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Liukin's Publicist -- The Real Nasty-a

8/26/2008 10:36 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just because Team USA gymnast Nastia Liukin scored gold in the all-around event doesn't mean her publicist needs to be an all-around b*tch!

The ice queen wouldn't let her elastic client stop to sign even one autograph outside Beso last night, with the publicist shutting down everyone who got close.

The gal should probably take a lesson from Liukin's Beijing roomie, Shawn Johnson, who was relentless with the John Hancocks outside Letterman.

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hot snot    

and you crap all over Shawn with the mouse deal. She is the real thing folks, get over yourselves

2247 days ago



2247 days ago


Ah, poor TMZ..people actually won't lower themselves to talk to you? Why? Because no matter what would be said-you would put your spin on it...

2247 days ago


Shawn Johnson Rocks!! Nastia Liukin better get a new publicist if she still wants to keep her fans...whatta B#$CH... I prefer that my daughter looks to sweet, Shawn Johnson for a role model....Whatta great champ..

2247 days ago


Going into the Olympics, Nastia was THE one in my eyes. However, after seeing how they both present themselves, it's clear that Shawn is the better person. Although Nastia seems to have an unbelievable drive and determination, it's clear that it's all about her, and she doesn't seem to want to be bothered by anyone else. She seems very fake. Shawn seems to be the real deal that is enjoying every minute of this. Even with my newfound admiration for Shawn, I still think the mouse comparison is hilarious. Judging from what I have seen of her so far, I bet even she would find it funny.

2247 days ago


Oh for crying out loud. She's "Nasty" because she didn't want to respond to stupid TMZ photogs? You guys are judging her based upon 44 seconds of her life where she was probably in a hurry to get somewhere. What's with the stupid questions these Paps ask too? Did any of them come close to graduating the 8th grade?

2247 days ago


They look like they were getting into a clown car. Her 15 minutes are up anyhow...

2247 days ago


Just because her publicist may seem mean that doesn't mean that Nastia is mean. If she were such a mean person, then the other girls on the team wouldn't like her. They all love Nastia because she's a team player. We saw that when those evil Chinese people stole her gold medal on the uneven bars.

And frankly, if TMZ put a bunch of nasty paparazzo in my face, I'd probably try to beat the crap out of them.

2247 days ago


relax! she's only an olympian. why she would NEED a publicist is beyond me.... She certainly isn't the first or last or only one who won gold.

There will be more in 4 years.... Trust me

2247 days ago


All Olympians 15 minutes are about up because football season is about to start. No one is going to even remember who did what at the Olympics.

2247 days ago


Cubs - It has nothing to do with not responding to TMZ. I wish everyone would ignore them. It's the little girls that were BEGGING her for an autograph that makes her look bad. She totally snubbed them. Didn't even give them a smile, a wave, a kiss-my-a** or anything. THAT should be her target audience, and she totally dissed them. Plus, she just looked like a superior snot the entire Olympics.

2247 days ago


I wouldn't talk to TMZ either, and apparently Gillian Sheldon and Alan Citron won't either because they left. Oh Burn!!!!!!

2247 days ago


I think that's great. Just one more celeb wannabe, who won't be around long.

2247 days ago


If she were a superior snot, then she would have punched those Chinese girls in the face. And she would have beat up Alicia Scramone for falling - instead she tried to comfort her. That doesn't seem like a superior snot to me.

2247 days ago

I'm just saying is all.....    

What seems to bother me is not that she wouldn't talk to the cameras it's that she wouldn't even give anyone the time of day. She seems to think she is above everyone, her fifteen minutes will end soon and she will wish she had the people wanting her attention and people wanting an autograph, how many past gold metal winners do you see surrounded by people wanting autographs? Something for the metal winners to think about....

2247 days ago
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