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Isaiah Washington -- Check Out My GLAADware!

8/20/2008 12:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Isaiah Washington was rocking a pimp suit and a badass swagger outside the Viper Room -- but any street cred he had was automatically vaporized with one look at the game-killing tupperware in his left hand.

Dude, just because Diddy did it, doesn't mean it's O.K.


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y cant tupperware be cool? everything has to be cool at some point. give tupperware it's due.

2221 days ago


First, and who cares? I mean, I didn't watch the video, or anything, but does anyone out there really care that someone was taking home some leftovers? Really? Someone cared enough about this to do a story on this ... LOL ... I repeat, someone did an entire story on this stupid picture?!?! Crazy, I tell ya', just crazy! Also, are you saying he's gay just because he's carrying takeout in a resuable container that happense to be named GLAD? *DISAPPOINTED SIGH*

2221 days ago


oh damn its not that bad!

2221 days ago


Whoa ! I guess TMZ staffers have never been to a tupperware party with dozens of Women only ! Tupperware is the new "bling" for street cred !

2221 days ago


You spelled Washington wrong in the headline.
Do you need to hire new spell-checkers? What do you pay?

2221 days ago


Maybe, just maybe, these guys are stepping up to the plate for the environment. Bringing their own reuseable containers instead of getting disposable ones from the restaurant is commendable - even if TMZ and others choose to make fun.

2221 days ago


I live in the neighborhood and he is a regular at the cigar shop across the street from the Viper Room. My guess is that he has stogies in the tupperware, does that make it cooler?

2221 days ago

northern gypsy    

what is wrong with you people (tmz)??? tupperware is the next starbucks...i'm talkin full-on domination on a global scale...get with the progam !!!

2221 days ago


Tupperware keeps food fresher longer! I see people bring them into restaurants and put their leftover food in them, it beats the hell out of a doggie bag!!!!! Tupperware is not gay, but TR Knight is!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO

2221 days ago


Oh brother, tupperware talk. How about, he's broke. When was the last time he worked? He's walking to his car, parked on the street: that means he's parked at a meter. Yeah, in Hollywood, stuff this like counts. Maybe, if he'd keep his mouth shut, he'd have a gig and his asst. could have run out and got the smokes.

2221 days ago


Did you ever think he brought tupperware so he didn't waste to go boxes? Hello people! I think it's commendable that stars are going green, more people should take tupperware when they go out to dinner so we don't have more unnecessary waste! Most to go boxes are made of styrofoam which IS NOT recyclable and takes years to break down. Get with the program TMZ, go green!

2219 days ago

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