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"L Word" Star - Burn Me 32 Times, Shame On Me

8/25/2008 8:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rose Rollins admittedly has a thing or two to learn about business. And after what she's alleging in a lawsuit, no jury in the world would doubt her.
Rose Rollins: Click to view docs!
In the suit, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, Rollins, who played a military chick on "The L Word," claims she began a "confidential relationship" with the defendant, Ramon Cartznes, back in 2003. Apparently things went south, because Rollins says the dude took her for all she's worth.

Item: Rollins claims she gave Cartznes $30,000 for a piece of investment property and he fraudulently put it in his name and that was that. She says she's out the money.

Item: Rollins claims she and Cartznes opened several credit card accounts and he racked up $53,689 in charges that he hasn't paid.

Item: Rollin claims Cartznes racked up a cell phone bill of $6,991 that he refuses to pay.

Item: She claims he owes her $2,265 for money she fronted to Cartznes' daughter.

Item: He stiffed her to the tune of $22,064 on Range Rover payments.

Item: In another real estate deal, Rollins alleges he cheated her out of $54,321.

She's suing for nearly $300,000 plus punitive damages. In the suit Rollins says she is "very unsophisticated as to business matters." Duh.

UPDATE: Cartznes, through a rep, tells us, "Rose's allegations in the lawsuit filed against me are completely false. I have the financial records to prove that I owe her absolutely nothing. The information in the lawsuit is untrue and slanderous. I must take all appropriate actions to protect my good name and reputation. Due to the pending litigation, I'm unable to go into details at this time, however, I look forward to defending myself in court against this ludicrous matter."


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Can anyone really be THIS naive or dimwitted?

Almost $7,000 in cell phone charges? I think he needs an unlimited plan! I can't imagine what he did to rack up that much.

2214 days ago


Stupid B*tch!! It isn't about not about having business "smarts", it's all about your dumb azz gettin' PLAYED.

Next time keep your wallet and your mouth shut about about your financial assets and you won't get rail-roaded by some greedy punk!!!

2214 days ago

Fernando Valenzuela    

So she willingly gave him lots of money and now she's bitching cause she got taken? can you say CON MAN sweetie? any woman dumb enough to do this deserves to get taken.

2214 days ago


Unsophisticated in business my a$$. She was stupid enough to get conned. The dude was laughing all the way to the bank.
I do not understand how some people let themselves get in that kind of sitch.

2214 days ago

hop on top    

Who the hell is Rose Rollins?

2214 days ago


Sounds like dumb and dumber to me! What was she thinking??

2214 days ago


Sounds like dumb and dumber to me! She can't be that dumb??

2214 days ago

Carolyn A-B    

What's a confidential relationship? Is that when you're dating a confidence man?

Kiss it all goodbye, honey. He never had it so good, and you should have known better. The headline sums it up.

2214 days ago


This Girl is tripping for attention. and her facts are twisted......RCartnez introduced her to peeps that got her the job on the Lword,he bougt her the car, phone, house...they broke up.. he stop paying for her .....DUHHHH.....I am sure youwill be hearing more from the other side of story...babygirl has it all twisted....Wethink K West and Jaime Fox sang it best..."she aint nothin but G Digger"........

2214 days ago


Damn, I'm willing to turn lesbian for this dummy. Dating her is like winning the lottery. I wish TMZ had a pic of the man invovled. He must be drop dead gorgeous.

2214 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

Ya who is Rose Rollins...and who cares. What a idiot.

2214 days ago

That explains things!    

What happened? She ran outta drug money so he dumped her and her habit???????

2214 days ago


I've met this ramon cartznes guy around before. To homey up top who claims she's a gold digger and he got her the job on the L word is trippin. It's a vigorous process of auditions and call backs to gain a starring role in a show such as the L word. This broke ass dude knows no-one and has no connections. I goggled his name and all I see is a dumb crook who already got locked up for bein grimey! check it out ya self.

2213 days ago


Shame on them both. Brotha's and sista's shouldn't treat eachother that way.

2213 days ago


Why is it that women are so happy to give over their hard earned cash all in the name of "love?" Here's a hint ladies, if your SO starts asking for large amounts of money on a regular basis, run for daylight!!

2213 days ago
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