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The 'Shawn Johnson'


8/21/2008 7:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After getting hundreds of hate emails, phone calls, and rage-filled comments over the last 24 hours, we at TMZ finally took the hint -- not everybody found the Shawn Johnson/Topo Gigio comparison hilarious. Sure, we'll eat the crow you shoved down our throats -- but you gotta check out some of the messages we got in our "contact us" mailbox. We even got a letter from an official Team USA Gymnastics rep!

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Yes, we got the message loud and clear, but make sure to click through to the final email -- the one that started this whole mess in the first place.


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People... get over it. First it was a cartoon rat... not an actual rat. It may not be for everyone, but I do believe that their is such a thing as free speech. If you dont like it leave, you will all be back.... TMZ Is to addicting to stay away from. Granted the kid is 16, but she is now a public figure just like Miley or anyone else. Get over yourselves!

2222 days ago


I don't know what the big deal is. The rat is cute and so is she.

2222 days ago

wow, no sense of humor!    

Seriously? No she doesnt look like a rat, but she does look like that cartoon puppet thing, there is nothing wrong with that, that muppet thing is cute, so is she! Its called a sense of humor ppl

2222 days ago


The point is that you were stupid enough to post the comparison to begin with.

2222 days ago


Oh Geez people, smile its not that serious! That li'l "rat" was kinda cute just like the kid! Good Job Young Lady!

2222 days ago

Really Apologize    

Your post doesn't sound much like an apology. You ought to publicly apologize to Ms. Johnson. She has developed the mental toughness to compete on the world stage, and has done so with grace and good cheer even during events she didn't win. To trivialize her achievement reflects very poorly on your organization. If you want to make fun of those who are out there making fools of themselves in order to get coverage by organizations like yours, that's one thing. But to thoughtlessly make fun of a hard-working athlete whom many young girls admire and who represented our country with honor requires you to do a better job of apologizing for your sophomoric (or maybe in this case it should be sophomoronic) attempt at humor.

2222 days ago


Shawn Johnson is cute as a button!

2222 days ago


people need to get a sense of humor!

2222 days ago


Shawn Gigip Johnson is tough as nails. She couldn't care less about the Topo comparison, plus she DOES look like a cute little mouse that was beloved by all, back in the day.
SO many people have their head stuck so far up their politically-correct-a$$es that they have lost their sense of humor in all that darkness. TMZ didn't compare her to bad thing.

It is the the same as people being in an uproar about Phelps being on the box of Frosted Flakes...chill out.
If your kid is a fatty it probably wasn't just a bowl or two of cereal..

2222 days ago


oh my goodness! Topo Giggio was on the Ed Sullivan show was loved by many children and adults and was thought to be cute!!!!!!! Relax!!!! We have a show on tv called Ugly Betty about a girl wearing glasses and braces...hmmm!!!!!! that is really nice to show teenage girls that glasses and braces are ugly... Please don't tell me that "yeah, but the show makes her into a great person and she is beautiful and just a title"...blah blah blah! I still watch it because it is a great show... but it really should not be on the air. You pick on celebrities that is ok, WAKE UP Olympians are celebrities also!!!!!!!!

2222 days ago


Isn't Topo Gigio a mouse (not a rat)? Mice are adorable, and so is Shawn!!!

2222 days ago


OMG it was so funny. Kay she does look like a little rat. She is no more than a ballerina. If you want to defend an AMERICAN defend our SOLDIERS. I watch TMZ every night They even make fun of themselves and Harvey makes fun of everyone including HIMSELF. So KAY GET A LIFE if you are that offended DONT COME BACK ON THIS SITE

2222 days ago

Joshua Smith    

Apologize before we all boycott Verizon wireless.

2222 days ago

Larissa Jolie    

I don't know WHY people are getting so worked up over this crap. IT WAS FUNNY!! I don't think it was mean spirited, just clever..and true. Come on people, the picture wasn't a rat, it was a cute lil' mouse. And they did look alike, soo..get over it. All of you who flipped out over it need to loosen up a bit.

And besides, she looks more like that Fievel mouse.

Keep it up TMZ!! I still love you!

2222 days ago


Wow, I saw your comment and thought the comparison was cute! I didn't see it as an attack on a 16 year old at all, interesting that we all look at the same comments from different prespectives. Now Sienna Miller needs to be compared to a rat, but a big ugly nasty one that won't stay in her own nest.

2222 days ago
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