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Ricky Martin

Livin' In Vitro Loca

8/20/2008 4:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ricky MartinRicky Martin and Clay Aiken have something in common...

Ricky is now a the proud padre of twins, courtesy of one surrogate mother. His rep says the kids are healthy, Ricky will be a full-time dad and he'll take the rest of the year off to raise the bambinos.


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Such mean comments from everyone. I say, Congrats to Ricky Martin. That is so mean to call him a "has been." Or compare his parenting skills to Clay Aiken's. I am sure Ricky will be a good father to his twins. Wow. That's neat--twins..

2198 days ago


What a bunch of judgmental nimrods most TMZ readers are. I cannot believe how many of you frequently write and say "should of" when the correct way to say it is "should HAVE". WTF is should of..,.., you cannot OF something, idiots.

He is a talented man that loves kids and I am sure he will be a terrific father. Good for Ricky/

2198 days ago


Another Clay Aiken. Like Clay, he can't even man up long enough to get a woman pregnant the old fashion way. And how a guy can wrap his lips around a man's penis is something I'll never be able to fathom, THANK GOD!!!

2198 days ago


Oh yes, he is gay! If he was straight he wouldn't need to get a surrogate mother to have his kids. Any straight woman would give him kids.

2198 days ago


#47, Im sure you've given it alot of thought then, since you can't "fathom" it. Homophobes are such idiots, it's almost pointless to try to argue with them....I feel more sorry for the children born into male/female ignorant, intolerant homophobic couples, than those raised by loving gay/lesbian parents.

2198 days ago


#48....u r right on! You can't debate idiots like #47.

2198 days ago

Karin B.    

It's a shame all these good looking guys....
And the only way they are having kids is artifically...

Crap, no wonder i can't find a straight man to settle down with.

Men are all turning gay ... having babies without being tied down to women ....
Women are becoming disposable.
I can see Ricky Martin...but Clay Aiken.
I thought he was such a Christian and all from down south. Boy, American idol really misled the public about Clay's character. He's a creep.

UGH i'm disgusted with all of this...'

There's no hope for women with all these wierdo's around, Clay, Ricky Martin, John liking men with no attachments to women. Oh, except to carry they're child. And then the woman are used and disposable. Sick!!
These women should not agree to carry babies for these creeps.
Oh, but i guess money talks, andClay, Ricky etc... are all loaded$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

What is this world coming to!!!! I think the end is near.
Hear that CLAY ---- If you can't stay true to your faith with marriage, family etc...who can?
Ricky and Clay - you are a disappointment and shameful!!!

2198 days ago

Illinois person    

Well, gay guys want to be fathers too. Quite sure Ryan Seacrest is next. Ps, wonder if Ricky is giving up the golden showers that he loves now that he's a daddy?

2198 days ago


I think it's wonderful he decided to become a father. If he's not in a relationship, why should he wait to become a parent? It's not much different than women getting sperm donors to have babies on their own. Congrats to him on his new twin sons.

2198 days ago


His last worldwide successful album was in 1999. His newest album "black and white" was released in 2007, this album basically is a compilation of some of his old songs plus two or three Puertorican songs, besides this album he has 2005 "Life", 2004 "MTV Unplugged" and two more in 2000 and 2003. He returned to his roots, to the hispanic market, Regarding his sexuality, it's not needed to be that smart to know he is 100% closet gay.

2198 days ago


Isn't he always denying he's gay? I think this more then confirms his sexuality. We aren't being told about the 2nd daddy who will also be raising the children.

2198 days ago


"Ricky will be a full-time dad and he'll take the rest of the year off to raise the bambinos."

Ricky does understand that it takes more than one year to raise a child, right?
Some children in their mid to late twenties are still in need of being raised, especially in the celeb world.

On a kinder note, congrats Ricky, now get out of that damned closet ... it's dark, damp, and doesn't matter these days.

2198 days ago


Hey Ann, you might want to check your sources ... Oprah has neither a husband or any children. Someone has been lying to you! Gay, maybe, married, kids, no way, not Oprah. As for David Bowie, come on Ann almost all the men in the music business are bisexual for a short time. LOL

2198 days ago



Well I guess, congratulations and good luck to him!

2198 days ago


Wow-o-wow.......Dear Lordy,
Just when you think it's safe to put away the turkey baster!!! Ya gotta give Ricky his props least he did his thing with some dignity.......away from the glare of the papparazis AND not hitting up every entertainment show available to schedule his "first interview" or "exclusive" to discuss the miracle of immaculate ejaculation. Yes indeed I give Ricky's spawns a helluva better chance in life than the prodigy spawn of Klay Ache-in!!!

2198 days ago
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