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Obama Assassination Plot?

8/25/2008 9:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A Denver TV station is reporting authorities may have foiled an assassination plot against Barack Obama, and there's talk the suspects may be members of a white supremacy group.

KUSA-TV claims three men are in custody after a routine traffic stop in Aurora (near Denver) turned up two rifles, high-powered scopes, ammo and meth. The man in the car led authorities to a hotel where another suspect jumped out of a fourth floor window in an attempt to escape.

A third guy was busted at another hotel but the info on him is sketchy.

The arrests went down yesterday. The TV station says sources said "Two of the men had tattoos and jewelry popular with white supremacists."

The mugshot inset in the photo is of one of the suspects, Tharin Gartrell.

Story developing...


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big surprise

first for the second time today!

2253 days ago


If Obama is assasinated, I'm moving out of this country.

It will be the last straw. I will not associate myself with ignorant, racist, disgusting people that are obviously wastes of human life..

2253 days ago


Great, this will just make Obama seem like he is actually relevant, buy him some street cred.

2253 days ago

TMZ Fraternity    

Dang I can only imagine the stuff that is about to go down with all of this election hoopla..I bet we are going to be in a national state of emergency when something does happen to Barack..You know this is not going to be the last attempt..All hell is going to break loose in America..Just wait and see race riots and!!

2253 days ago

Let it go    

Ignorant rednecks.

2253 days ago


Are these the 3 stooges? Doesn't sound like a serious attempt if your getting busted for traffic violations.

2253 days ago


I am NO fan of Obamas however, this behavior is not acceptable, but it isn't a big shocker that these extreme groups are doing this...leave the man alone...he isn't going to win the Presidency anyway.

2253 days ago

Run Jon run!    

I am a huge Obama supporter and it has been my fear for several months that someone would try this. I'm a white woman and I cannot believe anyone would kill someone over their skin color. This is 2008 people, don't we care more about having a president that will actually help us than our own sad

2253 days ago

The Observer    

From the article: "... after a routine traffic stop in Aurora (near Denver) turned up two rifles, high-powered scopes, ammo and meth. "

Meth? When were they going to use that? Before or after the event? I am in no way in favor of their attempt but still... What a bunch of amateurs.

2253 days ago


There is no KSUA in Denver. How come if this happened yesterday no other news source has reported this? BS

2253 days ago


I'm glad they caught those idiots. I thought this kind of thing was over with...naive I guess. Racism is alive and well. But nowadays cowards hide behind computers with their hate.

2253 days ago


all this does is make more people want to do it so they can be on TV, internet, etc. dont give them airtime, and whos to know they weren't going hunting?? geezzz get off it. just because they had all that stuff doesn't mean they were going to waste it on Barack Hussien Obama

2253 days ago


You guys actually believe this sh#t?
This is b.s, and it's put out to get sympathy from the people for Barack Obama, America needs an enemy for everything, Waco, Oklahoma, 9/11, now this.

2253 days ago


Unfortunately, I agree with "wow". I don't think America, as a whole, is ready for a (semi) black man in the White House!!! It's a shame that there are so many short-sighted people in this country, but hey, it's reality, man! Personally, I'm NOT an Obama fan, but it's NOT because he's NOT white! It's becuase of his INSANE Liberal views, and the fact that he can't seem to make up his mind on how he feels about the "issues". He has "flip-flopped" on SOOOOO many issues that it's hard to take anything he says with any resemblance of credibility!

2253 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

Very sad world that we live in.

2253 days ago
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