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Delegate Whacked in Assault Case Against Lady

8/26/2008 3:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A California delegate at the Democratic National Convention lost a big one last month. He's on the hook for $35,000, after allegedly assaulting a woman a few years ago ... and we now have the 911 tape that is just insane.
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Christopher Stampolis, former head honcho of the California Democratic Council, allegedly went to a storage company in L.A. back in 2005. According to a lawsuit, filed in September,2006, Stampolis approached Veronica Robinson, who worked behind the counter, and asked for access to a storage unit. Robinson told Stampolis she couldn't open the unit without keys (he didn't have them) or authorizing papers.

Here's where it gets interesting. The suit claims Stampolis "reached over the counter, grabbed plaintiff, and hit her chin." The suit claims he had to be pried away from Robinson.

The case went to arbitration and last month, the arbitrator awarded Robinson $35,000.

We spoke with Stampolis today, who said the struggle was over a folder and she was the one who threw him across the room, causing him crash into a water cooler. He insists he never touched her, but the arbitrator begs to differ.

Stampolis was a superdelegate for Hilary Clinton.


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there should be a tape to show exactly what happened.

if she wold have opened it for him w/out him having keys or authorized paperwork, he would have suied her

if someone put their hands on me they'd be flying across the room too!

2251 days ago


You guys at TMZ suck... you're better than this. Find the surveillance tape!!!!

2251 days ago


Can't you people at TMZ get the tape that shows his phonecall to 911 and post that along with this tape so that we do not hear just this woman? She sounds like a lunatic in my opinion! And, if there is video of all of this, and it was not presented in court, based on hearing this woman talk, I would not believe a thing she says.....waiting to hear his phonecall to 911 and of course, the video would prove everything! Otherwise, this comes across as hearsay and that woman sounds loopy to me!

2251 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

Hillary Clinton will be speaking at the DNC Convention tonight, but, she will have some vile critics (of her) at the convention , like Spike Lee and , I believe, Michael Moore.

“The Clintons, man, they would lie on a stack of Bibles. Snipers? That’s not misspeaking; that’s some pure bull****. I voted for Clinton twice, but that’s over with. These old black politicians say, “Ooh, Massuh Clinton was good to us, massuh hired a lot of us, massuh was good!” Hoo! ” Spike Lee said in 2008.

“Over the past two months, the actions and words of Hillary Clinton have gone from being merely disappointing to downright disgusting.” Michael Moore said in 2008

Both Mchael Moore and Spike Lee have directly enhanced hate groups in America (such as Marxists and Nation of Islam groups).

2251 days ago


My friend has suffered at the hands of man for over 3 years. She has suffered many losses after this incident it's very sad that people think they can get away with this type of thing. They use there power to sweep these types of incidents under the rug. He should be ashamed of his self.

2251 days ago


It's Hillary not Hilary

What a dumb ass story!

2250 days ago


It's Hillary not Hilary.

What a dumb ass story.

2250 days ago

Tanya Thomas    

This is funny.... I don't know how you guys got a hold of this story but let me fill you on the whole truth. I was there the day that this attack happened . I was an employee @ the storage facility. Mr. Stampolis came into the office asking to have access to his storage unit. I informed Mr. Stampolis that we could not allow him access due to company policy. Mr.Stampolis @ that time asked to speak w/ my supervisor and I pointed to Mrs. Robinson. She said that she was my supervisor. She explained to him again that he could not have access to the unit because he was not the authorized person on the contract. He started to get upset and yelling that he is the 1 that pays for the unit . We asked him to call the agent that had originally signed the contract , he said that he couldn't reach him because he was New Orleans on a Hurricane Katrina mission.He was told anyone can pay but he could not be allowed in. He grabbed the authorization form and ripped it up. Then Mrs. Robinson told him that was fine he can do that but he still could not get into the unit. Mr. Stampolis became more enraged, reached over the counter , grabbed the contract from Mrs. Robinson and ripped it up. Mrs. Robinson yelled " You can't do that ! " and was about to stand out of her chair but Mr. Stampolis proceeded to come over the counter ( mind you ,the counter, if you are sitting behind ,it comes to your forehead ) grabbed her around her neck, completely lifting her out of her chair and starting slapping her in the face. His father started yelling " What are you doing ?"I stood up out of my chair and I had to use my fist to try to beat Mr. Stampolis' hands off of Mrs. Robinson. At the same time , I'm yelling for our outside foreman Andre to come and help. Andre runs in, stopped to see what was going on then he ran over and then that's when he grabbed Mr. Stampolis and proceeded to tussle around the office. That is how the water cooler turned over. Andre threw Mr. Stamplois out of the office as we were calling 911. We locked him out of the office w/ his personal property until the police arrived because Mr.Stampolis was trying to leave. The police came and arrested Mr.Stampolis @ that time he tried to have Andre arrested for assault and the police officer told him that he was not going to arrest him because he would have done the same thing if he had observed a man hitting on a woman. We had gone to court before and the case "miraculously" was transferred to traffic court from civil court. All of a sudden financial asset " miraculously " became closed.

The judge heard the testimonies of all in favor including the lies ( that he saw straight through) of Mr. Stampolis and his father and ruled in favor of Mrs. Robinson . So for the people out there who say that she sounded " loopy" or crazy , please tell how a woman is suppose to sound when she is getting her a#@&!!!! kicked .

2250 days ago

Tanya Thomas    

It's a shame that we have to bring innocent people into the public eye for a story especially since the Democratic Convention is going on. In response to the person that replied that Mrs. Robinson sounds " loopy " or like a " lunatic " , can you please explain to me how a woman is suppose to sound after she has been choked or slapped in the face? The only thing that his 911 call will say are the lies that he and his father told in court. If I sound as though I am somewhat connected to this case , I am. Mrs. Robinson was my supervisor @ the time and I had to beat Mr. Stampolis' hands from around Mrs. Robinson's neck. Her children were present @ the time of the attack and it was not Mrs. Robinson who threw Mr. Stampolis into the water cooler, it was our outside foreman Andre who came into the office and observed Mr. Stampolis abusing Mrs. Robinson. Since this incident Mrs. Robinson has suffered severely and she has a problem w/ people even standing close to her in fear that she may get attacked again.

The truth is that the judge saw through Mr. Stampolis and his father's lies and that is why the judge awarded Mrs. Robinson more than the $35,000 that you are aware of and he is in the process of trying to close his asets because he does not to pay.

So to the person who thinks that she is a lunatic, let me slap the hell out of you several times and choke you in front of your kids and let's listen to how you'll sound

2250 days ago


dumb a$$ TMZ doesn't get it that nobody cares about this nobody delegate. TMZ is a abig McCain fan in fact their owner is a big republican supporter. So I gues that is why they post this nobody thinking any bad publicity about a democrat is good.

2250 days ago


DEAR JOHN, ( POST # 10 )


2250 days ago

He's a douche    

This guy is a douche bag. That's a fact. THis is right on with his behavior. And does anyone really believe that a woman threw him across the room and into a water cooler? Obviously not the court system. Douche bag.

2249 days ago

a Santa Clara area resident    

In my view Stampolis is a thug. He deserved jail time for this assault and not just being allowed to pay money for his attack.

2249 days ago

No Respect    

I've seen him in action as a member of the West Valley-Mission Board of Trustees and he comes off as full of himself, very controlling, and belittles people. He bugged me before and now I have no respect for him.

2249 days ago

Chris Stampolis    

Hi. This is Chris Stampolis writing. I figure it's beneficial to put a few fact-correcting comments here on the website, in hopes that TMZ also will correct the text of the story. I attempted to contact TMZ at the number the reporter used to call me (based on the incoming number that displayed on my mobile phone), but that number did not connect to an answerable line.

1) I never told the reporter that Ms. Robinson threw me across the room. Instead, I told the reporter that I was thrown across the room. The reporter apparently assumed that Ms. Robinson was the person who threw me. Rather, a staff person named Andre threw me across the room. Ms. Robinson did not throw me across the room, though she did acknowledge in her deposition that she hit me.

2) I sought more than once to get a copy of the video surveillance tape from the date of the incident. As a manager of the facility, Ms. Robinson had full control over the videotape for many months after the incident. More than two years after I first requested a copy of the videotape, Ms. Robinson's attorney presented me with a blank videotape - alleging that the official surveillance camera recorded more than an hour of completely blank video before, during and after this incident.

3) I would like to clarify other details of this incident. I presented legal identification (Calif. Driver's License), the credit card used to pay for the unit and the actual key for the lock placed on the unit. Ms. Robinson acknowledged the truth of all those actions in her sworn deposition. Further, the unit was empty when I arrived with boxes to put into storage. TMZ's allegation that I did not have the key to the unit's lock is completely inaccurate. Also, I called 911 immediately after the incident, but TMZ only has posted the plaintiff's call.

4) There was no court hearing on this case. There was no jury. There was a closed unrecorded hearing before an arbitrator. I welcome the opportunity to defend the case in front of a judge and jury if the plaintiff will agree.

5) If you are considering the full scope of the story, please note a couple items: within several months of this incident, both the plaintiff and Ms. Thomas (who posted above) no longer were employed at the storage facility. The plaintiff did not file a case against me until after she and Ms. Thomas no longer held their jobs at the site. However, Ms. Thomas (not the plaintiff) posts above (at the end of paragraph one in blog post 9) by using the word "we" with regards to filing a case. That demonstrates that Ms. Thomas and the plaintiff were communicating in some type of "we" fashion about filing a civil case against me long after the incident, and well after both no longer were employees of the company. Ms. Thomas testified at the arbitrator's office that she and Ms. Robinson had not maintained regular contact after Ms. Thomas left employment at the storage facility. Ms. Robinson also testified in her deposition that not long after the incident she had been asked by executive management to fire Ms. Thomas, but that Ms. Robinson refused to do so. If Ms. Thomas was part of a "we" filing this suit with Ms. Robinson, clearly Ms. Thomas was communicating in concert with the plaintiff. This revelation that the two were part of a "we" contradicts testimony given before the arbitrator.

6) I do stand firm that the struggle was over paperwork in a folder. Ms. Robinson screamed. Staff member Andre responded to her scream by running around a corner, throwing me to the floor, kicking me and knocking over a water cooler in the process. I did not attack Ms. Robinson.

So presented in good faith,
Chris Stampolis

2249 days ago
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