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Jessica -- My Hotbox Smells Like Roses

8/29/2008 7:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica Simpson just doesn't know when to keep her trap shut.

The newly country gal gave a concert in Ontario, Canada, and she took the opportunity to blow hard about flatulence. "I do pass gas a lot," she said, according to the Niagara Falls Review. "I guarantee it smells like roses." She's also been telling mags that she's "in love" with Tony Romo.

In case you were wondering if the concert was any good, the paper's reviewer says this: "It might be unfair calling Jessica Simpson's show ... a train wreck -- at some point, a train knows where it's going." Ouch.

Dick Cheney Experiencing Shrinkage

Lame duck VP Dick Cheney is losing it – weight, that is.

Cheney was spotted at a Nordstrom in Virginia, reports the New York Post, and bought five Hickey Freeman suits off the rack. A source says they were size 44 reg, which is definitely smaller than the 48 he was sporting last year -- almost a 40-pound drop. The suits were single-breasted and two-buttoned, btw.

George Bush's suit of choice? Oxxford.

Someone is Giving Michael Lohan an Hour of Air

This should definitely make things better in the Lohan household.

Michael Lohan tells he's gotten the go-ahead for an hour-long special in which he will expose Dina, who he says told him Samantha Ronson would be writing a tell-all book. Sam Ronson of course wrote yesterday she would be doing nothing of the sort. MiLo said he has text messages and taped voicemails about this.

Lindz said yesterday her dad is "out of control."


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lets face it. If it isnt' obvious to everyone by now. Jessica simpson is childish. To the point of being a 13/14 year old in a grown womens body.

Hence why her and her first marriage didnt' last. She wasnt' ready for marriage. Every guy she dates for less than 4 months, she proclaims she's "in love" with. That's a teenager attitude.

She has no direction, she's lost and getting further from reality. She's afraid to take a step back from "show business" because she's afraid she will lose it all, because people will forget about her. So she keeps plodding along, figuring that if she stays in the right circles long enough. Some kind of luck will turn her way. Her recent try at luck is country music.

So let her proclaim to the world she loves the 15th guy, ect ect. She will grow up by getting burned so often, that she will get cynical and hate everyone, or at least every guy.

Then you will see her stop proclaiming love after each failed relationship. She should have stayed with that nick fella. But, live and learn.
She will never be bigger than she is right now, because she's afraid to let it all go. So she will be mediocre until the media decides she's not news worthy anymore.
And that's about the same time she hit's about 34. And no longer "attractive". Due to the fact, the age will show and you cant' pretend to act like a little girl anymore, and get away with it, without looking rediculous.

2190 days ago


What a waste of a hot chick,Romo's got his coming dude!Good luck

2190 days ago


she could fart right up my nose and i'd say "thank you ma'am may I have another?"....

2190 days ago


hmm what to say about cheney?

Well....betcha most of middle america doesn't know that just recently (last 2 months) president bush has pardoned HIMSELF and Cheney from future war crimes prosecution. heard me right. Bush pardons HIMSELF and Cheney from future prosecution over iraq or anything else. (im sure bush is afraid of impeachment, so he's covering his bases now).

So....does that clue middle america into how crooked and dishonest and what a bunch of liars they are. So please, start using your heads and look into the "real" reason you went into iraq. Iraq had nothing at all to do with 911. Hence why bush is pardoning himself NOW for later.

but guys all knew that before the second election of bush was that obvious, you didn't take the time to even notice.

2190 days ago


Get off Jess's case and leave her be to her life and stop trying to get attention for tmz by using her to the person who claims she wrote about jess's concert she should stop the hating on jess and listen to her music because she can sing and very well just because she speaks the truth and doesnt make up stories it bothers people get real!

2190 days ago


Let's try this again, TMZ.....
Jessica says her farts smell like roses? Why is it then that when she had the show with Nick, she took a dump somewhere in that big mansion and Nick had to tell her to go spray air freshener because the stink went all the way to the living room! Hehehehe........

2190 days ago


You call that singing??? More like howling!! Alfalfa from the Little Rascals sang better than she does! She needs to stick to making hair pieces and Betty Boo shoes!

2190 days ago


Great. Just when I though Jessica Simpson was only offending people with the hot air comes out of her MOUTH, and she has to lay this one on us. Tony is an idiot.

2190 days ago


Ms. Simpson is an idiot. No two ways about it. She is about as brilliant as a slug. Any man who marries her is destined for a life of major stupidity. nick Lachey, where ever you are I am sure you look to the heavens every night and thank them for your divorce. Tony Romo, where ever you are, good luck sucker.

2190 days ago

Black Teef    

She does have luscious melons.

2190 days ago


I'm glade to hear a honest news paper is finally reporting the truth about Jessica Simpson and her bad singing because she could never sing act or anything else she has tried to do it was all fabracation!!!!! Everything she has tryed has been a flop her whole career is ruinied if she would get someone else to repsent her she might do better instead of her greddy Dad!

2190 days ago

canadian girl    

wow....never thought I'd find myself giving tmz kudos for showing some restraint in reporting on a scandal!
thanks for not giving michael lohan's attack on Samantha Ronson more than the merest of mentions! the man's a parasite!

2190 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

If her farts smell like roses then mine , (if i ever had any) smell like orchids after a spring rain .

2190 days ago


We got a bust up people. No more Jessica & Tony. Over & done. She won't tell you just yet though but I will. Thought he could handle it but did you see the latest in People magazine today? Problems people many problems. The man ran just like the others.

Do you think Carrie will take him back? I do?

2190 days ago


Please, please make this ignorant bitch disappear for good. Tony Romo should run like a striped ass ape and I'm sure Nick is thanking his lucky stars he wised up and dumped that loser when he did.

2190 days ago
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