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Kim K -- It's Like Manson Came for Dinner!

8/25/2008 3:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ obtained photos of the aftermath in Kim Kardashian's hotel room, where she cut her toe on a glass mirrored coffee table (see photo).

Our spies say Kim described it as looking like a murder scene. If so, it could be one of the cleanest murders ever.


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I don't care what you'll say. Those are some nice toes (minus the blood of course).

2252 days ago


You guys making all the negative comments on this site, need to go and get a life. You are just jelous that you are sitting in your boring office and have nothing going on in your life. I'm sure 99% of everyone that has something negative to say if probably 43 FAT & UGLY and your just envious, she is what you could never BE!

Posted at 2:32PM on Aug 25th 2008 by Jason

A talentless whore with a huge ass? Ya I could never be that.

I'm 37 a size 4 and smokin' hot. I don't post from an office. Newflash 43 is far from old idiot.

2252 days ago


good lord tmz are you that hard up for news that you have to post stuff like someone's toe. how pathetic

2252 days ago


Why would you people put up those pictures? Dumb !

2252 days ago

Jaye Kean    

This is entertainmenr news?? She's not even a real celebrity. What has she done????

2252 days ago


Give me a break - it looks like she even smeared it for effect - this hardly looks like an injury that would warrent a trip to the hospital! And as far as the coffee table is concerned, did she kick it?

2252 days ago


Yeah I don't get it. Why does everyone hate on Kim K? I think she's a beautiful girl and for the record she does work for a living. She was a buyer and made a business out organizing people's closets and also owns Dash and that other store forgot the name. Anyway so what if she had a taste for fame and recognition? She was already associated with it in some way from her father and Bruce Jenner and I know she made that overrated sex tape but whatever (that is kinda lame) but I still think she rocks and I love her look.
You know how it is these days, you don't have to have a true "talent" to be famous. If you have a certain look that people are drawn to that's really all it takes. Kim K falls into that category and more power to her. She doesn't portray herself as a classless person (aside from that dumb sex tape). Just a girl doing her thing.
I wonder which of you angry women are gonna attack this post. I thought it was pretty civil although different.

2252 days ago


What an attention whore! She leaks photos of herself. She takes pictures of everything so that she can sue. That cut is nothing and she should be embarrassed for causing such a fuss at a hospital when there are people who need medical attention for REAL issues. Hope she falls on her ass while on Dancing With The Stars and is the first person voted off. Maybe she can make sex tapes with people to receive votes?

2252 days ago

Jaye Kean    

Hey # 46, what the hell are you talking about? I'm am not sitting in my office, as I don't need to work. I"m got money, and I'm not jealous. I have a life, but it sounds like you don't. This girl is a total waste of human flesh. Thousands of people cut themselves every day. Again, this is not news.

2252 days ago


I agree, Jo... she probably DID kick it, mad over something stupid, no doubt. But seriously, was she finger (toe) painting the floor or something? I cut my foot and I sit down and contain the mess, not practice my mambo while I'm waiting for the ambulance!

2252 days ago


Ok, so why was it necessary for her to take pics?

2252 days ago


This is hilarious. You got to be kidding me. A wheelchair !! I'm wondering if she called 911 after getting rear ended from that big black dude.

2252 days ago

Michelle LL    

She's doomed ! DOOMED I say !!!

2252 days ago

TMZ Fraternity    

I like kim and think she has pretty She is funny as hell..calling 911 and stuff..ya gotta love this girl..she is not running for president or anything, so back off with the kim bashing...she is fun to watch, pretty, has pretty hair and good fashion sense..And in person is really nice..Plus she is curvy which makes her stand out even more in hollywood..I will actually watch DWTS this season just because she is on it..So she must have so quality about her is people will tune in just to see her!! Even if she cant shake that big ol booty it will be funny to watch.

2252 days ago

Miss El    

the way she's running around, just letting it bleed all over the place (while SHE'S Taking pics) just shows ZERO class. Who wants to clean up all that blood after her? very rude - woman is desperate for attention. i've cut myselve worse shaving my legs that that lil boo-boo.

2252 days ago
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