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Mark Spits on Phelps -- I Could Take Him!

8/21/2008 7:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Never the most modest guys in the world, Mark Spitz and Spencer Pratt now share something in common: they both think they could school Michael Phelps in the pool.

Spitz told pretty much everyone who would listen yesterday he would "know everything about how to beat Michael," and he would at least tie with Phelps. Let's be fair: Spitz also added Phelps will probably add more bling to his medal haul in London in 2012.

Spitz was in NYC to promote a Hyatt Resorts vacation package. Anyone wondering what it is with swimmers and hotel chains?

Britney No Longer Fruit Loopy

Britney Spears has officially branded sugar – in all forms – toxic.

She tells OK! magazine she's forsaken any kind of sugar – even in fruit or fruit juice – because of the calories. If you're wondering how it is she got back to fighting trim, she says it's all about chicken and salmon and rice and avocados. "I'm the healthiest I've been all my life," brays Brit.

Now if there was just some way to do something about those extensions.

Fiddy Won't Put Feet to Fire?

The buzz is 50 Cent won't talk to investigators probing that big fire at his baby mama's house back in May. But we're hearing it might be because he doesn't have much to say about the thing, not that he's avoiding it.

The Dix Hills house burned to the ground in 45 minutes, and ever since, 50's baby mama Shaniqua Tompkins has accused the rapper of trying to kill them, a charge Mr. Cent denies (and sued her over). We're told that while it's true Fiddy hasn't talked to the authorities, he really doesn't think he has anything to tell them.

Tompkins and 50 are due back in court in September to resume hostilities.

Party Favors, Obstetrics Desk Edition: Matt Damon Gets Another Gal ... Angie Harmon Bringing Another One ... Jen Garner Ready to Unveil Another Impossibly Adorable Child

Matt Damon and wife Luciana just had another kid, a daughter named Gia Zavala. That makes four femmes in his household. ... Angie Harmon and ex-footballer Jason Sehorn are expecting their third kid – they also have two daughters. ... And Jen Garner says she's "so excited" about her latest arrival, her second child with Ben Affleck.


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50 Cent! What a circus freak. And people wonder why the "N" word is still used to describe such useless trash!

2218 days ago


Are you sure that Mark Spitz made these comments? Until now I have read several comments he has made in which he had ONLY praise for the wonderful achievement of Michael Phelps and I for one, who remember his amazing performances in 1972 so well, don't like the snide comments in the TMZ article. Who are you to make such comments about this fabulous sportsman? Mark Spitz doesn't have to prove anything to himself or anyone else. His achievements at the Munich games stood from 1972 until now and it took a supreme sportsman of the calibre of Phelps to break his record. Both of these men are phenomenal and deserve their places in Olympic and Sports history.

2218 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

BRIT is nicley shaped now. Big deal. She needs to get of fthe pages for a year and get her head together. leave the entertainement world alone. Needless to say ,I am not a fan of hers.

MARK SPITZ needs to be gracious. He had his moment and had it for a few decades like 30 something years. Records are made to be broken. One day somebody is going to break Phelp's record too. SPITZhas had a good life andoneof many perks. Enjoy the ride of Phelps and the ungracious Mark does not realize he can gain by Phelps because Spitz'a name is mentioned. Indirectly ,he can gain off of Phelps. How stupid is SPITZ and being ungraious making a dumb comment likehe could take Phleps. How when Spitz is old enough to be his daddy . This is like when Faith Hill got caught making a dumb as s face when Carrie Underwood beat her. Get over it and get over yourself and be happy in all your success that very few people have .

2218 days ago

gotta getta life    

Say what-do you have a clue? Good fats are essential. Complex carbs are the fuel you need to burn calories. Simple sugars like sucrose and fructose are the killers that keep you on a roller coaster from hell if you have problems with your blood sugar.

2218 days ago


TMZ could at least try to get it right instead of just flaming...

Mark Spitz claims he could have matched fellow swimmer Michael Phelps stride for stride if the two legends swam against each other in their primes, the New York Daily News reports.

Spitz, whose 1972 record of seven gold medals in a single Olympic Games was eclipsed Sunday when Phelps won his eighth, said he thinks he'd "tie" the 23-year-old phenom.

"I think that the relationship between people that are great is they have a common thread of knowing how to beat their competitors and they know how to constantly be in shape and in top form," Spitz told the Daily News. "If that's the case, I'd know everything about how to beat Michael. He'd also know everything to beat me. We'd have to tie."

2218 days ago

like, wtf??    

Ruth #18, you're correct.

If you read the article, Spitz didn't say 'oh, I'd beat him anytime'. He said that, having been a swim champ, he and Phelps both konw what it would take to beat each other. This was after the reporter asked the stupid question in the first place.

Spitz has only had praise and encouragement for Phelps; I think it's because of the way his personality comes across (aloof & somewhat arrogant) that people think he has this chip on his shoulder.

2218 days ago


It is over, Michael Phelps is the best! Mark Spitz should get over himself. Spitz is an arrogant ass!

2218 days ago


TMZ, can't keep on Britney comment nice.... everything has to have some kind of blow... FYI this site is has nothing now that Brintey isn't at walgreens at 1am.... WB should rethink their investment...

2218 days ago


I have watched a couple of interviews with Mark Spitz and he has been very gracious and appreciative for what Phelps has done. But TMZ doesn't look for the good in any story anyways, and they certainly don't print facts. As far as Spencer.....keep on trying to stretch that 15 minutes LOSER!!!!

2217 days ago


Britney can speak?

2215 days ago
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