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Pervy Gary Glitter -- Thai Stuck in Airport

8/20/2008 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Convicted pedophile Gary Glitter is in terminal condition -- he refuses to get on a plane to get shipped back to the UK, but Thailand doesn't want the perv in its backyard.

So Glitter is now sitting in an airport lounge in Bangkok and Thai cops sound like they're going to force him on a plane back to London whether he likes it or not. "We are barring entry to Paul Francis Gadd [Glitter's real name] and will be deporting him ... even if he does not wish to board the plane," said the po-po.

Glitter claimed a heart condition prevented him from flying -- but as of this morning he's been cleared to clear out.


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2219 days ago

eat a dam twinkie you skank!!    

why does the world wate their time with this filthy trash????????????? Put him in a F*ckin line up and say goodnight!! These people prey on the most innocent .... OUR CHILDREN! for god sakes! Someone needs to shut the stupid liberals of the world up and start killing these wastes of space!!

2219 days ago


make him swim his way across the ocean then

2219 days ago

Donna S.    

His heart condition wasn't bad enough to keep him from having sex with little kids, so I am sure an airplane flight won't hurt him too much.

2219 days ago

BJ Rocks    

dump his filthy ass off in the ocean

2219 days ago


Rock & ollldddddddddddddddddddd, Rock & oldddddddddddddddddddddddddd
Put the freak back in prison!

2219 days ago

Miguel Cabeza    

I will like to say that this people should be on prison for all there live. I don’t know how he can go back there; it shows what kind of people he is. Maybe he wants revenge

2219 days ago

Kate in MD    

Isn't there somebody in Thailand that can do the world a favor and kill the bastard. I'm sure everyone would turn their heads the other way... If not, I suggest putting him on a boat, waiting until land is no longer visible and throwing him overboard. That would solve the plane dilemma and our children would be safe.

2219 days ago

northern gypsy    

thai military are not known for their diplomacy...why are they handleing this perv with kid gloves???..beat his sorry ass all the way up the plane ramp..end of story !!!

2219 days ago


I juat makes me sick a piece of garbage like this guy wasting my time taking up space he doesn`t deserve on my computer.

2219 days ago


They should just tell his disgusting self that there's an innocent little girl on the plane - he'll hop right on then! He will never be rehabilitated, he should never have been released because of good behavior - of course he had good behavior, there were no little girls in the prison to keep him company, just a bunch of men which is probably the last thing he wanted to be around. He should rot away in jail. He has a heart condition? Good, deny him medication unless he gets out of the country.

2219 days ago


The Brits will send someone after him if he doesn't get on the plane. They probably won't be concerned about damaging the baggage, either.

2219 days ago


6. dump his filthy ass off in the ocean

Posted at 9:24AM on Aug 20th 2008 by BJ Rocks

You could do that, but he would most likely try to F..k a Dolphin

2219 days ago


To #8 by time, what is remotely sexy about a child molestor/rapist? I could care less how loney you may think he is. I can only wonder how many children's lives that son of a *$#@* has ruined. Like many others, I agree, he doesn't deserve to live.

2219 days ago


I've been to Thailand and I can tell you that the only reason this guy went there was to meet underaged girls. I saw those jerks looking for minors and it absolutely made me want to gag. What anyone sees sexually in an underage girl is something I can never fathom, thank god. Someone needs to castrate this jerk.

2219 days ago
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