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Beyonce's Lil' Sis Picks Fight with News Anchor

8/27/2008 3:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The other Knowles sister (not Beyonce) went all superbitch on a local Las Vegas anchor today -- showing the world she's not only Beyonce's younger sister, but she's also the dumb one.

During a commercial break, the anchors on KVVU asked Beyonce's little sister and her rep if they could mention Jay-Z during the interview. The rep shot them down -- wanting the focus to stay solely on Beyonce's little sister-- and the station agreed.

But dammit if Beyonce's little sister didn't go off on the anchor anyway -- on live TV. Ring the alarm!


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LMAO...what a moron... I think she is in denial of the fact that no one cares about her and the only reason she even got an interview was the slight possibility of getting any snippets about her sister and Jay, her song reeks of Beyonce, her voice, her moves ..NEWS FLASH..we already have a Beyonce Solange ..At least Ashlee Simpson does her own thing and isnt riding Jessica's coattails like Solange is so shamelessly doing here

2217 days ago


I am so tired of these attitude-filled diva brats. She came across as such a stupid, irritable snot. The anchor handled herself so professionally. Little Knowles should shut up and learn.

2217 days ago


What a hair-twirling idiot. Get rid of the attitude - it's unprofessional and rude. The anchor was great, though.

2217 days ago


i like solange but she just went of the deep end. she coulda just said her peace off air... so by going off on the news anchor you did just the opposite, by not focusing on your album but on your nasty ass tude... thats what you have a manager or assitant for, to be the b*tch you don't want people to see you as. Got your pen and paper out yet?

2217 days ago


Stupid bitch, go disappear, no talent ho!

2217 days ago


What a Bitch!

2217 days ago


What a piece of work!! HaHaHa.....she doesn't know which end is up even!!!!

2217 days ago


"Please don't talk me into family and my brother-in-law's establishment"??? Not only does she not even have a clue what was going on but she makes absolutely no sense either! Fool! If you can't even speak like a normal person, why would anyone want to hear you sing. LOL

2217 days ago


What a bi#@h! Talk about an ego from a NOBODY!!!!!! YUCK

2217 days ago


well, now we know that Beyonce and Jay-Z are married. thanks for the confirmation. but I do not care about you or your family or your career. go away.

2217 days ago


Nice of her to "out" her famous sister....on top of making a complete prod of herself.

2217 days ago


how stupid can you be!

2217 days ago


A...Wow! Serious, right? I don't care much for the whole lot of them but after that little "break down" I have much less respect. Come on! She is getting all uptight about something that didn't even happen in public, that strikes me that she is a drama queen and a brat. He albums will bomb because they will either be complete crap or carbon copy of big sis and with a piss poor attitude like hers, who needs it!

2217 days ago


that is one dumb bizotch first she has a failed marriage now she going to have a failed career before it even began she should know shes never going to be as big as her sister she just like haylie duff always in your sister shadow

2217 days ago


Not only she has no talent, she's a dumbass! LMAO

2217 days ago
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