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Nanny Got Brad and Angie's Goat

8/25/2008 3:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We started getting tips about Brad Pitt and Angelina Joile -- that they never let the kids go out in public with nannies because they want the public to see them as hands-on parents, which means the kids would basically be held hostage in the house unless their parents take them out. Absolutely not true.

We have really good spies in this department and here's what we know. As it was put to us, "Brad and Angelina don't give a f**k what the world thinks of how they're raising their kids." We're told their entire life revolves around the kids, and the houses they stay in are "dirty from the kids" -- with toys everywhere, food on the floor and fingerprints on the walls.

We're told during weekends, there is a "minimal staff" at home -- a cook and security, and that's it. The homes they stay at are often in the hills or at the beach, and security's top job is making sure the kids don't hurt themselves.

The Hollywood Hills home Brad has owned for years will soon become home base. We're told the main advantage is it's completely enclosed and the kids can roam on the property.

The best line -- "They live like people in Simi Valley, only with more zeros on the price of the home."

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I think Brad and Angie are good parents. Some of you need to get over it. I am so tried of people calling Angie a home
wreacker. Look Jen can't even keep a man for two months. Brad got it in time. Angie and Brad are good for each other. Leave them alone. They are good people. They can have as many kids as they wants. They take care of them with their own money and they give them an excellent education.

2229 days ago


I wish everyone would just leave Brad & Angie alone. I give them props for taking on the world issues. All anyone can talk about is their kids, but they do other things they do help people. The only reason people keep talking about them is because of Jen and she's not worth it. I LOVE BRAD & ANGIE and if they can afford the kids they have then let them have more and more (and they can afford them). I was a fan of Angie's before and I always will be.

2222 days ago


Brad and Angie I hope some how you see this I just wanted you to know that I'm very proud of what you do. I wish that I would of had parents like you and no not the money. I can see that you love all of your children and yes you do do have a rainbow and that makes me happy it should show that we can all lived together as one big happy family and yes family comes with mess. If one set of parents say that thier house is spotless and they have kids then what else are they hiding. So if anyone can cast the first stone then go ahead but I think not.

2222 days ago


I think you people are idiots to judge how she keeps her house based on a comment. (I bet all their homes are decorated beautifully. I believe, all she was saying is that her kids are not under constant house surveillance by anyone such as do not touch the walls, do not leave your toys here. She is allowing her children to be free in the comfort of their own holding their children hostage and all the other stuff people are saying that are mean, hateful, and untrue. That is great that she is allowing her children to be at ease. I think that is good they aren't held hostage in their house and when they do go out, they are with their parents. What is wrong with that people? I think she appears to be a good mom and he's a good dad. In addition, who ever the idiot is who said that they are in the room having babies while the nannies are keeping the kids...You need to know more about them because obviously you don't (seeing they only had 1and twins together that is two preg.) know crap. You probably need to take a good look in the mirror, and you judging yourself. No body in this world is perfect and it seems as though you don't see the good in her. So let me tell you this much: she is not just thinking about herself but others, these children are blessed to have two parents that are not drunks, two parents that aren’t party animals, two parent that travel with their kids together, two parents that apparently love their kids very much.

2210 days ago


If we all put as much insight into our own lives as we do into others this world might be a happier, healthier place.

2203 days ago


you lazy people .. go and get a life instead of concentrating on someone elses lifves.. these two people can live there life as the way they want to just like you do ... these people can spend their money where ever they want to just like you do ... get a life instead of spying someone else life ... lazy people ... these two people are working very hard ... they didn't inherited ... why don't you are going to work .just like they do .. why don't you go and do something for the charities just like they do ...these people didn't wreck any marriage ... that marriage was already finished ... nobody finish anything unless it was already finished ... five years marriage no children ... just showing off that they are married couple ... this is not marriage ... marriage is a commitment ... jennifer is not capable to lead a relationship ... you can see her keep changing boyfriend just like changing knickers ... it was Brad who was tolerated and helping that marriage .to go on .. but seems like at the end of the day he had enough and walked away ... people before starting to blame and pointing fingers should have turn their head and looked at the other fingers which are pointing themselves ... get a life and leave those people and children alone ...

2202 days ago


i like angie jolie because at least she is spending her money trying to help poor kids then buying car , clothes and big houses. she not perfect but cut her a break she is trying to help....... so, are u guys saying the kids should go back to their orphanages. no , i not think so.. shut up , having kids is harder than it looks .

2192 days ago


I think these two are ridiculous. Angie has a confessed gravitation toward addiction, and her many children are just another form of the illness. they should get married and give these children a proper home. I don't think it's wonderful that they adopted these children from other countries EXCEPT the one they live in. There are more than enough children in America that need homes, but for some reason, everyone seems to think it is more prestigious to adopt from other places. I think that the fact that they created so many biological children will only create resentment in the family toward them. I often wonder when anyone is going to get upset that these two are willing to bring 10,000 children into their home and not even make a solid commitment to each other. Am I the only person in the world who feels like they should get married like YOU"RE SUPPOSED to before making a family??

2191 days ago
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