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Shauna Sand's Stripper Heels ...

8/25/2008 10:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Never leave home with out 'em.


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everyone has the right wear what they want in the sand granted is no an appropriate attired, however is her choice at least she is wearing clothing lol.

let the girl be! there is no need to call her skank!

2248 days ago


There's a great song by Dido "Sand In My Shoes". Note to "pimp" - Shauna Sand DOES have her shoes being made. It is a business. She must know that beach sand well because I would have thought such shoes would sink and be awkward to walk in, but some sand can be good support if it gets washed by the surf enough to settle down. She's entirely gorgeous.

Shauna, why don't you start making beach babe swimsuits, hats, etc. too!

2248 days ago

TMZ Fraternity    

I actually like Shanua Sand Now..She is hott stuff..I esp like her attitude, because she doesnt care what anyone thinks or says about her, and does what ever make her she still has a banging body.
For all the girls hatting on her get a life it fat hogs are growing obese in your computer chairs...haha Its funny how ugly girls always say i wouldn't do this or that but you prob dont have the option to wear anything else but mom jeans because you have terrible bodies...LMAO

2248 days ago


All I have to say is this...REALLY!?!?!

2248 days ago


She messes with her face so much, maybe she needs those shoes so the paps will recognize her.

2248 days ago


Did you see the flies gathered around her crotch! Ewwwww

2248 days ago


hey love her,
did it ever occur to you that maybe some of us are on laptops in a dressing room waiting to be called for our next scene?

2248 days ago


Where's her ass? Did it move to her chest?

2248 days ago


This girl is CRAZY,,,heels on the beach?! Come on now.

2248 days ago


35. Boy George called he is missing his heels

Posted at 11:04AM on Aug 25th 2008 by linda farrington

I thought those heels belonged to RuPaul.

2248 days ago

m dennings    

I feel so bad for her kids, growing up watching an incredibly insecure and self-absorbed has-been who no more knows who she is than fly in the air! What a train-wreck! Has no idea of what is really important in life.
Wasn't there some horrible pic of a 90-year old skeleton with fake rocks on the net awhile back? I swear Shauna will end up looking like her.

2248 days ago

Vix aka Team Aniston    

Heels on the beach?! Only a Hoe could justify their use there.

I always thought Shauna was very pretty in an overly sexualized way AND a woman with a "secret" past. Once you cross that line of perversion, you can't find your way back to decency; the lines are blurred to you. You are forever lost within the context of social mores, customs and practices. I feel sorry for her. She seemed like a nice girl.

2248 days ago


I like the person in the background... even from this distance,
you can tell they're thinking: WTF?! (Love the comment
posted earlier about eating their young!) I just have one
question - if this is what she wears on the beach, what does
she wear in bed?!

2248 days ago


Shauna could create a website where she ranks the beaches for "Beach Babe Rating". Any beach that has clean sand, no litter, a good outdoor cafe and clean changerooms/washrooms, and a parking lot that isn't 8 blocks from the water, gets at least a Beach Babe 3 out of 5. They get one more point if they ban pap cameras and 5 out of 5 if they supply small sizes of sunscreen, body surf boards, beach toys for kids and there's a fresh fuit smoothie stand that doesn't gouge people on the price. Shauna could make a Rating Video talking about her rating for that beach.

It would double tourism to California and anywhere else she visited. Endorsements would be HUGE!

2248 days ago


she needs an ass!!!!

2248 days ago
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