Nanny Got Brad and Angie's Goat

8/25/2008 3:09 PM PDT

Nanny Got Brad and Angie's Goat

We started getting tips about Brad Pitt and Angelina Joile -- that they never let the kids go out in public with nannies because they want the public to see them as hands-on parents, which means the kids would basically be held hostage in the house unless their parents take them out. Absolutely not true.

We have really good spies in this department and here's what we know. As it was put to us, "Brad and Angelina don't give a f**k what the world thinks of how they're raising their kids." We're told their entire life revolves around the kids, and the houses they stay in are "dirty from the kids" -- with toys everywhere, food on the floor and fingerprints on the walls. We're told during weekends, there is a "minimal staff" at home -- a cook and security, and that's it. The homes they stay at are often in the hills or at the beach, and security's top job is making sure the kids don't hurt themselves.

The Hollywood Hills home Brad has owned for years will soon become home base. We're told the main advantage is it's completely enclosed and the kids can roam on the property.

The best line -- "They live like people in Simi Valley, only with more zeros on the price of the home."