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A Little Song, Dance, Heroin Down My Pants

8/28/2008 12:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained photos of evidence seized in Mackenzie Phillips drug bust.

The photos show three balloons and three small Ziplock bags which cops say contained heroin and cocaine. There is also a pic of 34 syringes, her mugshot and her driver's license.

Celeb Mugs - click to launchAnd we have more details on the arrest. We're told when Mackenzie went through the metal detector, the alarm went off because of a metal object. The TSA initially did not suspect drugs. TSA employees then began to pat her down -- which is routine -- and she became uncooperative. They asked her to sit, and that's when we're told the balloons and baggies fell from her waistband through her pant leg and onto the floor.

At that point, MacKenzie knew she was caught and said so to folks at TSA.


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She looks like a trainwreck in her mug shot.

So sad that she has these issues. Wow, great parenting within the Phillips family tree

First we have John Phillips who shows his 18 year-old daughter McKenzie how to shoot up.

Then you have McKenzie who has a son and decides, let's bring cocaine and heroin onto an AIRPLANE.

You don't know whether to feel sorry for her and pray or just shake your head and say "F Her." I say both...

2246 days ago


This is ashame !!!!

And I thought many years now that she was happy and drug free and now, here she goes again.

What a dispointment but I'll be saying my prayers for the lady.

2246 days ago

Black Teef    

Get "Celebrity Rehab #3" on the line, STAT! Well, wait a min, people die there (?)

2246 days ago


11. Major perhaps you should read a book on common sense & will, I smoked cigarettes for years. I was addicted to nicotine, but I quit smoking. No doubt it was tough, but I thought of my health, I thought of addiction/habit, I thought of dying and those very thoughts pushed me harder to quit and not start again. It can be done, if you want it bad enough. But for some, it's just easier to stay high or drunk. Until you're ready to quit and willing to put in the work, what's the point? So again, it's a choice not a disease. A disease is a condition of an organism that impairs normal physiological functioning. A drug addict is self-inflicting! A alcoholic is self-inflicting!

2246 days ago


She's going to spend her time in jail one day at a time.

2246 days ago

The Cable Guy    

She was clean for some time. She has had a major relapse. To attempt to bring all that at the airport is not a good sign.
Hope she gets help soon, before a tragedy occurs.

2246 days ago

that's all    

McKenzie, You can beat this! You did itonce before and you can do it again!! I'm rootin' for ya!

2246 days ago


"At that point, MacKenzie knew she was caught and said so to folks at TSA." - does that mean Mackenzie was saying "so," as giving an option to the folks at TSA if they wanted to have sex with her to let her go?

2246 days ago


she has to go to jail, it's the only way she's going to finally learn. Take her away, for 5 months then rehab for 1 yr.

2246 days ago

Dawn Day    

What are the 'balloons'? Does anyone know?

2246 days ago


ADDICTION IS A DISEASE. Stop writing crap you don't understand. The science backs it up. Yes you have a choice at the beginning to put the pills or whatever in your mouth, but it becomes a disease when you NEED the drug to function. Do me a favor all of you who don't understand, and go to youtube and searching addiction is a disease and you will see how science proves it's a disease. They will show you how the brain operates after a user becomes a full blown addict. Research before you post.

2246 days ago

northern gypsy    

hey #2 &14 (richard ramirez) have dry sense of else do you react to this M.P. ???..shows you how wack her life has almost everyone..i want her to get it together...but...i'm not seein it any time soon...

2246 days ago


I have no sympathy for these people In my dictionary, sympathy is between SH*T and SYPHILLIS.

2246 days ago

I Love Rock n' Roll    

Once a junkie,always a junkie....

BTW...the dude signing Richard Ramiez....aren't you the ZODIAC KILLER?......

2246 days ago

BJ Rocks    

I agree with #4.. It is a choice.. Its ridiculous! they want to live that way let them

2246 days ago
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