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Harry Potter's No Indian Giver

8/26/2008 10:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hari Puttar. Harry Potter. Coincidence?

In a vindaloo-ny fight only Bollywood could concoct, the creators of a new movie called "Hari Puttar: A Comedy of Terrors" are being sued by Warner Bros. because their movie arguably is too similar to the "Harry Potter" series. Here's the thing: the "Hari" people say it's just a coincidence, and Hari's a common name in India and "Puttar" is Punjabi for son.

The studio wants an injunction against the film, which is set for release in September.


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I know this is a little geeky, but check out the '80's movie the Troll, the main character's name is Harry Potter, obviously Harry Potter is a rip off already!

2188 days ago


since when is that a IS AMERICA?

2188 days ago

hell with them all    

Trying to get the money up to buy a 7-11 store and then bring all your family over here and stay just like the damn Mexs do.

2188 days ago

hot snot    

not like any self respecting american would see this crap anyways. So our money won't go to it. You can expect it from "these people". i mean come on, they steal americans jobs, what is to keep them from stealing ideas from the English? nothing. I could say worse, but why smear my racist hate all over this board? You are all thinking it anyways

2188 days ago


You'd think a country with a billion people they could come up with one original idea.

2188 days ago


johnny, what do you mean "since when is that a crime?" stealing an idea for a movie, a song, a book, anything like that is illegal. people get sued all the time for not asking permission before sampling music, ripping off scripts, etc. yes THIS IS AMERICA but that doesn't mean we have no laws.

2188 days ago


About No.2 comment - It is so funny to see and hear from losers like you. We get a good laugh, every time. According to you, no self respecting American will see this crap, so I am sure you will. You are saying that you don't want to smear your racist hate all over this board... so you admit you are a racist. What an idiot? I think you are an underachieving, obese, dumb idiot and you want to blame your loser life on other people. BTW, which self respecting Americans are you talking about - people that sleep around in the name of dating?, the one in 4 teenagers that have at least one kind of STD, women/girls that wear skimpy clothes and dance in front of thousands of people in the name of cheer leading, people that think that just entering college and doing one semester of work is amazing and they should be given awesome jobs for their effort, all the people that divorce because they are bored of their partners? parents that sexually abuse their own kids? I am not an idiot like you and I hate to generalize but idiots like you make people like me bad mouth. BTW, what is "stealing ideas from English?". What or Who is English? Are you drunk when you wrote this? Do you know that Christ and the story of Christ is based on the Supreme Hindu God, Krisna? Where do you think words like "mother" came from - from Sanskrit word "matar". So who copied who? Well, I don't even want to start this especially with idiot heads like you. Always blaming others. How do you think Native Americans felt when your ancestors came and took over their land? Idiot, did you ever think of that? No because you are a selfish racist pig.

"Hari Puttar" is a not a made up name. Hari is a common Indian name and Puttar means "son" in Sanskrit. And like No.3 comment said, Harri Potter is not original. And there are millions of people all around the world that watch Indian films. Of course hicks like you don't know that.

I am sorry if people think I went overboard with my comment, but Hicks like No.2 will never hear anything that is different than what is in their ant-size head, what with living in his trailer day in and day out.

2188 days ago

son of a gun    

Well said, Sam! There are too many racist hicks like #2 out there. If you think Indians steal jobs, why don't you go finish college?

2188 days ago


Just when I was thinking about producing a porno movie callled Hairy Pooter...

2188 days ago


Racist or not, "I hate sand" has a point, NOBODY from the US will give TWO craps about this foreign movie.

2188 days ago


uh-oh, another angry Indian on the board (#6). just because #2 is a racist, doesn't mean he's an idiot. if you think #2 is a racist idiot who jumps to conclusions, i suggest you go back and read your statement. lol, just reading that statement about cheerleading makes me want to send you back to India in a bucket...

2188 days ago


No.10, I jumped to conclusion because I was making a point. Sometimes, that is the only way to get through dumb people. No.2 is a racist and he is also an idiot. Because he don't know the facts and he is just mouthing off. He said "you are all thinking it anyways", how does he know that everybody that reads this is thinking exactly like him? I don't have anything against Americans or the American cheer leaders. That is why I said he forced me to badmouth. But I was making a point about how he would feel if somebody makes generalized statements. And you can't send me to India. I am an American citizen and I am also an Indian citizen.

If nobody gives a crap about this foreign movie, why is Warner Bros suing them? I am sure they put some thought into it before they decide to waste their money, time and resources.

2188 days ago


i used to read harry potter book when i was a kid, and i am forty years old. how can this be you say? quite simple. J.K ROWLING PLAGEURISED IT! from an american author that published stories with the characters back in 1964 i believe. it went to court and the judge found that it was just a coincedence that J.K had published similar characters. by the time it went to court, the books were huge and the money and celebrity status had already started. hence the verdict in rowlings favor. the similarities between the plot lines and characters right down to names and appearences are so alike, its like she sat down one night and just copied it straight out of the origional pages with a few (and i mean very few) changes. the poor woman who came up with harry potter walked away empty handed. so maybe warner bros. should just shut da hell up.

2188 days ago


point taken #11, but unfortunately #2 is not alone in his thoughts. i don't agree with his/her attitude or the racist way it's stated, but i agree with Warner suing. i mean come on, not a spin off/idea taken from harry potter? puleese, even you can see the similarity, can't you??

2188 days ago

Fight Hate    

I usually refrain from posting on these sites, but more people have to stand up to those ignorant and racists folks out there.

Comment #2: You won't have to worry about your job being stolen if you were out there educating yourself, doing your job or looking for one instead of wasting your time posting hate on TMZ,,,

As for "stealing from the English" what do you say about the numerous movies based on all of Jane Austen's books (Pride and Prejudice, Emma, etc) that are out there?? Can't people come up with more "original ideas"? Go say that to the makers of "Clueless" (modern version of Austen's "Emma"). This goes to you too, #5.

A quick google search of "Hari Puttar" would show you that it has nothing to do with a boy wizard or magic or any of the worlds one may encounter in "Harry Potter". Like another poster #6 said, "Hari" is a fairly common first name and "Puttar" means son in Punjabi, which is a Indian regional language based on Sanskrit. Anyone who confuses one with the other is just plain stupid.

India happens to be the world's largest producer of movies in the world and has a greater viewing population than any American or European film industry. Indian films are popular and appreciated by millions of non-Indians worldwide. They don't need money or support from any of the ignorant, racists punks of America. Fortunately, there are more Americans out there who are more tolerant of other cultures than punks like #2.

Kudos to poster #6 - we need more folks like you out there to help make the world a better place to live...

2188 days ago
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