone wrong. These people, and I use the term loosely, are in the public eye and can not or will not control themselves or their damn opinions. Do we even CARE what these mindless numbskulls think?

2224 days ago


I totally agree with Roseanne's opinion of these two. Many weathly people donate to good causes, but none rub it in our faces quite so much as Brangelina. It's as if they want to flaunt their 'superiority' to everyone. I can't think of a better way to descibe him as vacuous and she is a homewrecking whore (not once but twice). Good thing she had all those babies and trapped Brad or he would've dumped her when something younger and hotter came along.

2224 days ago
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